Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 874 - Give You A Black Star!

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Chapter 874: Give You A Black Star!

Wuleji walked out from the golden tent. He stared at the azure skies and drew in a deep breath.

“Teacher Sun, don’t blame me for this!”

The air in winter was cold and sharp. Just by inhaling it, one would feel like a knife was poking into their lungs.

Cough! Cough!

Wuleji’s chest started to ache with pain.

He had once been a famous genius in the Dragon Subduing Academy. But because he sought to increase his cultivation base too quickly, his foundation wasn’t stable and he suffered from qi deviation that led to him damaging his body.

His personal teacher had abandoned him. But because of their former relationship, Wuleiji managed to remain in the school. Otherwise, he would have long since been expelled.

Barbarians always emphasized on the weak being food for the strong. Hence, trash like Wuleji wouldn’t be qualified to remain in the school.

Wuleji did a lot of investigations and found out that some alchemy pills could treat his body. However, they were too expensive. Moreover, the greatest problem was that even if he ate those pills, he wouldn’t be able to recover to his peak state.

It was precisely because of this that his personal teacher gave up on him.

What was the point of spending so much money to save an ‘ordinary’ student?

Wuleji’s personality was bold and unrestrained, but he was also kind. If it was in the past, he wouldn’t offend Wanyan Zhenghe, but he also wouldn’t work for such a person.

But in the past two years, the agony of being abandoned by his personal teacher, the reluctance he felt when his schoolmates surpassed him, the despair obtained from suddenly becoming insignificant trash caused his heart and mentality to be tainted somewhat.

To be using a trap to harm Sun Mo in exchange for an alchemy pill, this was the first time Wuleji broke the bottomline of his character.

When Wanyan Zhenghe had come to look for him, Wuleji didn’t hesitate and agreed directly.

There was no solution to it as he didn’t want to live in mediocrity forever.

“Sang Ge. Follow and monitor him throughout the entire process. Don’t allow this brat to cower at the last minute. When the ‘guidance’ from Sun Mo starts, remember to come and inform me.”

Wanyan Zhenghe finished drinking the wine in his cup. “I don’t want to miss the chance of seeing Sun Mo embarrassing himself.”

Right now, there were four badges of eagles spreading their wings, representing that Sun Mo had four white stars and had guided four students, allowing them to benefit tremendously.

When he returned to the campsite again, the number of gazes on him increased by a lot. In fact, even high-year students took the initiative to stop by and consult him.

Looking at his school seniors having enlightened expressions and bowing respectfully to Sun Mo, a bald student grew curious. “Is this a new teacher the school recently hired? What is his background? He feels impressive!”

“Be more confident, take away the word ‘feel’. Teacher Sun IS super impressive!”

“You actually don’t know him? Are you still a student from the Dragon Subduing Academy?”

“You must be joking, right?”

A few students passing by stared suspiciously at the bald student. There were cases in the past that students from other schools had taken the opportunity to come to the Dragon Subduing Academy during the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony to challenge the other students. These outsiders were hoping that the great teachers would regard them highly if they won the fight.

“I had something to settle back home so I applied for leave. I just recently returned.”

The baldy hurriedly made things clear.

“Remember, that person’s name is Great Teacher Sun. He is at least a grandmaster spirit runist and has even broken the speed-clearing record of the Dragon Subduing Palace.”

Everyone said a thing or two and explained Sun Mo’s background.

Although he was only here for two months, Sun Mo’s achievements were already comparable to the accumulations of others for five years. At the very least, the number of people attending his lectures were so many that a lot of great teachers in the Dragon Subduing Academy couldn’t be compared to him.


The baldy was shocked. (How many fascinating scenes in the campus have I missed? I regret going back home!)

When Wuleji found Sun Mo, he cast a glance at him and immediately felt his heart sinking as he cowered back.

There were four white stars before Sun Mo’s chest.

This was a deterrent.

No one would want to offend a great teacher who was overflowing with talent.

Wuleji had heard of Sun Mo before and knew that he was very impressive, but he had never seen Sun Mo personally. He had felt that others were exaggerating Sun Mo’s fame, or Sun Mo might have spent money to get people to spread good things about him purposely. After all, some intern teachers had done the same thing in the past for the sake of getting employed by the school.

But this Sun Mo was clearly different.

He got four white stars just after a morning. How terrifying were his teaching capabilities?!

Wuleji prepared himself mentally as he followed Sun Mo. The more he followed, the less confidence he felt because several students were seeking Sun Mo for guidance as they walked.

Sun Mo’s attitude was always so amicable, and Priceless Advice would also occasionally activate. If not, there would be a white glow on his fist as he punched toward the students and stopped before hitting them.

After that, the students all bowed with gratitude. From the looks of things, they had obtained their answers, and these didn’t seem to be an act.

“Wuleji, what are you hesitating for?”

Sang Ge saw Wuleji following Sun Mo around for half an hour but not taking any action. He couldn’t bear it anymore and walked to his side, berating him in a low voice.


Wuleji sank into conflict.

“Are you going back on your words?”

Sang Ge glared at Wuleji. “What do you think the little prince would do to you?”


Wuleji fell silent and had a look of worry on his face.

“Quickly go, you have no choice!”

Sang Ge urged.

Wuleji gritted his teeth. He hastened his steps and walked toward Sun Mo.

(I’m already crippled. In the future, I also won’t be able to have any interactions with a famous great teacher like Sun Mo. It doesn’t matter whether I offend him or not. Besides, would Great Teacher Sun even be bothered to be calculative with a small student like me?)

(Wait a minute, what if he could cure me? How should I handle the little prince then?)

(No way, I’m thinking too much. This injury was caused by qi deviation. How could it be cured so easily?)

“Teacher Duanmu, are you not hunting for white stars?”

Sun Mo felt a little headache. (Why do you keep following me? Besides, I just rejected to join your great teacher circle.)

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo felt very embarrassed.

“I want to see your performance more.”

Duanmu Li bluntly said, “It has been many years since I last saw such an outstanding great teacher like you.”

Duanmu Li’s attitude toward Sun Mo was like how a reader saw a good book. After reading a part of the book, they naturally would want to continue reading.

Mei Ziyu secretly pursed her ruby red lips. (You are really destroying the ‘romantic two-person world’ of Sun Mo and me.)

“Teacher Sun. I, student Wuleji, have a problem I wish to consult you on!”

Wuleji walked toward Sun Mo and bowed slightly.

“Another one!”

Duanmu Li laughed. He folded his arms across his chest and waited for Sun Mo’s performance.

“What’s wrong with you?”

As Sun Mo asked the question, he activated Divine Sight. After that, he frowned.

The various stats of this youth were extremely high when he was at his peak phase. Although there were several students with extremely high potential values in this famous school, those who were as outstanding as this youth were still as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin horns.

However, the note showed that his body was completely damaged.

This was qi deviation!

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and touched Wuleji’s shoulder. After that, he sighed softly. What a pity, the damage was too serious. Even if Wuleji was cured, his future accomplishments wouldn’t surpass the highest peak he had attained before.

It was as if an antique was broken. Even if it was mended, its beauty wouldn’t be at its previous peak. There would surely be flaws.

“I…I have no idea either!”

Wuleji replied according to Wanyan Zhenghe’s instructions and didn’t say that this was caused by him being too hasty in cultivation. He wanted to let Sun Mo guess that himself. “From the start of last year, my cultivation base no longer improves.”

“Mn!” Sun Mo nodded. “Have you consulted others before?”

Sun Mo’s underlying meaning in this question was to probe whether or not Wuleji had a personal teacher. Otherwise, if he interfered casually, he might stir up some trouble for himself.

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