Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1364 - Discover

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Chapter 1364: Discover

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Bighorn Barthomo stopped his training and flew up the sky from his nest.

Little did Abel know, he had already attracted the closet god rank sea monster by resurrecting knight Keynes.

Still, he continued and took out Knight Lancelot’s body.

He withdrew some faith from the Crystal Angel statue to repair the Holy Bone card, and the resurrection of Knight Lancelot began.

When he reached the stage of world recovery, another god rank energy spreader out.

Suddenly, big horn Barthomo stopped.

He would be able to win if it was a single professional since they were in the


But there were 2?

“No way, I have to find some help!” Big Horn Barthomo turned and flew in another direction.

He lived in the ocean for countless years, and he knew very well where the other god rank sea monsters were.

It was at that moment a giant sea turtle flew up as well.

It was god rank sea turtle Ludwig, the one he was looking for. Seems like he was attracted by the god rank human’s scent as well.

“Barthomo, are you thinking of entering my territory?

Every god rank sea monster had its designated territory with more than enough resources, considering how vast the ocean was.

Therefore it was very rare for a god rank sea monster to enter another’s territory, especially without notice.

Big Horn Barthomo was thinking of a surprise attack, so he hid his scent and forgot to turn it back on when heading to Sea Turtle Ludwig

“Ludwig, I want your help. Can’t you sense 2 god rank humans? Since they dared to enter the ocean I want to invite you to kill them togetherl” Big Horn Barthomo quickly explained.

He didn’t want to start a fight with a god rank sea turtle. Although their attacks were not the strongest, their defense was scary, and the battle could last for a long time.

After all, their target was the human god ranks. Sea monsters had a habit of displaying the bodies of the lines they killed, but it was extremely hard to kill another god rank sea monster.

God rank professional, on the other hand, was much easier, so those two god rank sea monsters would not miss the opportunity.

As far as they knew, human god ranks were the weakest of the bunch, which was why they normally dwell on land. From the scent of it, those humans were even just recovering their strength.

“My cave is just lacking some decorations!” Sea Turtle Ludwig nodded. He was attracted by the scent as well.

Afterward, the 2 god rank sea monsters turned and flew forward.

After using 400 holy crystals, the energy of the 2 god rank knights was finally settling, and their worlds were forming.

Just when Abel was about to let out a breath of relief, he saw 2 incoming god rank sea monsters.

Their scent was hidden, but their huge bodies were just too hard to miss.

The first one Abel saw was a giant fish with big horns and the second was a giant sea turtle.

No need to explain. Only other god ranks would be attracted by his knights energy. Although the golden castle scent was hidden, those knights still exposed its location through their recovery.

“Magic circle spirit, get ready to strike!” Abel lowered his voice.

His super cannon could only make one strike, so it was best for those sea monsters to get closer.

But Abel just didn’t know what power those giant sea monsters had and couldn’t get help but worry as they got closer. Most importantly, his knights were just entering their most important phase of recovery.

Bighorn Barthomo and sea turtle Ludwig were 10 miles from the golden castle, and excitement sparked in their eyes.

They were correct. Those humans were trying to recover their strength after a huge injury.

Although they didn’t know how those humans could recover so fast, they definitely stood no chance against them.

Humans were the best collectibles, perfect for those sea monsters.

Suddenly, the 2 sea monsters sensed a strong energy wave, and the big horn Barthomo turned into the water before speeding down without even thinking.

It was his instinct as a big horn sea monster. With the ability to control water, his speed was unlike anything in the ocean

As for sea turtle Ludwig, his limbs and head retracted into his shell.

A 20 meters wide energy beam charged forward and swiped against the skin of big horn Barthomo.

As a god rank, a little cut like that could be recovered with a few breaths.

The 20 meters wide beam continued and fully slammed against sea turtle Ludwig, the strongest shell in defense.

A golden pattern emerged on the turtle shell’s surface and fully wrapped around sea turtle Ludwig. All the energy from the super cannon was distributed throughout.

His shell was born with immense defense, and after countless years of training, it was unbreakable even among god ranks.

On the other hand, the super cannon used ancient patterns to accumulate energy, which allowed it to unleash a force like no other as well.

So who came out on top?

We will soon find out.

A golden spark began to emerge on Sea turtle Ludwig’s shell. It was the remains of scattered magic patterns.

Soon, cracks began to emerge, and it was slowly reaching its tipping point.

Luckily sea turtle Ludwig’s shell was enchanted for countless years, and he was Abel to sustain until the entire energy beam disappeared. Still, fear sparked in his eyes. He never felt so close to death, and he felt the urge to summon his world for defense.

But if he did that, his world might get damaged, and his years of training would go to waste.

Before he even got the chance to recover himself, he sensed energy began to gather again, and another energy beam shot towards him.

This time he did not take the chance and directly speeded away to dodge.

Meanwhile, Abel frowned on the golden castle. That giant sea turtle blocked his super cannon? Well, that defense was something he had never seen before.

At first, he thought sea turtles were slow, so he commanded another strike from the super cannon, but he was wrong again.

He could fly since he was of legendary rank; therefore there was no challenge for a god rank to dodge an attack from 10 miles away.

“I will kill that human!” Sea turtle Ludwig was furious after taking a hit.

He dived into the water. Even if he was hit again by the super cannon, the water would substantially weaken it as power.

The golden pattern on his shell was badly damaged. Those patterns were not the result of his training but what he was born with, which meant he could slowly recover it with time.

Still, Sea turtle Ludwig had to hold back his arrogance and take things more seriously from now on.

Just look at big horn Barthomo, he did not carelessly take the hit, and he was fine.

Bighorn Barthomo was also in the ocean, and the 2 god rank sea monsters exchanged gaze. Soon, the oceans they controlled began to go crazy.

Blocks of ice turned into arrows and shot out from the water towards the 2 god

rank human energy.

They were ice arrows enchanted by the worlds of those god rank sea monsters.

Although they did know how the god rank humans have hidden, there was no way an injured human god rank could take those strikes without getting killed or falling into chaos.

However, they were soon met with disappointment as an energy shield appeared in mid air and blocked their hundreds of arrows without even causing huge damage.

Abel did not like the situation he was in. His golden castle could not acutely track down those sea monsters under the ocean, which meant his super cannon could not unleash a precise attack. It was useless.

Not to mention, sea monsters were much faster in the ocean than they were in the sky.

But Abel saw it coming anyway. He was aware of his super cannon’s weakness since day one.

“Doff, god rank no.1, hold them back!” He turned and commanded.

His summons bowed and disappeared with a flash. They reappeared in mid air, and god rank no.1 summoned 10 firewalls from his world.

Although this did not do much as an attack, it made the formation of ice arrows much more difficult.

God rank no.1 has learned a lot from his battles in the Dark World, and he was quickly recovering his full ability. He easily cast 45 firewalls at once and filled the surface of the ocean in flames and steam.

There was no way the god ranks would sit back and withstand a provocation like this, but where did this extra god rank human come from?

They exchanged gaze again. It was best to end this battle as soon as possible.

They could not let those two human god ranks regain their energy, even though they knew one of them was not that strong.

As for the god, only low rank professionals and normal people feared them since the most powerful ones were all killed out by the wizard union/

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