A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1741 - What Sorcery Is This!

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Chapter 1741: What Sorcery Is This!

The train whistled loudly, and white smoke rushed out of the chimney as the large train shook a little. After that, it chugged forward slowly.

Everyone watched wide-eyed as that happened. They watched the steam train move slowly, and witnessed the moment that was going into the books of history.

The hard work put in over several months paid off beautifully at that very moment.

They had succeeded!

“The train moved!”

Cheers erupted, and many people threw their hats in the air.

Amy, who had been very obedient and quiet, suddenly made a pair of wind fire wheels appear under her feet, and her magic caster’s staff in her hand. She pointed at the steam train cautiously, and said, “What sorcery is this!”

Mag quickly carried the little fellow down as he held his laughter back, and explained, “It’s a train.”

Amy kept her wind fire wheels with a frown, and said, “But it howled at me.”

Scheer, who was at the side, looked up into the sky as her lips twitched. She was trying very hard not to laugh.

“It’s reminding everyone that it was going to move. The whistle was to remind people,” Mag explained with a smile. He would not let this little princess deal a blow to the train. Otherwise, the hearts of everyone here would break.

“Oh.” Amy sized the train up again before keeping her magic caster’s staff.

Under the watch of the workers, the train left its starting point slowly, and traveled forward stably. It started to pick up speed, and slowly became a black dot moving forward along a straight line.

The workers on the train cheered loudly.

Mag could feel their joy. He was elated as well.

He’d never thought that he could travel on a steam train on the Norland Continent one day. All this happened too quickly, and felt like a dream.

Mag stood at the head of the train, and felt the situation of the steam train’s operation. The train was already traveling at its top speed, which was around 50 kilometers per hour. It was an incredibly high speed, but the train was still traveling very stably. However, there was still a lot of room for improvement in reducing the shaking. The bumpiness of the ride was rather strong.

For the steam train which had just started its first official operation, this was already the best that it could be.

“Now I believe what you said previously.” Michael looked at Mag with admiration. “This is indeed an invention that could change the world.”

“I hope for world peace,” Mag said with a smile.

“I think this giant fellow will change the mentality of different races, and bring a complete change to business and trade in the world,” Michael said with a nod.

“Perhaps we could celebrate with a toast,” Scheer said with a smile. Her assistant had already prepared red wine in three crystal glasses.

“A toast to the success of our race against time,” Michael said with a smile as he received the glass.

“For world peace.” Mag raised his glass.

“To our cooperation.” Scheer raised her glass.

After the short celebration, Michael got off the train first as there were still many things waiting for him to settle at the city lord’s castle.

Meanwhile, Mag brought Amy around to see the interior of the train. Two strong topless dwarves were feeding coal into the fire, and the blazing flame made the temperature of the room very high.

“So a steam train is a train that produces steam,” Amy muttered to herself. She looked up at Mag, and asked, “These two dwarf uncles are working so hard. Do they need my help?”

“It’s alright. Amy’s fire and their fire are different. Your fire might engulf the entire train.” Mag quickly stopped Amy from trying to help. Her fireball might make the entire train explode.

“Let’s go take a look at the carriages behind.” Mag brought Amy into one carriage. The second carriage of the train was meant for transporting people. According to Mag’s suggestion, the seats were arranged in rows of four, and the entire carriage could carry around 100 people.

However, they did not invite customers to experience the train today. The carriage was seated with the steam train’s designers and testers. They were busy recording various statistics of the train’s operation.

“Mr. Mag.” The Chief Engineer, Bourell, walked over, and held Mag’s hand agitatedly as he said, “We’ve succeeded!”

“Yes, we’ve succeeded.” Mag held Bourell’s hand tightly as well. He could tell that the latter had put in a lot of effort for this project judging from his balding head.

“Grandpa, I recommend you to try the ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ from our restaurant. It can help your hair grow out,” Amy said seriously as she looked at Bourell’s head.

“Hehe, alright.” Bourell nodded with a smile. He looked at Mag, and said, “The little girl is so cute.”

“She takes after her mother,” Mag replied proudly. After that, he quickly changed the topic to some of the issues that he felt.

Mag took part in almost the entire trial period, and raised some of his suggestions to improve the train.

The trial was very successful. At least the train successfully made its way out and back.

“Mr. Mag, thank you for making time to join our trial,” Scheer told Mag as she stood in front of the horse-drawn carriage.

“It’s what I should do.” Mag nodded.

“There’s one thing I would like you to consider. Would you want to join me in producing a series of products relating to the steam engine and steam train? You can quote your desired pay and percentage in stocks.” Scheer looked at Mag seriously, and said, “You’re the best person I know for this. I believe that you and I could create a huge business empire that far surpasses the Buffett Bank.”

“I agree with that.” Mag smiled and looked at Scheer with a slight shake of his head. He said, “But I’m very sorry. Compared to creating a huge business empire, I prefer cooking and raising my child. No amount of money could buy such happiness.”

Scheer appeared slightly disappointed. However, she quickly smiled, and said, “It’s an answer I’ve expected. However, I will always keep this spot open for you. If you do change your mind, you can let me know any time.”

“Alright,” Mag said with a smile.


“Where’s that child you were referring to? I want to take a look at her,” Louis told Jinx as he walked out of the city lord’s castle.

“She’s a server in a restaurant. I can bring you there,” Jinx said.

“Service staff?” Louis frowned. “How can a golden dragon tribe’s child be a service staff member?!”

“That’s nothing. That little princess from the frost dragon tribe is also a server there.” Jinx shrugged. He looked at the appalled Louis, and smilingly said, “Uncle, that restaurant is no ordinary restaurant. It did not seem like a very bad thing to work as a service staff member there.”

“Could it be run by a powerhouse?” Louis was still frowning.

“It’s not that. You’ll understand once you see it,” Jinx replied secretively.

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