Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1327 - Show Face

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Chapter 1327 - Show Face

"Blue dragon Abel, what's your training secret?" Wizard Mosley asked curiously.

"Wizard Mosley, you better mind your manners. That's blue dragon Abel's secret, he does not need to give you an explanation!" Headmaster Eugene said in irritation. If Abel was willing to tell people about it, he would have told the dragons already.

"Wizard Mosley, my methods for leveling up is not replicable!" Abel smiled.

Abel sounded extremely honest, and those old wizards could tell after existing for so long.

"Mosley, just keep quiet. That's blue dragon Abel's luck, we are all lucky in our own ways anyway!" Wizard Smith interrupted.

Soon, everyone went silent.

Every god rank had secrets. This was the case for headmaster Eugene as well, which was what allowed him to become a god rank dragon while most other dragons remained at the half god rank.

"Headmaster Eugene, Blue dragon Abel, we have locked up the area around the magic tower so Bradford can not sense anything beyond it. Let's go through the plan, all of us make an all out attack together, break the magic tower's defence, and badly injure Bradford. Then, we should be able to solve the problem!" Wizard Smith said.

They were all god rank wizards of the same union, so he knew how powerful Bradford was. There was no way Bradford could notice what they were doing unless he leveled up.

But before he even completed his sentence, he saw a sound coming from Bradford.

"Smith, you really don't know what treasure I got don't you. It is strengthening my world at the moment. Who is that stranger? His energy is so powerful even I am a little scared. Oh well, I might just destroy the treasure!" Wizard Bradford yelled.

He was insane, and everyone's face sank.

"Damn it, what treasure did he get?" Wizard Mosley lowered his voice.

But at least it made more sense why Wizard Bradford refused to give it up.

He might risk his life for it as well if he was in a similar situation, but it was not worth it to put the entire continent at risk.

"Now what?" Wizard McPhee turned to Wizard Smith.

"Let's see if we can negotiate with Bradford again!" Wizard Smith added helplessly.

They still had 3 days. If they make a move too fast and Wizard Bradford destroyed the treasure, he would be responsible for the damage.

A battle of this scale would cause billions of deaths.

Headmaster Eugene was helpless as well. They might be able to injure Wizard Bradford, but Wizard Bradford still had the chance to destroy the treasure before they achieved their goal.

All of a sudden, everyone was speechless.

Time slowly passed. Even after a day, none of them had any food ideas.

Hard power would only backfire on a crazy god rank.

Abel was initially not planning to care too much as he was only there for support, but seeing the current situation, he might need to do something.

He was a human, an elf, a dragon, and someone with Barbarian connections at the same time. The affairs of the continent were his affairs.

"Let me give this a try!" Abel broke the silence.

The god ranks immediately turned their gaze on him.

"Blue dragon Abel, you got an idea?" Wizard Smith's eyes sparked.

"Blue Dragon Abel, the entire continent will be in debt to you if you can resolve the problem!" Wizard McPhee added.

Headmaster Eugene, on the other hand, was not looking too good.

If Abel failed and Wizard Bradford destroyed the treasure, the blame would go on the dragons instead of the wizard union.

"Blue dragon Abel, we are taking a big risk, let's not…" he tried to speak his mind while keeping an eye on the wizards.

Those wizards were too keen to push the responsibility to Abel.

"Headmaster Eugene. I know I am risking our name for this but we are running out of time. If the sea dragon gets desperate and unleashes an attack earlier, we will no longer be able to stop them even if we kill Wizard Bradford!" Abel lowered his voice.

His words made the Wizards embarrassed. They all cared too much about their names, and it undermined their actions.

"Blue dragon Abel, if you are confident, the wizard union will take full responsibility even if you fail. This entire thing is sparked by Bradford anyway!" Wizard Smith said sincerely.

Even after all this time, they did not have a single idea, but this young blue dragon seemed to be full of mystery.

"Thanks!" Abel nodded to Wizard Smith. It was a very brave thing to say.

"Blue dragon Abel, we will give you all the support you need, just tell us your plan!" Wizard Smith added.

"Smith, but I want to make something clear. If I killed Wizard Bradford by myself I would take over all his belongings beside that treasure!" Abel lowered his voice.

"That's… sure!" Wizard Smith was a little off guard, but since the other wizards did not have anything to say, he nodded nevertheless.

Actually, both Wizard Smith and Wizard Mosley never wanted to kill Wizard Bradford.

Each god rank wizard needed resources, talent, and most importantly, luck.

They needed to go through countless challenges to reach their level. 

Even with the wizard union trying their best to cultivate god rank wizards, there was just not enough luck to go around. If the god ranks could not live forever, there might not even be a single god rank wizard leftover.

But for a crazy god rank wizard union, who disobey the commands and values of the wizard union. He would be as good as dead.

Therefore, Wizard Smith still agreed after some hesitation.

Although they didn't know what Abel was about to do, Abel must be confident if he mentioned killing Wizard Bradford.

Especially since Wizard Smith recalled that Abel had killed the god of fire, even though it had not been officially recognized.

"Also another thing, I hope you can keep what you are about to see a secret!" Abel added.

"That's for sure. You can count on us to not say a word!" The 3 wizards nodded.

Wizard Smith was very curious, was Abel going to expose his elf Bennett identity?

After all, only the top ranks knew about his golden castle.

However, Abel causally threw out a barrier circle and entered it with headmaster Eugene and the wizards while their worlds remained on the spot.

"Blue dragon Abel, Bradford's world is strengthened by the treasure so this barrier circle will be noticed if we make a big move!" Wizard Smith reminded.

"Thanks for the reminder!" Abel smiled and continued, "please keep calm everyone!"

"Haha, don't worry. There is nothing us god ranks have not seen!" Headmaster Eugene smiled, seeing Abel was about to expose a secret.

"Thief god Milton, come out!" Abel then lowered his voice.

A black hole opened up from his monster ring, and thief god Milton jumped out.

It immediately received a command from Abel's soul chain to use the invisible spell, and his energy was unnoticeable.

It was extremely confusing for the god rank, because they could clearly see thief god Milton. 

Still, there was no need to explain. Thief god Milton was one of the few gods recognized by the wizard union who survived since the era of gods. 

"Blue dragon Abel, you have 2 gods working for you. Is thief god Milton your summon as well?" Wizard Smith almost felt a little numb.

He heard that Abel had gotten large amounts of Holy Crystals from thief god Milton, and the wizard union already suspected that they had an extraordinarily close relationship.

But they just never guessed that thief god Milton was Abel's summon.

Thief god Milton was not like Doff, who became a god from Beamon summoned by Abel.

He was an old monster from the era of god. Even though he was not powerful in fighting, he had many mysterious tricks up his sleeves.

And it was because of those tricks that allowed him to escape the grasp of the wizard union.

Of course, Thief god Milton's name was clean ever since the wizard union recognized his work in the Holy Kingdom's central temple, and he could show himself again.

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