A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2123 - The Picture Book Indeed Didn’t Lie?

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Chapter 2123 The Picture Book Indeed Didn’t Lie?

Xi looked at Irina, a beautiful young elf who had an amazing talent, and had already reached the Norland Continent’s power pinnacle.

Among all the Norland Continent’s races, Xi had the best opinion of the elves.

This was a beautiful, kind, freedom-loving, extremely nature-loving, and highly cohesive race.

Oh… yes. That was the record left by the Observer 100 years ago.

According to her recent observations, the truth didn’t seem to be like that.

The Wind Forest, which was called the last paradise on the Norland Continent, was in a mess.

The human’s lowly hierarchical system was razing through the elves. She even saw elven slaves who were treated like cattle. These observations subverted her outlook of the elves. She pitied those elves who were treated like slaves, but her favor for this race was almost all eliminated.

The beautiful elf in front of her didn’t belong to the oppressed elven class. She should be from the ruling class. “I’m not a god.” Xi shook her head.

“Did you come to save this world?” Irina continued to ask.

In the snow plain that day, the glowing gigantic object made an attack that shocked her. It even sent Cthulhu flying backwards.

“I didn’t come to save this world. I’m not obliged to do that.” Xi continued to shake her head.

“You should know that I’m his wife, so I know everything.” Irina smiled and crossed her legs. “Since your target is also Cthulhu, then you’re here to save this world. Only a real powerhouse can save this world. We can’t.”

Mag, who was chopping pork in the kitchen, enjoyed their conversation. Irina was indeed better than him when it came to praising people.

Xi listened to Irina’s words with a frown, as if she was deep in thought.

“This is your issue,” Xi answered.

Irina shook her head with a smile. “No. You appearing here and interacting and collaborating with us, the so-called primitive existences, means that this isn’t just our issue.”

Xi sat up straight and looked at this elf in front of her seriously for the first time.

Irina stopped smiling, and said in a low voice, “You might have come from the heavens or the underground, this doesn’t matter to us. Just like those marks would never have the real gods appear.

“What we want is just a world where we can survive, even if this world has a border and an upper limit.

“Hence, we can continue to stay in this not very rich world, but you have to let us survive first, even if it’s just by resealing those fellows.”

Xi stared at Irina silently for a long time before saying, “I am the upper limit of the Elder Things’ assistance to this world, and I have to make sure that I won’t expose the Elder Things’ existence.

“According to the requirements, you guys shouldn’t be in this world, or have this memory and this conversation.” Irina leaned against the chair, and smilingly said, “If you are the Elder Things’ upper limit, then your only choice is to work with us.”

“I’ll admit that you guys are my only choice.” Xi nodded.

Xi began to reassess Irina inwardly again. Talking to this woman was more stressful than talking to Mag.

However, this also meant they were indeed good collaboration partners. She didn’t like to work with idiots.

Mag carried a few side dishes out from the kitchen, and said to Xi, “If you Elder Things can’t send us any men, perhaps you can just send us weapons. We will rearm all the races on the Norland Continent, and fight with Cthulhu and the devils. You can fight a proxy war.”

“A proxy war?” Xi frowned. This was a new term to her.

However, Mag had already explained that it was to let the Elder Things supply the weapons to the Norland Continent’s races.

“This isn’t something I can decide.” Xi shook her head.

Mag gravely said, “I hope you Elder Things can evaluate the risk of the races on the Norland Continent giving up fighting, and becoming the devils’ servants completely. You should know very well that an allied force that is formed at the last minute isn’t very reliable. Moreover, they have deep hatred for one another.”

“I will relay your suggestion.” Xi nodded at Mag.

“Please enjoy.” Mag put down the side dishes, and opened the Maotai’s cover for Xi.

He didn’t have much hope for Xi’s promise. After all, this indeed wasn’t something that she could decide.

As for what kind of status the Norland Continent had in the Elder Things’ minds, he could only probe them slowly.

Xi ate and drank quietly.

Irina picked up a glass, and began to drink with her.

Mag looked at Irina, trying to say something.

After three glasses of Maotai, Irina was slightly drunk too. She looked at Xi with narrowed eyes, and smilingly asked, “How do you Elder Things live? Do you also eat, sleep, and hit the dots?”

Xi put down her chopsticks, and asked Irina seriously, “Who are the dots? Why are you hitting them?”

“Dots are dots. Everyone is hitting dots, so we just do it,” Irina answered with a smile. “We don’t hit dots there.” Xi shook her head. They did eat and sleep, but they seemed to lack an interesting exercise.

“Do you fly when you go out?” Irina continued to ask. “Or, do you use teleportation portals?”

“We choose our transportation depending on the distance, but the teleportation portals are already phased out.”


Mag listened to the two women’s chitchat in the kitchen. He couldn’t help feeling amazed that women could chitchat no matter what, even when one of them was already drunk.

He knew Irina most likely wanted to get Xi drunk, and then get words out of her.

However, Xi was already someone who could walk out of the tavern by herself after drinking a bottle of Maotai and a bottle of whiskey.

Irina, who would get drunk after three glasses, simply couldn’t compare to her, okay. Soon, Xi looked at Irina, who was lying drunk on the table, and ate the drunkard peanuts calmly.

Right then, a rich meat aroma whiffed out from the kitchen.

Smells so good! Xi’s actions paused, and she looked at the kitchen with amazement.

This meat aroma was so rich that it was enticing. She couldn’t help gulping.

This was an aroma that exceeded her cognition and an aroma that she had never smelled before in the Underground City. Only the Buddha jumps over the wall previously could compare to it.

However, compared to the Buddha jumps over the wall’s aroma which was intertwined with many delicious scents, this aroma was much purer. It was simply the aroma of meat. She could already imagine how the red braised pork was being cooked until it was red and glowy in the pot.

Meanwhile, her current situation was like that of a mermaid who had just woken up on her bed, and was attracted by that sudden aroma.

The picture book indeed didn’t lie?

Xi took a sip to suppress her shock, and couldn’t help looking forward to it.

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