A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu - Chapter 972 - A Dead-end Fate

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Chapter 972 A Dead-end Fate

Kang Ruicheng stood aside looking coldly at Xu Youning.

He was like a fully drawn bow. A sinister expression lurked in the depths of his eyes. The bloodlust flowing in his veins was completely exposed at this moment.

He stared at Xu Youning with blazing eyes—he didn’t want to miss any subtle expression that could reveal Xu Youning’s feelings.

Unfortunately, from beginning to end, he only saw Xu Youning’s calmness and forbearance—putting up with all his unreasonable requests.

For a moment, Kang Ruicheng thought that he might have been overly suspicious of Xu Youning; she had never lied to him before.

But this time, he no longer believed in any momentary personal feelings he might have. He would only believe once he saw the evidence with his own eyes.

“Done.” the doctor soon finished the examination and said to Xu Youning, “Miss, you can get up. The result will be out soon. Please wait patiently.”

Uncle He said, “Ah Cheng, wait at my office.”

This was just a small private hospital. Uncle He’s office was not very big. The furnishings there were old and worn, which gave people an uncomfortable feeling.

Xu Youning found a place to sit down and looked at Kang Ruicheng with a relaxed attitude. “Aren’t you tired after standing for such a long time?” She asked.

Kang Ruicheng glanced at her coldly—she was the same as before, not nervous at all. On the contrary, she seemed to be very much at ease and impeccable.

In fact, Xu Youning had her own plans.

As the result of the examination hadn’t come out yet, no one knew whether it was misfortune or luck that awaited her.

So she should act as well as she could.

If she began to panic and exposed her weakness, Kang Ruicheng would not believe her totally even if the result showed that her child was really dead.

If the God of Luck ignored her prayers and the doctor found her child was still alive…

In addition to her and Kang Ruicheng, there was only a weak Uncle He in this office. It was possible for her to put up a struggle with Kang Ruicheng and kill him.

There was another end, of course—that she was no match for Kang Ruicheng and would be killed by him.

Anyway, it should be said that even if she could eliminate Kang Ruicheng, she would have no energy to deal with his subordinates, and ultimately, she would still die.

Therefore, this night, she either lived with Kang Ruicheng or died with him.

If the latter happened, she would feel sorry because if she died, her baby wouldn’t have the chance to come to this world and she couldn’t tell Mu Sijue the truth in person.

While Xu Youning was mulling about this, the doctor came in with the report and said, “The result is out.”

Xu Youning raised her eyes and didn’t respond. It seemed that she had already known the result.

Kang Ruicheng snatched the report and glanced through it, only to find that some terms on the report were beyond his knowledge. He frowned and asked, “What does it mean?”

Xu Youning stood up unhurriedly and said, “Doctor, just tell Mr. Kang the results of my examination.”

From Xu Youning’s angle, she couldn’t see what was written on the report, so she didn’t know the result.

However, she could not show any anxiety or uncertainty at this moment.

She should keep her worries and anxiety hidden fathoms deep in her heart and stay as calm as usual. Only in this way could she successfully deceive Kang Ruicheng.

The doctor pointed at the report and said, “I’m sorry, but the data shows that Ms. Xu’s child is already… dead.”

The examination this time showed that the child had no signs of life.

The God of Luck finally blessed Xu Youning.

The heavy weight fell from Xu Youning’s shoulders. She heaved a long sigh of relief in her heart. But outwardly, she maintained her calm demeanor as always, as if she had known this would happen. She looked at Kang Ruicheng indifferently, seeming to express her discontent and mock Kang Ruicheng’s unnecessary action.

Kang Ruicheng glared at the doctor and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Mr. Kang, the test result cannot be wrong.” Not knowing whether Kang Ruicheng was happy or angry, the doctor just told the truth, “Even if you don’t believe me, you should trust our medical equipment.”

The fire in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes gradually died down. He looked at Xu Youning and found that her expression remained unchanged.

He wondered whether, as Dongzi said, “Was his suspicion unnecessary?”

Xu Youning looked into Kang Ruicheng’s eyes and asked coldly, “Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want proof that I lied to you?”

Kang Ruicheng stared at Xu Youning without speaking.

Xu Youning laughed in great disappointment and said, “Do you even think that I lied to you about my illness too? Let’s go and have a head scan.”

“Ah Cheng.” Uncle He reminded Kang Ruicheng, “Our equipment is unable to do a complex head examination. You’d better take Ms. Xu to a bigger hospital.”

Kang Ruicheng pulled Xu Youning up and said, “Let’s go!”

Since they had started the tests, why not check everything too!

He needed to be completely sure that he could trust Xu Youning.

This time, Kang Ruicheng took Xu Youning to an AA-level Hospital. They went to the emergency room directly and asked the doctor to do a head examination for Xu Youning.

The results came out quickly. The doctor looked at the X-ray, shook his head and said, “Not good. Too dangerous.”

Kang Ruicheng’s face suddenly clouded over. He grabbed the doctor’s collar and shouted, “Give me a clearer explanation!”

Xu Youning reacted faster than the doctor. She stopped Kang Ruicheng and shouted back, “What are you doing? The doctor is not responsible for my illness!”

Kang Ruicheng seemed to be hit by something. He slowly turned his head and looked at Xu Youning with a complicated expression.

Yes, no matter how bad Xu Youning’s condition was, it was not caused by the doctor.

Xu Youning directly pulled Kang Ruicheng away and gradually lost her temper. She sneered and said, “You want to know how long I have? Listen to the doctor!”

The doctor explained Xu Youning’s condition, “The blood clots severely constrict Ms. Xu’s nerves. She will feel uncomfortable. But it’s not the worst situation. If Ms. Xu doesn’t receive treatment in time, the blood clots will cause her to lose her sight or even die.”

Kang Ruicheng suppressed his anxiety and asked angrily, “How should we treat it?”

The doctor couldn’t help shaking his head again and said, “Here is the crux—if she doesn’t get treated, she won’t have much time left. However, the surgery is very likely to fail and Ms. Xu may die during the operation. Even if the surgery is successful, there is a 90% chance that Ms. Xu will become a vegetable after the operation.”

That was to say, Xu Youning’s fate was at a dead end.

If Xu Youning wanted to break through this deadlock, she would very likely die in the process.

If she did her best and left the rest to God, what awaited her would also be death.

In the end, the doctor said, “There is no good method currently. The only advice I can give is that Ms. Xu should stay optimistic and not sustain any injuries especially serious hits and bleeding. Such injuries will make the blood clots unstable and worsen Ms. Xu’s condition.”

Xu Youning had already heard those words. She looked at Kang Ruicheng coldly and asked, “How is it? Are you satisfied with the result?”

The doctor reminded them tactfully, “If you have anything to discuss, you can go outside. I need to see the next patient.”

Xu Youning smiled politely at the doctor and said, “Okay, thank you.”

She ignored Kang Ruicheng and walked out of the office.

Xu Youning’s words kept echoing in Kang Ruicheng’s ears—”The doctor is not responsible for my illness!”

It seemed that Xu Youning knew about her condition all the while.

She meant that he was the one who contributed to her serious illness.

Kang Ruicheng had once sent someone to attack Mu Sijue. The subordinate drove toward Mu Sijue but hit Xu Youning in the end.

Xu Youning was seriously hurt. But all the injuries seemed to be superficial at that time. She rested for a while and soon recovered.

No one expected that two fatal blood clots had slowly formed in her brain after the car accident.

The cause of all this was Kang Ruicheng.

Kang Ruicheng suddenly realized it and chased after Xu Youning. “A Ning!”

Xu Youning ignored Kang Ruicheng’s call and walked toward the elevator. When the door parted, she entered the elevator and pressed the button to go to the first floor.

Kang Ruicheng sped up and got into the elevator before it closed. He hugged Xu Youning and apologized softly in her ear, “A Ning, I’m sorry. If I had known you would get hurt like this, I wouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s too late,” Xu Youning’s eyes slowly reddened, “I’m about to die, but you just want to confirm whether I will die or not.”

“I didn’t mean to!” Kang Ruicheng hugged Xu Youning tightly and said almost in a crazed tone, “A Ning, I will do everything to find the best doctor for you. You will be fine. Mumu and I can’t live without you. You can’t die.”

Xu Youning didn’t say anything. She just stood there stiffly, letting Kang Ruicheng hold her.

After a while, the elevator reached the first floor. Xu Youning broke loose from Kang Ruicheng’s embrace and said in a cold voice, “Stop that. Just go home.”

On the way back, Xu Youning looked out of the window and did not speak at all.

No one would know that she was actually grateful.

She was glad that the God of Luck finally blessed her so that she could continue her act.

The blood clots in her brain were really frightening, which scared Kang Ruicheng. In addition, as the doctor warned her about the hemorrhages and the child showing no signs of life, it was unnecessary for Kang Ruicheng to care about the dead embryo. Therefore, he didn’t ask the doctor whether the blood clots would affect her baby.

Now, Kang Ruicheng felt nothing but guilt.

It was proper to say that Xu Youning had missed the bullet this time.

Next, Kang Ruicheng would ask Dongzi about what had taken place during the past two days. Dongzi had not noticed anything wrong with Xu Youning, so Xu Youning had nothing to worry about.

She didn’t need to prove anything anymore. In the Kang family, she could do whatever she wanted again. She just needed to collect the evidence of Kang Ruicheng’s crimes carefully, find his weaknesses, and then try to inform Lu Boyan or Mu Sijue.

After that, she would have no other extravagant wishes. She only hoped that she could give birth to the child and see him for one time so that she would have fewer regrets when she left this world.

As for her and Mu Sijue…

They were doomed to be apart.

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