A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu - Chapter 918 - This Time, He Let Her Go Personally

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Chapter 918 This Time, He Let Her Go Personally

After Xu Youning drove the car away, Mu Sijue finally raised his head.

He opened his eyes and relaxed his furrowed brows. There were no signs of illness on his face at all.

He was not ill at all.

He just wanted to let Xu Youning go.

It was a thirty-minute ride from the private hospital to the foot of the mountain.

If Xu Youning was really hiding something from him, and if she really had some special reasons, she had enough time to consider telling the truth.

However, she was still unwilling to explain.

So he could only hold the gun to her forehead.

At the moment when he pulled out the gun, he told himself that this was the last time he would force Xu Youning, and it was also the last chance he gave himself.

However, Xu Youning still had nothing to say. In other words, she again admitted that she had killed the child herself.

For a moment, he really wanted to kill Xu Youning.

He hated Xu Youning so much for killing his first child in this way.

She wanted to go back to Kang Ruicheng and stay with him forever.

Humph, no way!

The second before he pulled the trigger, Mu Sijue suddenly thought, “If Xu Youning dies, who would I have left to hate?”

If he let Xu Youning live on in the world, he could kill her at any time. But if he killed her now, who would bear his hatred and unwillingness for the rest of his life?

At the last moment, Mu Sijue chose to let Xu Youning go.

He pretended to be sick. If Xu Youning was worried about him, she would at least ask him what was wrong with him.

If Xu Youning really did not care about him at all, she would take this opportunity to escape.

Unfortunately, it was the latter that happened.

No matter how much he had done, no matter how much he had given to Xu Youning, Xu Youning finally cherished Kang Ruicheng more in her heart.

In Xu Youning’s eyes, he might even be a joke.

She obviously worked undercover for Kang Ruicheng, and he obviously knew that she liked Kang Ruicheng, but he still wanted to marry her.

Not only had Xu Youning never been in love with him, but she also could not understand him, could she?

At this moment, after thinking about it carefully, Mu Sijue also thought of himself as ridiculous.

But so what if he was ridiculous?

He had finally let Xu Youning go.

This time, he let her go personally.

For the rest of his life, he probably would never be able to get rid of Xu Youning’s spell.

When Ah Guang arrived, he saw Mu Sijue standing alone on the roadside.

He rushed over quickly and said, “Seventh Brother, how are you feeling? What’s wrong with you?” With that, he looked at Mu Sijue from head to toe, but found nothing unusual. Then he said in confusion, “You look well!”

Why did Sister Youning say that Seventh Brother was not feeling well?

“…” Despite the worried expression on Ah Guang’s face, Mu Sijue still remained silent.

Only then did Ah Guang discover that Xu Youning was missing. He touched the tip of his nose and asked, “Seventh Brother, where’s… Sister Youning?”

While taking away Xu Youning from the hospital, Mu Sijue had a strong murderous look on his face. Ah Guang did not know what had happened, so he felt afraid and his tone was full of curiosity.

This time, Mu Sijue still did not answer him. He just said, “Send me back.”

How could they go back when Xu Youning was missing?

Ah Guang anxiously said, “Wait. Seventh Brother, where is Sister Youning?”

“She’s gone.” Mu Sijue’s voice was cold and indifferent as if he had no feelings for Xu Youning at all. “Don’t mention her again in the future.”

“She’s gone?”

Upon hearing it, Ah Guang thought that he had misheard. He quickly stopped Mu Sijue, who was about to get in the car, asking, “Seventh Brother, what’s going on? Didn’t you and Sister Youning look normal this morning? You…”

Mu Sijue warned him unhappily, “Ah Guang, I told you not to mention Xu Youning again. I hope this is the last time!”


Ah Guang had so many questions in his mind, but he had to shut up in the end.

But he was still very worried.

Xu Youning had suddenly disappeared? Where did she go? Was she safe now?

Noticing that Ah Guang was absent-minded, Mu Sijue frowned and ordered, “Focus on driving!”


Ah Guang brought his attention back to the road ahead.

There was actually an answer to his question.

At the same time, Xu Youning was driving on the expressway again.

She had been looking around all the way. Mu Sijue was not trailing her, nor did he send anyone to follow her.

Mu Sijue probably did not want to follow her. He was probably very disappointed in her.

That was good. She would become someone who had nothing to do with Mu Sijue. Thus, if she died soon, Mu Sijue probably would not feel sad.

After she drove into the old city area, she was less than three kilometers away from the Kang family residence.

All of a sudden, Xu Youning felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart by something. Her heart ached and the rims of her eyes kept getting hot. She even had an impulse to cry.

Once she entered the Kang family residence, it would be difficult for her to see Mu Sijue again.

However, in order to save Auntie Tang and find out if her child was still alive, she had to go back.

Xu Youning made up her mind and accelerated a little. Soon, the car stopped directly at the gate of the Kang family residence.

Glancing at the familiar gate, she took a deep breath to calm herself down and prepared to get out of the car.

Dongzi happened to walk out idly and saw Xu Youning getting out of the car.

“Miss Xu?” Dongzi’s eyes widened and he stared at Xu Youning in disbelief for a long while. Then, he came to his senses, scrambled into the room and shouted all the way, “Brother Cheng, I saw Miss Xu. Miss Xu is back!”

At first, Kang Ruicheng thought that he had misheard, or that Dongzi was hallucinating.

Then, Dongzi repeated, “Brother Cheng, it’s really Miss Xu. I saw Miss Xu coming back!”

This time, Kang Ruicheng heard it clearly, and Dongzi did not seem to be hallucinating.

Kang Ruicheng’s expression changed, and his heart seemed to be lifted to the throat.

He had waited for this moment for too long.

He pushed Dongzi aside and strode out, just in time to see Xu Youning stepping into the house.

Kang Ruicheng’s lifted heart fell back to its original position, and his chest swelled up as if it were going to explode.

He walked over and held Xu Youning. “A Ning, how are you?”

“I’m fine.” Then, Xu Youning asked directly, “Where’s Auntie Tang?”

“Let’s talk about it later.” Kang Ruicheng looked at Xu Youning from head to toe and asked, “How could you come back? Did Mu Sijue do anything to you during this time?”

Xu Youning said briefly, “After I told Mu Sijue some truths, he let me go.”

Kang Ruicheng was a little suspicious. “What did you say to Mu Sijue that he released you so easily?”

“I’ll tell you later.” Xu Youning still focused on her question. “Let me ask you, where is Auntie Tang?!”

Kang Ruicheng had to say, “She is not here.”

“Take me to Auntie Tang!” Xu Youning glared at Kang Ruicheng coldly and said, “Let me tell you, since I can come back from Mu Sijue, I can also go back! Now, take me to Auntie Tang. Right now!”

She was threatening Kang Ruicheng.

Kang Ruicheng knew Xu Youning very well. She liked Su Jian’an very much, so she did not want to hurt anyone related to Su Jian’an.

Tang Yulan was the mother of Su Jian’an’s husband and was just like Su Jian’an’s biological mother.

He had kidnapped Tang Yulan, tortured her half to death and threatened Lu Boyan with her life. Xu Youning would resent him.

The reason why she was anxious to see Tang Yulan as soon as she came back should be that she wanted to confirm that Tang Yulan was safe.

As long as he took her to see Tang Yulan, Xu Youning would probably tell him the truth.

Kang Ruicheng agreed. “OK, I’ll take you there.”

Xu Youning did not walk side by side with Kang Ruicheng, but followed behind him as Dongzi did and her attitude toward him was lukewarm. She was neither fearful nor respectful, and there was no discernible expression on her face.

After getting in the car, Kang Ruicheng directly ordered Dongzi to drive.

Dongzi started the car quickly and drove toward the suburbs.

Xu Youning sat side by side with Kang Ruicheng in the back seat, seemingly deep in thought all the way.

After seeing Tang Yulan, she had to find a way to send her to the hospital and then inform Lu Boyan.

At the same time, Tang Yulan and Mumu were in a self-built house in the suburbs of the city.

The house was constructed of reinforced concrete and was sparsely decorated. Apart from a bed and a table, there was only a noisy air heater.

Tang Yulan was lying on the bed.

In the past few days, Tang Yulan’s hair had gone gray. She looked very drawn, like a person who was seriously ill.

Mumu was also no longer as lively and lovely as before. He knelt by the bed with a bowl of porridge in his hand and said, “Granny Tang, try and eat some porridge?”

Tang Yulan opened her eyes feebly and forced a smile. “Good boy, Granny Tang is not hungry.”

Since Kang Ruicheng began to torture her, her health had worsened. Her appetite seemed to have gone off, so she did not feel like eating anything.

In the past few days, Mumu had been trying his best to persuade her to eat something. She really could not bear to refuse this little boy or to let a four-year-old child worry about her, so she would try to eat a little every time.

Now, the little boy was probably finding an excuse to persuade her to eat again.

Mumu was smarter than his peers, so he soon thought of a reason and said seriously, “Granny Tang, Auntie Youning said that everyone has to eat, so you have to eat!”

Tang Yulan smiled and said, “What will happen if I don’t eat?”

If nothing else, Mumu would usually say something that made her undecided whether to laugh or cry.

Sure enough, the little boy tilted his head and thought for a moment before putting on a serious expression. “Everyone needs to eat, especially old people. Granny Tang, you’re old now, so you’re even more in need of food.” The little boy suddenly tasted some of the porridge and continued, “Look, I’ve already eaten. Now, it’s your turn. You can’t be more disobedient than me, can you?”

Tang Yulan smiled helplessly, and gasped before saying, “Okay, I’ll eat some.”

Mumu happily fed Tang Yulan a mouthful of porridge and asked while blinking, “Granny Tang, is it tasty?”

Tang Yulan was feeling terrible, and no matter how tasty the food was, she could not taste it.

However, in order not to let the little boy worry, she still nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Well, then eat a little more!” As he spoke, Mumu took another spoonful of porridge and put it in Tang Yulan’s mouth.

Tang Yulan did not know whether to laugh or cry. She could only open her mouth and drink the porridge.

In the end, Tang Yulan raised her hand and stroked Mumu’s head.

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