Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1366 - Retreat

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Chapter 1366: Retreat

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Since Knight Keynes was the first god rank knight Abel resurrected, his world was the first to form, but it did not take long for Knight Lancelot as well.

“Tl call you god rank no.2 and god rank no.3!” Abel pointed at his knights and said.

Still, he was not planning to expose them unless necessary to avoid attracting the wizard union.

Soon after Abel left the ocean with his summon, a head emerged from the water nearby. It was a big horn Barthomo.

He did not escape. Instead, he kept an eye on Abel, and at that moment, his gaze filled with fear.

He might be able to take his revenge if Abel was staying in the ocean long-term, but he could no longer.

He knew very well that unless a huge war between the ocean and land broke out, there was no way he could take down a human with the power to control 4 god ranks.

He then thought about sea turtle Ludwig without his shell and how helpless he was. Maybe he could take him and take his flesh and resources.

But those were not Abel’s problem anyway.

On Abel’s way back, he put the god rank knights into his monster ring to avoid their energy leaking out.

‘When he returned to the golden castle in the Battlecry plateau, he took them out again.

The central continent has been very. Peaceful lately. The Wizard union and the Holy Kingdom did not make any big moves, and the wizards were on their mission to search out hidden teleportation circles set up by the Holy kingdom.

Those missions were not hard, yet the rewards were good, which made all professionals go crazy.

There is no limit to how hard you can work. You could get a reward as long as you found a hidden teleportation circle.

The status of magic circle makers also shot up drastically since most of those hidden circles had a barrier circle only magic circle makers would be able to notice.

This has been the case since the first team found a hidden teleportation circle in a mountain, and the news spread quickly.

Most magic circle makers were elves or dwarves. Since elves rarely make contact with the outside world, most of them had to be invited.

Magic circle maker dwarves were also very hard to invite, but somehow many of them decided to join.

The ones in the know would know that it was the wizard union. They were the ones ordering them.

After all, those hidden teleportation circles could potentially allow the holy kingdom to transfer all their forces to the Central Continent at once. Even bypassing the defense wall of Doomsday took a lot of faith.

Because of those teleportation circles, the investigation department’s Wizard Clemens was targeted since he was the one on duty in the defense wall for the past 300 years. He had to do something. As a top official of the wizard union, his power and resources used to be extremely wealthy. But since the

resources for law defying wizards were decreasing due to the loss of resources in the front line, continuing to progress was no longer an option.

A few days after 5 extra god rank energies have emerged in the Holy Kingdom.

The Wizard Union decided to send all 5 god rank wizards to the defense wall of Doomsday on duty.

6 months went by, and 3 more god rank wizards came out of retreat, which meant there were 8 of them in total.

During this time, Abel also took his game up in the Dark world by fighting more and more powerful hell creatures.

It was very dangerous, and he could not let his guard down even with his new powerful summons.

He didn’t know if it was because of the stress created by the changing environment or the benefits of the intelligence fruit, but all 3 of his rank 30 wizard patterns were fulfilled.

He had been very happy the past few days for some reason.

He was very young, yet he had hundreds of years of battle experience in the Dark world. In combination with the years he lived in his past life, he feared death like he never was.

No matter how powerful he got, aging was still an unavoidable factor.

Even though he was only 22 years old and his dragon blood should allow him to live ten thousand years, Abel never thought of himself as a true dragon. He only joined them because he had no choice.

He wanted to join the wizard union, yet the wizards attacked him, and they did not let him go easy even after he abandoned his human identity and became elf Bennett.

Don’t be mistaken. Abel did not dislike the dragons. It was just that being a dragon had nothing to do with his training, and he only knew about their history on a surface level.

Still, the love the dragons showed him was unlike anything else, and he would not have the time to grow without them.

“Master, Headmaster Eugene is calling!” The magic circle spirit sounded.

“Answer!” Abel lowered his voice.

“Headmaster Abel, long time no see. Are you out of retreat?” Headmaster Eugene’s voice sounded a little surprised.

Abel knew why. He basically separated himself from the world and dwelled in the Dark World during these past few months.

Still, it was what allowed him to fulfill his wizard pattern in such a short period of time.

“Tm sorry, I was struck with a lot of motivation lately!” Abel smiled.

The central continent was constantly changing, and his god rank forces were for self defense, not for helping the dragons do missions.

Abel believes Headmaster Eugene was clear on this as well. It would not be a good look if a god rank wizard or god was doing the dragon’s mission.

The only bond he had with the dragons was his blood, so it was best to not think of Doff or god rank no.1 as a part of the dragon’s forces.

“Haha, training is the most important!” Headmaster Eugene laughed and continued, “but I want to interrupt you today. God rank dragon headmaster Mumford has just returned. Since you have never met him, I want to introduce you to him!”

“You are welcome to, I’ll give you the teleportation permission!” Abel smiled and nodded. It was the perfect opportunity to ask about that turtle shell he got. Throughout this time, it was placed in a giant mana gathering circle in the Dark World, and its golden patterns were fully repaired.

Even if headmaster Eugene knew to ask for a visit, he would find him to ask about what he should do with it.

“Master, an unfamiliar god rank dragon has arrived!” Doff alerted Abel after sensing the energy below the golden castle’s training room.

Since they were in Doff’s faithful grounds, no energy could hide from it. But this was just for the ones who posed a threat.

“Headmaster Abel, let me introduce. This is headmaster Mumford!” headmaster Eugene soon appeared on the balcony where Abel was with another old man.

“Greetings, headmaster Mumford!” Abel bowed with respect. He met 4 god rank dragons in total, and 3 of them were blue dragons.

Maybe it was because of the wealth of ice-type resources in the ocean.

“It’s my honour to meet the famous headmaster Abel!” Headmaster Mumford bowed back with a genuine smile.

After Abel killed many god ranks, he had to show his respect.

Abel was a dragon prodigy. It was the luck of the dragons to have him.

“Headmaster Abel. Did you successfully resurrect the 2 god rank knights’ dead bodies?” Headmaster Eugene couldn’t stop himself.

He never had the chance to ask since he knew it was best to not disturb Abel in his retreat.

“Headmaster Eugene, this is god rank no2 and god rank no.3!” Abel did not hide it and directly summoned his 2 god rank knights from the monster ring.

Headmaster Mumford’s eyes twitched. It was the first time he saw god ranks being related like this, even as holy knights.

Abel did not want to put his god ranks in the monster ring as well, but it was just too convenient to carry them in and out of the Dark World.

“Greets!” Headmaster Mumford bowed to show his respect. Even though they were Abel’s summons, they were god ranks nevertheless.

“So it’s true!” headmaster Eugene knew Abel must have cleared the memories of those god ranks he resurrected, so he did not bow like headmaster Mumford.

Still, he was trembling with excitement. The dragon has gotten 2 extra god ranks on their side.

If killing god ranks were easier, he would definitely gather some for Abel as well..

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