A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1745 - The Correct Way To Unlock The Hot Pot Eating Method

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Chapter 1745: The Correct Way To Unlock The Hot Pot Eating Method

The crunchy duck intestine and tripe were soon gone. The silky smooth pig’s brain was simply irresistible, and the tender beef with a layer of red oil, the enoki mushroom floating in the pot…

Jinx was already gaining momentum. Beads of perspiration were forming on his forehead, and smoke was rising from his head, looking as though he was in a sauna room as he sucked a bunch of enoki mushrooms into his big mouth.

Louis turned his face away, and swallowed his saliva for the 18th time silently.

“Exhilarating!” Jinx praised. He picked up a plate of beef, and poured everything into the pot before turning over to look at Louis, who had yet to touch his chopsticks. “Uncle, you really aren’t going to give it a try?”

As he spoke, his gaze had already landed on the two servings of tripe and duck intestine beside Louis. With a grin, he said, “Why don’t I help you with these few plates?”

Jinx’s hand was reaching over when it was smacked by a pair of chopsticks. He quickly retracted it, and looked at Louis as he innocently said, “Uncle, I thought you’re not eating?”

“I would never care to eat something like this,” Louis said matter-of-factly. “However, I have been searching for a suitable child all these years, and I feel that I’ve found her. To understand youngsters better, I’ve decided to give in and try the things that youngsters like nowadays.”

Jinx rolled his eyes. “So would you like to have the duck intestine or the pig’s brain first?”

“The beef.” Louis picked up the plate of beef, and poured everything into the pot. After that, he poured the entire plate of sliced beef into the pot as well.

“The sliced beef should only be in the boiling pot for five seconds. You definitely won’t be able to pick everything up in time this way—”

Before Harrison could finish his words, the sliced beef which was in the pot suddenly all levitated out of it.

Louis used his chopsticks to take a piece of the sliced beef coated in bright red oil. Meanwhile, the rest of the sliced beef was still suspended in the air.

“F*ck!” Harrison was stunned. He saw Louis in a completely different light.

“That’s a miracle skill for hot pot.” Gjerj was equally shocked

The other customers who were lining up were equally in awe. They were all looking for a way to cook all 20 pieces of the sliced beef and still keep it in its ultimate condition so that they could eat all of them at once. Now, that method had appeared!

“Just little tricks.” Louis could feel the shock and awe from everywhere. He smiled and hesitated for a while before putting that thin, curled sliced beef into his mouth.

“What is this taste!!!”

There was a bright red flame dancing in Louis’s eyes. He grabbed the corner of the table subconsciously, and the corner of that wooden table was reduced to crumbs instantly.

If Jinx had not held on to the other corner of the table, and used his strength to counter the power, the entire table, together with the hot pot, would probably have been gone too.

“Steady yourself, it’s not poison. It is a new taste called spiciness!” Jinx quickly reminded Louis.

Louis, whose horns were about to appear, finally controlled himself. The impact brought about by the spiciness also subsided, and the tender beef started to unleash its charisma.

The big body of the giant dragon and its strength allowed it to survive without food for several months. However, every time it did take in food, the quantity would be very horrifying. Therefore, it would usually choose to feed on larger magic beasts. Beef was one of Louis’s favorite foods, and he could usually eat 20 to 30 wild bulls in a seating.

Of course, the beef he had was processed after it was slaughtered. However, he had never tried a beef slice as thin as paper, not even thick enough to get stuck between his teeth, just like this one.

But what shocked him was that other than the uncomfortable feeling of trying spiciness for the first time, the taste of the beef was actually rather unique after the uncomfortable feeling had subsided.

The tender beef felt way more exquisite than the beef he had with skin and bone. The difference between cooked beef and raw beef was also shockingly big. Beef could actually taste so delicious after being triggered by spiciness!

“This incredible taste!” Louis could not help but praise it. This was not the first time he had cooked food, but it had completely destroyed the terrible impression and memory he had of cooked food.

Louis’s chopsticks swished through the air, and the sliced beef pieces that were suspended in the air were all in his mouth instantly.

“Too little.” Louis smacked his lips unsatisfyingly.

Harrison, who still had his mouth open wide, glanced at the pot, and reminded, “The beef is ready too.”

“Perfect.” Louis raised his chopsticks once again, and the Mala spicy beef all leapt out of the pot and into his mouth.

“That’s more like it.” Compared to the sliced beef, the beef cubes were a little more satisfactory.

“What kind of magical eating method is this?”

“Is this the correct way to unlock the hot pot eating method?”

“Eyes: learned it. Hands: are you retarded?”

Everyone watching was in awe.

“Uncle, have you had hot pot before without telling me?” Jinx looked at Louis suspiciously. “Or are you a talent at eating hot pot?”

“Talent? Heh. There’s no such thing as talent in this world. There is only hard work that you did not see.” Louis poured two plates of duck intestine into the pot, and controlled them to dip eight times into the pot. After that, he suspended them in the air, and used his chopsticks to feed three to five pieces into his mouth. He bit into the mouthful of crispiness. The corners of everyone’s mouth started flowing out with tears of envy as they heard the crunch.

Louis just finished the duck intestine and poured the two plates of tripe in. He calmly said, “Of course, I am an exception.”

Louis’s hot pot eating method shocked everyone. At the same time, it also triggered the potential of many customers who were cooking their food seriously. They all started to display some hacks to make their hot pot experience more interesting.

“Boss, do we have to stop them?” Back in the kitchen, Yabemiya watched the flying ingredients in the designated hot pot area worriedly.

“No. This is hot pot with the uniqueness of the Norland Continent. It’s an interesting way of eating.” Mag shook his head with a smile. As long as the customers followed the rules of the restaurant, he would not wish to interfere with how they ate the hot pot. That was their basic freedom.

One of the reasons eating brings joy to people was because different eating methods could bring about different experiences.

“Uncle, I think that some old rules could be amended.” Jinx looked at Louis’s empty food cart, and smilingly said, “What do you think?”

“I think it actually isn’t much of a problem to have some vegetarian dishes occasionally.” Louis put the last piece of Chinese cabbage into his mouth. He looked at Jinx, and calmly said, “But, I think no one would know that I’ve done so.”

“Emmm…” Jinx.

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