Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 852 - Sun Mo to the Rescue

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Chapter 852: Sun Mo to the Rescue


The moment Sun Mo grabbed the student who had undergone dragonification, he bellowed away, drooling incessantly like a mad dog, staring at Sun Mo and wanting to bite him.

“What’s going on?”

Sun Mo asked. At the same time, he felt a tremor in his heart.

The student’s blood was seething incessantly, like torrential rains and floods. Moreover, the bulging of his blood vessels could be seen by the naked eye, almost bursting through the skin.

His cells were more similar to a berserk mad dog, growing crazily and catalyzing into the direction of draconic humans.

“I’m not sure.”

The great teacher was breaking out in a sweat. How would he know this? Everyone was discussing Sun Mo and that giant dragon when these students suddenly went berserk.

“Can it be treated?”

The great teacher was worried.

“I can’t treat them, but I can suppress it!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he performed the ancient massaging technique and locked the body’s energy channels.

Without spirit qi circulation, it’d die down like a car that had its energy system shut down.

Of course, this method wouldn’t be able to solve the problem by its roots.

“Bring all those draconic humans over here.”

Sun Mo bellowed loudly, exerting force in his fingers to send the draconic human into a slumber.

Qiyan Gao was strong, but Murong Ye was stronger. With the help of other great teachers, he managed to capture Qiyan Gao.

“Teacher Sun, are you able to cure them?”

Murong Ye asked.

“I don’t know.”

Sun Mo squatted down beside Qiyan Gao. “Has something like this ever happened in the past?”


Murong Ye replied very quickly, but Sun Mo was certain that this guy lied.

Or it could be that he didn’t wish to lie to Sun Mo, but this conversation shouldn’t be heard by others.

(F*ck your mom. It can’t be that after training the Great Desolation Dragon Subduing Scripture to the very end, one will turn into a draconic human, right?)

After seeing the scales that appeared on Qiyan Gao’s body, a terrifying thought appeared in Sun Mo’s mind.

“Headmaster Murong, did these teachers and students undergo dragonification after absorbing the light specks that appeared after that giant dragon had shattered?”

Sun Mo continued to ask.

“Save them first. We’ll talk later.”

Murong Ye diverted the topic.


Sun Mo tried his best to perform treatment, but the number of light specks that Qiyan Gao had absorbed was too much.

As the energy channels were sealed up, the energy broke through the flesh and skin like unbridled floods, splattering out.

Pa pa pa!

Qiyan Gao’s body started to explode, with blood and pieces of flesh splattering out.

“Teacher… Teacher Sun… Save… Save me!”

Qiyan Gao pleaded. He didn’t wish to die.

“This is bad!”

Sun Mo’s countenance turned grim. Even if he was god, he couldn’t stop so many wounds. Just as he was planning to stop concealing his identity and summon the genie to help, Qiyan Gao’s body exploded with a boom.


Bright red blood and pieces of flesh mixed together and shot out, splattering all over Sun Mo’s face and body.

Sun Mo’s hands froze.

“He’s dead! Save someone else!”

Murong Ye was relatively calm. He grabbed Sun Mo and pushed him to a young draconic human.

“Start from the most serious ones!”

Sun Mo suggested. Those with lighter symptoms could hold on for longer.


Murong Ye stopped him.

The few draconic humans who had it the worst were all great teachers. This was clearly the cause of them absorbing more light specks. In Murong Ye’s opinion, the chances of saving these people weren’t high. Moreover, they might be crippled even if their lives were saved. Therefore, it would be better to use the precious time on draconic humans with lighter symptoms.

“You’re robbing them of their chance to live.”

Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly together that they could clamp a crab to death.

“They are great teachers. I believe that they’ll give up the chance to live to the students!”

Murong Ye was unmoved. “Let’s cut the crap talk and quickly save them.”

“Teacher Sun, just do as Headmaster Murong says. The students are still young and have more chances to experience this world.”

Duanmu Li persuaded.

Sun Mo wanted to save more lives, while Murong Ye wanted to leave the chances to the students. After all, the earlier the treatment was given, the lesser the damage to the body…

Neither of them was wrong.

Sun Mo bit his lips and hastened his speed.

At a time like this, there wasn’t a need to hide his identity anymore.


All of the spirit qi in Sun Mo’s body seethed and gushed out, forming a genie in front of him.

“What is this?”

A few great teachers were taken by surprise.

Thankfully, due to the chaos created by the draconic humans, the great teachers had all taken action to save people and maintain order. There weren’t many people who were staying close to Sun Mo.

The few who did had only gotten close because they were bringing over the students who had undergone dragonification.

The Dragon Subduing Academy’s medical team reacted very quickly. In just 15 minutes after the incident took place, they appeared at the Dragon Subduing Palace and sealed up the place.

“Teacher Sun, go and wash up first!”

Murong Ye felt emotional. If Sun Mo hadn’t helped out, judging from the previous incident, it was likely that these people would all die.

“Hold on, Teacher Sun was it? Were you the one who treated these injured people?”

A middle-aged lady called out at Sun Mo.

“This is Wanyan Hongli, a distant cousin of our king. However, she isn’t interested in secular matters and has devoted her life to medicine.”

Murong Ye introduced, worried that Sun Mo might offend Wanyan Hongli.

Due to her superb medical skills and her status as royalty, Wanyan Hongli was highly regarded by the Jin Country’s king.


Sun Mo nodded.

“Your skills are excellent. Can we ask you to come with us to the treatment room?”

Wanyan Hongli invited.

“To help with the treatment? I’m sorry, I don’t know any medical skills.”

Sun Mo clarified. It’d be pushing him to do something beyond his capability.

“That’s fine. I’ll let you know when we need your help.”

After saying that, Wanyan Hongli left in a hurry. After all, not a moment was to be lost in saving lives.

“Teacher Sun, we’ll have to trouble you.”

Murong Ye pleaded.

“I’ll do my best.”

Sun Mo followed the medical team and went through a lot for the entire day.

To speak the truth, he wasn’t very tired. It was because this was the medical team of one of the Nine Greats. It could be said that their medical skills were top-notch across the entire Nine Provinces.

What Sun Mo did was to reply to Wanyan Hongli’s occasional questions. As for the energy channels he had sealed, Wanyan Hongli had her ways of clearing them.

When the sun set, Sun Mo sat in the corridor, leaning against the wall to rest.

“How do you feel?”

Murong Ye handed him a glass of water.

“I’m amazed!”

Sun Mo exclaimed. He had learned a lot today. The Central Province Academy’s medical team was trash compared to theirs.

If they didn’t improve on this area, they’d definitely not have the chance to return to the ranks of the Nine Greats.

“You can go back and have some rest. That Teacher Mei should be anxious from all the waiting.”

It was forbidden for outsiders to enter the medical team’s territory. Therefore, Sun Mo wasn’t able to say a single word to Mei Ziyu for an entire day.


Sun Mo got up, finished the water in the cup, and then returned it to Murong Ye. However, Wanyan Hongli called out to him when he hadn’t walked far.

“Teacher Sun, please hold on. I’d like to trouble you to come with me to a place.”

After this grandmaster-level doctor said that, she walked off in another direction, disregarding Sun Mo’s agreement to this.

There was no helping it. Not only did she have a distinguished identity, but she was also widely learned and a 7-star great teacher. She could order a 3-star great teacher around like a dog.

Sun Mo shrugged. It didn’t matter. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn more things.

As for his safety, Wanyan Hongli wouldn’t possibly use him for human experiments, right?

Murong Ye went along, but when he tried to enter, he was stopped.

“Vice-headmaster Murong, please stop here.”

These words were said with the intent of getting him to leave.

“This concerns the safety of several great teachers and students. Do I, as a vice-headmaster, not have the right to understand the situation?”

Murong Ye’s countenance was grim.

“Come and find out after you’ve become the headmaster!”

Wanyan Hongli waited for Sun Mo to enter then closed the door, not giving Murong Ye any face.

Sun Mo felt troubled. (Please, you’re making things difficult for me here.)

Although this wasn’t his school and he didn’t have to choose a side to stand with, to be honest, Sun Mo’s impression of Murong Ye wasn’t bad. Therefore, he didn’t like Wanyan Hongli’s attitude.

Wanyan Hongli didn’t seem to notice anything. She led Sun Mo as she kept on opening doors, passing through them.

The surrounding temperature became increasingly lower, and frost had even started to appear on the walls.

Ten minutes later, both of them entered a chilling chamber.


Despite being powerful, Sun Mo couldn’t help but feel a shiver run down his spine. It was because there were over 20 ice coffins here.


Wanyan Hongli opened up an ice coffin, took a look at the person inside, and then commanded Sun Mo, “Check him with your God Hands!”

In a day, this grandmaster-level doctor had understood Sun Mo’s situation and knew about his true identity. After all, she would feel curious about a technique that could suppress the dragonification process.

Sun Mo threw a glance in the direction of the coffin. A middle-aged man lay there amidst the shrouding frosty mist. His flesh was tough but not frozen.

This was a little unscientific. After all, the temperature of ice coffins was very low.

“Is this hibernation induced by cultivation art?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

This middle-aged man had also undergone dragonification, and black scales were growing on his body. His hands and legs were like eagle claws and his nails were sharp.

Wanyan Hongli observed Sun Mo’s every move and remained silent. It was because questions like this were meaningless, and she didn’t wish to waste the effort to explain.

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. While activating Divine Sight, he also called out the genie.

Touching corpses?

Sorry, Sun Mo was unable to accept that both physically and psychologically.

Wuliangha, a 5-star great teacher, had been struck by the Ice Mystic Palm and entered a state of suspended animation.

It was an inferior-grade saint-tier cultivation art that could seal energy channels with ice and freeze the flesh and blood. It could induce temporary freezing hibernation in patients with severe illnesses. They could then be defrosted after the means of healing them had appeared.

The cells in the body had been invaded by the giant dragon’s genes and although the body was in hibernation, the influence of the giant dragon genes was too powerful. The process of dragonification was still continuing.

He was estimated to turn into a draconic human completely in three years.

However, before that happened, he’d die from his blood and flesh drying up in at most nine months.

Looking at this corpse, even the genie had no interest in touching it.

“Do it. It’ll be considered as gathering data.”

Sun Mo used his will to urge it.

The genie touched the body unwillingly.


It felt so disgusting!

It’d be nice if it was a muscular guy!

Wanyan Hongli’s patience was extraordinary. She didn’t urge Sun Mo at all and just waited by the side quietly.

Sun Mo stopped.

“What’s the result?”

Wanyan Hongli asked.

“He’s dying soon!”

Sun Mo spoke the truth.

When one underwent dragonification, they would require spirit qi as a source of energy, and they would also need to take a large amount of food to replenish their stamina. However, after being sealed up in ice, they no longer had a food source, and their access to spirit qi was also cut off by the ice coffin. Therefore, the person was naturally going to die.

“How much longer can he live?”

Wanyan Hongli revealed a hint of sadness in her expression.

“Nine months at most!”

Sun Mo didn’t hide anything.

“Are there any ways to delay it?”

Wanyan Hongli’s countenance didn’t change, but there was a quiver to her voice. After all, this middle-aged man was her junior martial brother under the same teacher.


Sun Mo shook his head.

Remove the ice coffin?

Then with the nourishment from spirit qi, the rate of dragonification would increase. By then, the middle-aged man would still die, no, he’d turn into a draconic human.

As for how his mind would be after becoming a draconic human, Sun Mo had no answer to that.

“Can’t you do it even with your God Hands?”

Wanyan Hongli bent over and touched the middle-aged man’s face, sounding dejected.

“You should first explain the reason why he has turned to this state before I see if there’s anything I can do.”

Sun Mo was only trying to obtain some information while he was at it. As for saving people?

Don’t joke around.

The ancient massaging technique was just a massage technique. It’d at most be able to change one’s appearance. If it could be used to save lives, then why would there be doctors?

“Turns out that this is all there is to God Hands!”

Wanyan Hongli said in contempt, but the system’s notification rang out by Sun Mo’s ears.


Favorable impression points from Wanyan Hongli +100. Friendly (110/1,000).


Sun Mo was speechless. (Are you a tsundere?)

(Saying that you don’t want to, but your body is so honest. It’s a pity that I’m totally uninterested in an auntie like you.)

“You can leave now!”

After knowing that Sun Mo’s God Hands was useless, Wanyan Hongli told Sun Mo to leave.

However, in her heart, she was still very interested in it. She also felt some admiration. The reason she knew that her junior martial brother was dying soon was from a tremendous amount of data and experience, while Sun Mo purely relied on a pair of hands.

This was a little amazing.

It was a pity that the matter of dragonification concerned the Dragon Subduing Academy’s core classified secret. Otherwise, Wanyan Hongli would be willing to share it with Sun Mo.

“Are human lives important? Or is your secret more important?”

Sun Mo’s mouth twitched.

Wanyan Hongli looked toward Sun Mo. She thought that this guy was intentionally agitating her in order to find out about the secret. However, after seeing Sun Mo’s eyes that glistened like shiny stars, she knew that she had misunderstood.

“What do you think?”

Wanyan Hongli’s tone sounded composed. “If someone were to kidnap your personal disciple and ask you for the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands technique, will you give it to them?”

“I will!”

Sun Mo’s reply was without any hesitation.


Wanyan Hongli was speechless. Her instincts told her that Sun Mo was lying. After all, this was a divine skill that could let a clan be prosperous for 1,000 years. However, her many experiences in judging people told her otherwise.

Sun Mo didn’t lie.

“I know. To many people, things like ultimate cultivation arts and unique prescriptions are to be passed down to male descendants and not females. They’d rather have them be lost in their own hands than having them spread to outsiders. But it’s different for me. I don’t care.”

In Sun Mo’s heart, the lives of Li Ziqi and the others were more important than cultivation arts.

However, Sun Mo also knew that his words would seem to be just all talk. After all, everyone’s situation was different.

When he was in the modern world, there was a restaurant near his rental that was especially popular and would have many customers queuing every day. After the shop owner fell sick, he passed down his braised meat recipe to his son and not his daughter. In the end, his children went to court over this.

Both families knew that if they were to get their hands on the recipe and worked hard, they wouldn’t have to worry about money. If they had a brain for business and came up with chain stores, they might be able to turn the business into one that was as good as Lao Gan Ma or Wang Shou Yi Thirteen Seasoning Powder Mix [1].

Many neighbors said that the shop owner had an old feudal mindset where he valued boys over girls. Some people also said that the daughter wasn’t his birth daughter.

However, one could catch a glimpse of how precious the recipe was.

The atmosphere became a little awkward when at this moment, the sound of door knocking rang out.

“Teacher Wanyan, I’ve come!”

Sun Mo raised his brows. This voice sounded a little familiar!

[1] Lao Gan Ma or Old Godmother is a brand of chili sauces made in China. Wang Shou Yi Thirteen Seasoning Powder Mix is made of thirteen different spices including star anise, Sichuan peppercorns, black pepper, cinnamon, orange peel, ginger, etc.

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