48 Hours a Day - Chapter 982 - Feng Zi

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Chapter 982: Feng Zi

The Singularity Bar was located in an alley behind a large appliance repair shop.

It was originally a small fan club organized by a group of football-loving workers from the repair shop. However, more and more people joined the club afterward, so it was transformed into a bar opened to the public. Later, due to the overflowing guests, the bar’s owner had to rent the two nearby shops to expand the bar. And finally, it became the bar Zhang Heng visited today. Other than the workers from the factory, some non-football fans visited this bar from time to time.

The interior and design of this bar, however, made it a typical football-fan bar.

Its founders hardcore Pandaren fans, the bar’s walls were covered with Pandaren football stars, including current and retired players. There were pictures of their favorite football players who scored their goals. Other than that, the bar would also sell some Pandaren merchandise, including the team T-shirts and keychains. The names of the dishes in the restaurant were inspired by the common words used by the Pandaren fans. Any Pandaren fan would instantly feel at home the moment they stepped into the bar.

And whenever there was a Pandaren game, the bar would go through its busiest time. The bar owner would use a large projector to broadcast the game. Zhang Heng came to the bar at 6:16, which happened to coincide with the football match today.

Tonight, the flow of people in the bar was three times as usual. Almost every corner was crowded. Those that came late would not be able to get a seat, and those that came earlier had no intention to leave as well. Zhang Heng looked around and estimated that there must be at least two to three hundred people in the bar now. It was not easy to find the trader among so many people, especially because he knew nothing about the trader other than the tattoo on the lower abdomen.

Since there were so many people in the bar, Zhang Heng had to squat down and lift the pug from the ground. As soon as he got up, a guy dressed as a bartender walked towards him. The latter did not speak but pointed at the door. The sign said no pets were allowed inside the bar.

Before Zhang Heng could speak, he heard someone talking, “Forget it, Xiao Wu. They are also fans of the Pandaren. They came all the way here to watch the game.”

“You guys know each other?” Xiao Wu asked the person that talked to him.

The latter nodded, “I have seen him a few times.”

Xiao Wu did not say a word after that. He turned around to deal with a table of drinkers who just ordered the snacks.

After Xiao Wu left, Zhang Heng said to the person who helped him earlier, “Thank you.”

It was a tall woman with ear-length hair, and she had no makeup on her face. However, the foundation on her face was good enough for her. Her skin did look a little rough. Zhang Heng also noticed that there was grease on her hands like most men in the bar. At the same time, a set of wrenches hung on her waist, clinking as she walked along.

“You’re welcome.” The short-haired woman raised the wine glass in her hand.

“But have we met somewhere before?” Zhang Heng asked afterward.

“Of course not. I’m just using this method to strike up a conversation with you,” the short-haired woman said and threw a brooch to Zhang Heng, “This is the Pandaren team logo. Put it on. If not, that depressed-looking waiter is going to kick you out later.”

Zhang Heng then took the brooch and pinned it to his chest.

“This place might not allow their customers to bring pets or smoke. However, as long as you are a die-hard Pandaren fan, they will treat you closer than their blood-related brothers. After that, they would forget about all the rules and regulations.” The short-haired woman then yelled, “Pandaren must win!”

When the crowd heard her yelling, everyone suddenly put a pause to what they were doing. After that, a group of drinkers and bartenders shouted together, “The Pandaren must win! The Pandaren must win!” After they shouted, everyone began to sing the Pandaren team song “We are Pandaren” in the bar.

“A bunch of idiots. Men will never grow up.” The short-haired woman raised her glass and drank all the beer in the glass.

She then burped and then pushed the glass to the bartender, “fill it up, and give this handsome young man that looks like a poet a glass of beer too.”

The bartender raised his eyebrows when he heard what she said. He then picked up an empty glass from the table, filled it up with stout, and handed it to Zhang Heng. “Be careful, buddy. Not everyone can handle this woman.”

“Oh, so cute. Are you feeling jealous because I didn’t like you?” The short-haired woman took the glass of beer before Zhang Heng and drank half of it before handing it to Zhang Heng, “Feng Zi .”

“Huh?” The noise around them was getting louder because the boss had just turned on the projector. And the two announcers on the screen were introducing the teams.

“Feng Zi. Feng means the peak of a mountain. People around me sometimes call me a lunatic.” Feng Zi approached Zhang Heng’s ear and said.

“Oh, I’m Simon.” Zhang Heng took the beer glass from the lady.

Feng Zi raised her eyebrows, “What kind of name is that? Is that your stage name? Feng Zi is my real name. My full name is Xia Fengzi. But it doesn’t matter. Why are you here, Simon? You are clearly not a Pandaren fan.”

“Just tired of walking, and I want to find a place to have a drink.”

“Huh,” Feng Zi looked at Zhang Heng with a faint smile.

“What’s happening?”

“Nothing.” Feng Zi had no intention to continue to talk. She then grabbed the glass that was refilled with beer from the bartender. The latter warned, “Hold your horses, sister. The game hasn’t even started yet.”

“Nosy, I don’t drink for the game.” Feng Zi looked like she was in a good mood. She then casually hummed a short tune.

Since Zhang Heng was so close to her, he heard a few intermittent lyrics. It was an English song, and it sounded like a song that one would sing during hunting. Basically, the song talked about the prey falling into the hunter’s trap, and it also talked about the good harvest. It amused Zhang Heng greatly.

The bartender on the other side looked at Zhang Heng with an aggressive look, and then deliberately asked loudly, “Sister Feng Zi, what about the college student that you met before? You said that he is as meek as a little sheep. Are you still together with him?”

“I broke up with him a long time ago,” Feng Zi waved her hand. “We drank all night that night, and we woke up in the same bed the next morning. I didn’t say a word about it. And he started to cover his face and cry, saying that he had disappointed his girlfriend. What a sissy. He’s an eyesore to me.” Finally, Feng Zi seemed to have thought of something and glared at the bartender. “Mind your own business. Don’t you have better things to do?” she growled.

“Yes. Yes,” The bartender quickly turned around and went to serve other customers.

After that, Feng Zi glanced at Zhang Heng next to him and raised his glass, “Come on, let’s drink. Bottoms up. I have drunk half of it earlier. You should be able to handle the rest of it.”

“Hmm.” Zhang Heng raised the beer glass in his hand and said, “Cheers.”

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