Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 853 - Let Me Tell You Secretly, I’m Actually A Famous Artist Too!

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Chapter 853: Let Me Tell You Secretly, I’m Actually A Famous Artist Too!

“Teacher Sun, maybe your insistence is right, but so what? Some people view kinship as the most important, some people view love as the most important. There are even people who devote their entire life to a certain matter. These are ideals.”

Wanyan Hongli looked at Sun Mo and spoke without any reservations, “Maybe you might be able to save them after I tell you the information, but do you think that they’ll be happy to live on?”

“Some people see this school as more important than their own lives.”

Sun Mo smiled, not putting up a retort.

People like Wanyan Hongli who had established their own perspectives were the hardest to convince. They had their insistence, their mindset, and felt that their behavior was right. Moreover, they wouldn’t mind investing everything they had in it.

“Thank you for your help. You can leave now.”

Wanyan Hongli told him to leave.


The one who came in was Murong Mingyue, the female great teacher that Sun Mo wanted to headhunt. However, he didn’t greet her. It was because he was worried that he’d alert others, and they might spoil his plans.

After all, people who could participate in the dragonification matter were definitely great teachers who were worthy of trust in the Dragon Subduing Academy.

“But doesn’t she excel in puppetry?”

Sun Mo frowned then turned and looked at this lady who was cold like the moon.

Her data didn’t show that she knew medicine.

Murong Mingyue didn’t greet Sun Mo. She didn’t even take a look at him and just quietly stood by the ice coffin.

After Sun Mo left, Wanyan Hongli instructed, “Mingyue, there’s no hope for Wuzhu and Keshen. You can deal with them!”

Murong Mingyue didn’t move.

“I know that you don’t like to do such things, but you’re also a part of the Dragon Subduing Academy and should contribute to the school. Moreover, Murong Ye has high hopes for you. Don’t disappoint him.”

Wanyan Hongli didn’t give Murong Mingyue a chance to refuse. After saying this, she left.

White frozen air permeated in the chilling chamber, but Murong Mingyue didn’t feel anything. She just stood there quietly until a layer of frost covered her body.

Then, she suddenly raised her foot and kicked hard on the ice coffin.

That night, when Sun Mo returned to the dorm, Helian Xue came up close to him with smiles. “Teacher Sun, what happened during the day? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine!”

Sun Mo placed his stuff aside and then lay down on the bed.

“Teacher Sun, what happened to those draconic humans?”

Tuoba Cao was curious.

Zhou Liqing, who was reading a book, perked his ears.

“I have no idea either.”

Sun Mo shook his head and asked, “You guys have been here for a year, right? Have you heard about similar events happening?”

Helian Xue shook his head then sighed. “But with such a thing happening, the Dragon Subduing Palace will definitely be sealed up. Sigh, it’ll hold back our cultivation.”

Sun Mo’s countenance sank. It was a measure that was predicted to happen.

“Have I wasted my 200,000 favorable impression points?”

Sun Mo was upset. He had passed the test, connected with the Dragon God, and was planning to cater to the Dragon God’s wishes. Even if he couldn’t get his hands on the Great Desolation Dragon Subduing Scripture, it’d be good to get a few other cultivation arts or even listen to the Dragon God boast about the events that had taken place in ancient times.

But now, he was probably not going to get anything.

Sun Mo went to sleep with his worries. Early the next morning, he went to the Dragon Subduing Palace and saw that a notification was put up outside the teleportation formation. Many students gathered around it.

“Due to inexorable reasons, the Dragon Subduing Palace will be temporarily sealed up. There’ll be a separate notification when it is opened up again.”

The white paper and black words stood out a lot.

“Why is this happening? I’m still waiting to watch Teacher Sun beat up the draconic humans!”

“That’s right. There aren’t many people taking on the Unlimited Challenge Mode in a year. Now that there’s finally one, moreover with it being such an exciting battle, it’s really a pity to miss it.”

“Which of you have recorded Teacher Sun’s battle with an image-recording stone? I’ll buy it! At a high price!”

The students talked amongst themselves and quite a number of them complained. After all, it was a very regretful thing to miss such a high-quality battle.

“It’s Teacher Sun!”

Someone saw Sun Mo and as he let out a loud cry, everyone looked over.

“Good morning, Teacher Sun!”

“Teacher Sun, good morning!”

“Teacher Sun, I’ve faced a few problems in my cultivation and would like to seek your guidance.”

The students stood up straight and bowed respectfully. Those who were more daring even got close and asked carefully.


Congratulations, you’ve received a total of +22,035 favorable impression points.

Favorable impression points kept on sweeping past in front of Sun Mo’s eyes.

Due to the draconic human matter, Sun Mo’s reputation grew. There was a high possibility that this matter was related to that giant dragon, the one that Sun Mo had fought.

“I still have something on later and can only answer ten people’s questions today. Raise your hands!”

After Sun Mo said that, the students around him immediately raised their right hands.

“Teacher, my question is simpler!”

“Since it’s simple, then why trouble Teacher Sun for that? Do you have nothing better to do? Don’t waste Teacher Sun’s time.”

“That’s right. The questions that Teacher Sun answers must be difficult ones.”

The students made a huge ruckus. After all, youngsters were more lively by nature.

“Be quiet!”

Sun Mo spoke up.


A golden light halo radiated out and the entire square with the teleportation formation immediately fell silent.

“My god, it’s Profound Words!”

When Beardie, who was amongst the crowd, saw this, he felt extremely envious.

One must experience the mental state of a particular great teacher halo on a high frequency if they wished to comprehend it.

Take Profound Words for example. One would only be able to comprehend it after reproaching many students and great teachers with substance in their speech.

Even though Beardie’s star level wasn’t low, he hadn’t comprehended this.

Usually, Profound Words were comprehended by old great teachers with higher statuses and glory, as well as having many students under their wing.

Sun Mo possessed Divine Sight and could see all of the students’ data. In addition to how he was a combat genius who had cultivated so many saint-tier cultivation arts, he had a broad vision and great understanding of combat.

It wouldn’t be a problem for him to answer the questions of some great teachers, let alone some students.

Sun Mo then carefully picked out ten students.

Half an hour later, he received another 11,000 favorable impression points.

It wasn’t enough as the problems weren’t hard enough.

“Let’s go steadily first!”

Sun Mo sighed.

After the spirit rune class, Sun Mo brought tools and headed to the peach forest, starting to engrave spirit runes on the trees.

Normally, there might be people who would take the chance to meet in private and have a fling here. However, it was winter now and the weather was freezing. No one would be in the mood to have a date here.

“I’m really going through hardship in order to headhunt a great teacher.”

Sun Mo sighed. He was the Central Province Academy’s vice-headmaster, and no matter how much effort he put in, no matter how well he performed, his salary wouldn’t increase. He was even the one in charge of the school’s accounting.

Thankfully, Murong Mingyue was very beautiful and eye-pleasing. It wouldn’t be bad if he could manage to headhunt her over.

“That’s right. I can turn the Central Province Academy into a school that’s full of beautiful great teachers. This will become the first in the Nine Provinces, right?”

Sun Mo’s eyes lit up. “I’ll headhunt all the top ten on the Devastating Beauty Rankings.”

“Your thoughts are extremely lewd. You might as well resign and work in some kind of club like the Victoria Grand Palace.”

The system said in disdain.

“Tsk, can’t I make a joke?”

Sun Mo was just feeling bored.

“Although I don’t know what you’re thinking, it’s definitely not a good thing.”

A voice suddenly barged into Sun Mo’s ears.

“Why is that so?”

Sun Mo turned and saw Murong Mingyue.


Murong Mingyue assessed Sun Mo then looked toward the peach tree. “You’re drawing spirit runes?”

“En!” Sun Mo boasted, “How is it? My drawing skills are still alright, right? Let me tell you secretly. I’m actually a famous artist!”

“Famous artist?”

Murong Mingyue’s lips twitched, clearly not believing his words. “Then can I ask if you have any art pieces that can be passed down?”

Although famous artists weren’t comparable to top-notch great teachers in terms of status and reputation, it wasn’t something that could be easily accomplished by anyone.

A famous painter must have their own mindset, be rich in experience, and have a sensitive judgment that could observe all states of life to be able to create a famous painting.

Sun Mo was just a young man in his twenties. What could he have?

What guys at his age looked at the most would be er*tic drawings, and what they’d read the most would be Romance of the Western Chamber [1]. They’d just crave to have group s*x with young misses and maids.

“I actually do have four famous paintings.”

Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.


Murong Mingyue chuckled, “You really dare to boast. Have all the cows in the Central Plains died [2]?”

Although Murong Mingyue was smiling, her gaze and expression had turned cold.

One could be revered as a famous artist if they could create a famous painting. This showed how difficult it was to create a single famous painting.

Some famous artists spent their entire life, devoted several decades of effort, but only managed to produce one or two famous paintings. However, Sun Mo boasted that he had four?

(Do you take me as a fool?)

Murong Mingyue’s impression of Sun Mo became extremely bad.

Sun Mo didn’t expect this lady to be so sharp with her words when speaking sarcastically.

But that did make sense. Most great teachers were eloquent enough.

“Then may I ask what are the names of these four paintings? Where can I see them?”

Murong Mingyue wasn’t usually such an aggressive person, but the job she had been given yesterday caused her to feel down, and she had accumulated a great amount of annoyance. In addition to hearing Sun Mo speak gibberish, she couldn’t help but explode.

“[Sanzhang’s Journey to the West Painting], [Young Lady Spring Rain Portrait], [A Walk in Early Spring], and [Galloping Horses]. They are all in my friend’s study.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

He actually also had [Riches and Honor, Solitary Life Painting], but that was the one he had copied off from another painting. Although it was better than the original artist’s, Sun Mo didn’t bring it up as there was a problem with his intention to create it back then.

Murong Mingyue frowned slightly. These names sounded artistic, but what the hell did he mean by they were in his friend’s home?

They were really just lies!

“Since you’ve created four famous paintings, then you must have great insights into painting. Why don’t you display it?”

Murong Mingyue smiled coldly. “Of course, if you admit that you can’t do it, I won’t force you either. But please leave the Dragon Subduing Academy. We don’t accept great teachers who sail under false colors.”

So what if Sun Mo’s standard in the study of spirit runes was very high?

If a great teacher’s character was low, they weren’t worth praising even if they had great academic achievements.

As a great teacher, one shouldn’t have any slight to their name.

At the thought of this, Murong Mingyue’s right hand clenched tightly until her nails sank into her flesh.

Sun Mo blinked and assessed Murong Mingyue. “Has your aunt come to visit [3]?”

(Isn’t her temperament too bad?)

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