A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1744 - It's This Taste... Addictive!

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Chapter 1744: It’s This Taste… Addictive!

“You’ve already gone vegetarian?” Louis studied Jinx’s expression.

“Uncle, It’s only right to try new things. Times have changed,” Jinx said calmly.

“Vegetarian dishes should never appear in a giant dragon’s diet. I will hold an elders meeting when I return to discuss the topic of whether giant dragons who have eaten vegetarian dishes should be exiled from Dragon Island.” Louis frowned.

“That child probably had tons of it.” Jinx motioned with his mouth.

“She…” Louis was stumped. He added, “She has yet to come back to our tribe. She could be spared from the punishment since she did not know the rules.”

“But half of the dishes you ordered just now were vegetarian dishes,” Jinx commented.

Louis’s face fell. He looked at Jinx, and said, “You rascal. Do you think that I can’t lift my knife anymore, or is Chaos City making you extra courageous?”

“Hey, hey, hey, Uncle, let’s talk nicely.” Jinx quickly gave in, grinning, and said, “In Rome, you do as the Romans do. That child is very opinionated. She won’t just follow us back while crying just because we said ‘We’re here to bring you home’. We have to put in more effort than that. Having vegetarian dishes is just one way of getting closer to the youngsters. If you refuse to give it a try, you’re closing the door of communication with the youngsters. I, too, think this child is not bad. I want to make her my disciple.”

Louis looked up at Jinx, and fell deep in thought.

The hot pot and dishes were served very quickly. The four-seater had a four-square pot. Everyone had their own square. While it was more hygienic, it would also prevent the awkward event of someone taking someone else’s food.

“Your dishes are all served. The eating instructions are on the table. Please enjoy,” Yabemiya said before leaving.

“Isn’t human food cooked in a very complex way? Why is the food served before cooking?” Louis was confused when he saw the various ingredients pushed in on a multi-layer cart.

“That’s it?” Jinx was also new to this situation. He looked at the duck intestine and duck’s blood soaking in iced water and the other fresh vegetarian dishes as he blanked out.

“Is this your first time having hot pot? I would suggest that you study the eating instructions first. The method to eat hot pot is rather simple and interesting, but it requires some technique. After you master the technique, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful hot pot on your own,” Harrison reminded kindly.

Louis looked away in disdain.

As the respected chief of the Golden Dragon Tribe, his ego would not allow him to eat such lowly food.

Meanwhile, Jinx took the eating instructions, and started reading them seriously. When he saw something he didn’t understand, he asked. By the time the soup base started boiling, he had already understood most of the theory, and had already made himself a slightly spicy dipping sauce. After that, he picked up a piece of duck intestine to get ready to try the hot pot experience.

“Don’t you know that the duck intestine is the internal organ where the duck’s feces go through? You’re actually going to eat it?” Louis asked as he watched Jinx.

“Err…” Jinx, who was excited to try just now, looked at the duck intestine he was holding between his chopsticks, and fell deep in thought after hearing Louis’s words.

“Crunch~ crunch~ The duck intestine today is still as fresh and crispy. It just can’t get any better!” Harrison was already chewing on the duck intestine that he had cooked just now as he kept throwing out compliments.

As he spoke, he was already cooking the second piece of duck intestine in the boiling red pot. After that, he tucked it into his mouth once again. As he chewed, one could hear the crisp crunchiness of the duck intestine. That made Louis and Jinx swallow their saliva subconsciously.

That… sounds great! Jinx’s eyes completely lit up. The wet blanket that Louis had thrown on him was completely gone.

I am actually craving duck intestine? Louis fell deep in thought. For a giant dragon who had lived for nearly 2000 years, such absurd thought was not to be neglected.

“Tripe is the love of my life.” Meanwhile, Gjerj was already indulging in his plate of cooked tripe.

“I’ll dig in then, Uncle,” Jinx informed Louis excitedly. He followed how Harrison put the duck intestine into the boiling red soup, but before he could take his duck intestine out, it was gone.

“It disappeared?” Jinx was stunned.

“You dropped it. Old Sir, if it’s inside for more than three seconds, it has lost its soul,” Harrison said with pity as he looked into the soup.

“That won’t do!” Jinx used his sharp senses as a 10th-tier powerhouse, and successfully picked the duck intestine out from the boiling pot within the next second. After that, he held his breath as he continued to cook his duck intestine.

“The eighth time!” Jinx quickly took his chopsticks out of the pot, and looked at the duck intestine that was coated with a layer of bright red soup. It had already shrunk a little compared to how it was before. Jinx glanced at the instructions, and placed the duck intestine into the dipping sauce like it was a holy ritual before putting it into his mouth.

The spiciness of the hot pot soup base exploded in his mouth. It felt as though there were ants biting his tongue. Jinx’s face flushed red immediately, and he almost jumped off his chair.

There’s poison in the food? Louis became alert as he raised his right hand, prepared to give help.

Crunch, crunch, crunch… At that moment, Jinx started to chew quickly. The duck intestine gave out a crunchy sound as it was cut into small bits by his sharp teeth.

Meanwhile, the red on Jinx’s face had subsided. It was replaced by shock and a happy expression.

Other than the spiciness and numbness, the chewiness of the duck intestine made it a very interesting and exhilarating experience for Jinx’s teeth when he chewed. After his taste buds got used to the spiciness, the fragrance of the spices started unleashing its prowess in his mouth as the duck intestine became more fragrant the more he chewed.

Jinx swallowed the duck intestine, and exclaimed, “What an incredible texture! What a surprising taste! After this ritualistic baptism in this red soup, this small piece of duck intestine could actually become such a delicious and special food. How amazing!”

Louis silently retracted the hand that he had already reached out. He looked at Jinx, who was already at his second duck intestine, with a frown. He was doubting and yet a little curious and anticipating.

The corner of Jinx’s mouth moved as he continued to cook the duck intestine. His exaggerated expression was very unbefitting of a giant dragon powerhouse.

After cooking his duck intestine, Jinx fixed the tripe submerged in ice water as his next target.

“Uncle, I know what this is, you don’t have to remind me,” Jinx interrupted Louis when he saw the latter’s lips move. After that, he quickly put a piece of tripe in the hot pot, and dipped it in and out adeptly. Next, he dipped the bright red stripe in the dipping sauce, and put it into his mouth. He smiled with satisfaction, and said, “It’s this taste… addictive!”

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