Absolute Great Teacher - Chapter 875 - The Strongest Support

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Chapter 875: The Strongest Support

“I’ve asked. My personal teacher has given up on it as well.”

Once the conversation mentioned his teacher, Wujile’s expression dimmed. Back then, his teacher had personally come to recruit him as a personal student.

His teacher had been certain of his talent and promised to nurture him heavily.

After that, his teacher didn’t go back on his words. After a mere three months, his teacher imparted his ultimate skill [Myriad Sovereign Art] to him.

Sadly, he failed to live up to expectations and was in a rush to cultivate, causing damage to his inner organs.

In normal words, it was qi deviation.

His teacher had said that it was already very lucky that he managed to stay alive. But wanting to recover fully?

There was no more hope for that.

During this one year plus, Wuleji’s emotions toward his personal teacher were very complicated. He felt grateful because his personal teacher had appreciated him and trusted him enough to teach him his ultimate art. After all, a lot of teachers would want to inspect their personal students for three years or more before they would impart them an ultimate art.

However, he also felt some anger.

Because his teacher was unwilling to give it his all to cure him.

Upon hearing this, Mei Ziyu and Duanmu Li frowned as they looked at Sun Mo.

This student was dishonest!

(Since you have a personal teacher, even if they don’t know what your problem is, they must have gone to ask stronger great teachers. Yet, you actually said that they have given up? This is a lie. In that case, why would he lie?)

Sun Mo nodded at the two of them, indicating for them not to worry. He understood.

After Wuleji finished speaking, he lifted his head and saw Sun Mo surveying him with interest. His gaze was as though it could see through everything.

This caused his heart to pound violently.

“Student, you should be more honest.”

Sun Mo admonished.

Wuleji was very embarrassed. Just when he wanted to explain, he saw Sun Mo waving his hands, signaling that it was fine.

“The school has a rule that during the Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony, teachers are not permitted to reject the questions of students. But to tell you honestly, I don’t care about this rule at all. Right now, I’m answering your question because you are a student. I don’t wish to see your future get destroyed.”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he exerted force with his right hand and pressed on two acupoints on Wuleji’s neck, the Tianzhu and Fengfu acupoints.

Wuleji’s body immediately started to convulse.

“It’s Wuleji, this fellow has already laid low for quite a while.”

“He’s just another Shang Zhongyong*!”

“Didn’t someone say that he was crippled because he was too hasty in cultivation?”

The students murmured. Wuleji was a genius a few years ago, so his fame was still pretty high. At the very least, students of his same year all recognized him.

“In cultivation, we are most afraid of someone trying to run before they can walk. You were too hasty, and this led to your spirit qi absorption being too overwhelming, surpassing the capacity of your energy channels. In the end, your spirit qi started to flow in reverse, and your energy channels and muscles were damaged.”

Sun Mo looked at Wuleji. “To put it simply, it means that the loading capability of your body couldn’t match up to the intensity of the cultivation art. Thus, your body was destroyed. The crucial point is that the cultivation art you were training in is a relatively high level one. This led to irreversible damage to your body.”

Wuleji was seen through by Sun Mo completely. Thus, he had felt terrified and hesitated whether he should apologize. But when he heard Sun Mo’s explanation, he was shocked.

“How do you know the type of cultivation art I was cultivating in?”

His teacher was extremely strict and had requested for all his personal students to keep it a secret. Once they revealed anything about it, they would be expelled from his tutelage.

Actually, things were the same for the vast majority of great teachers who had unique cultivation arts. Their level of secrecy was very high.

Sun Mo revealed his teeth and grinned. “The Myriad Sovereign Art is merely a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, yet its name is so domineering and tyrannical. That’s remarkable.”

Wuleji was completely stunned. He stared at Sun Mo in a dumbstruck manner. (Could it be that you saw an information report about me before? Otherwise, how do you know this?)

But this shouldn’t be the case. Wuleji was here to look for trouble, and no one knew of this as it was planned out in the dark. Hence, this should be the first time Sun Mo saw him. Hence, Sun Mo must have depended on his experience to know what cultivation art he had trained in.

This was impressive!


Favorable impression points for Wuleji +500. Respect (1,110/10,000).

After that, excitement appeared on Wuleji’s face. (Since Teacher Sun knows what my problem is, maybe he can cure it?)

“Sang Ge, look at Wuleji’s expression. Sun Mo seems to be correct. If he could cure this fellow…”

Wanyan Zhenghe frowned.

“Little Prince. I’ve done a check before this. Wuleji consulted many great teachers to resolve his problem, but no one could do so. This is considered a permanent injury.”

Sang Ge laughed in a very self-confident manner. “So, it’s impossible to resolve.”

“That’s good then!”

Wanyan Zhenghe was satisfied, he was waiting for Sun Mo to make a fool out of himself.

“Come with me!”

Sun Mo wanted to return to his tent to use the ancient massaging technique.

“Why is there a need to be so troublesome?”

Duanmu Li had relatively good connections in the Dragon Subduing Academy, so he managed to borrow a tent very soon.

“Could I trouble Teacher Duanmu to help me guard the area?”

Sun Mo clasped his fists.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no need to be so polite.”

Duanmu Li cheerfully accepted.

Seeing Duanmu Li blocking in front of the tent, the bunch of students grew unhappy.

“Why don’t you allow us to see it?” Sang Ge created a din. “We also want to broaden our horizons!”

“How can Teacher Sun’s ultimate skill be so lightly imparted?”

Duanmu Li countered, causing the students to have no way to reply.

In this era where one’s prestige was very important, even if you wanted to sleep with someone’s wife or learn someone’s cultivation art, you must never express it openly.

Otherwise, your reputation would be damaged.

Even a silkpants* like Wanyan Zhenghe could only wait quietly.

All of a sudden, the sound of someone screaming rang out from the tent. The atmosphere turned quiet, and there was no sound for a long time.

Roughly half an hour later, Wuleji suddenly charged out and started executing a punching routine.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The streams of wind generated by the punches gusted everywhere.

When Wuleji sensed the spirit qi in his body raging ceaselessly like the waves of a large river, he laughed uproariously in excitement and joy.

“Haha, I’m okay now. I can cultivate again. My future isn’t destroyed yet!”

Several students revealed looks of shock.

Because the commotion caused by Wuleji was great, just from his momentum, one could see that the Myriad Sovereign Art was extremely powerful.

“Your energy channels have just recovered. You should rest for now.”

Sun Mo walked out of the tent and gave him a warning.

Upon hearing this, Wuleji immediately stopped. He took a few steps forward and knelt with a thud before Sun Mo.

“This student has no way to repay Teacher Sun’s great kindness!”

As Wuleji spoke, he prostrated himself fully and made a gesture of worship.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He kowtowed a total of nine times, causing the ground to echo out.

Wanyan Zhenghe’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Your body has recovered by 70%. If you continue using medicinal substances to nurse your health, the recovery can reach 80 or even 90%. However, you won’t be able to recover to your peak state.”

Sun Mo honestly spoke.

Rather than concealing this and allowing Wuleji to discover it himself and suffer another setback, Sun Mo might as well tell him now.

Wuleji’s expression froze as a look of unbearable disappointment appeared on his face. But after that, he squeezed out a smile.

“Being able to recover to 80% is already an extremely fortunate thing.”

The torment he had suffered this entire year caused Wuleji to see reality clearly. Being able to cultivate instead of being an ordinary person was his greatest wish.

And now, Sun Mo had given him a future that was much better than his wish.

“It’s very good you have such a mentality. I will write a prescription for you, come and collect it at night.”

Sun Mo was very gratified.

“Many thanks, Teacher Sun!”

Wuleji kowtowed. He then bit his lips and had a complicated look on his face. After that, he prostrated himself again. “Teacher, actually I came to consult you this time around because…”

But before Wuleji could finish speaking, Sun Mo interrupted him.

“That isn’t important.” Sun Mo stopped him. “As long as your body is well, it has validated the meaning of my existence as a teacher.”

Wuleji lifted his head in astonishment and saw Sun Mo’s sincere gaze at him. There were no signs of disdain at all. As a result, Wuleji’s tears flowed.

(I actually plotted against such a good teacher, I’m really not a human!)

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Wuleji lifted his hands and slapped himself violently. He knew that Teacher Sun was worried about him. After all, once he revealed the reason, he would definitely have to suffer from Wanyan Zhenghe’s revenge.

Such a gentle teacher caused him to feel even more self-reproach.

“It isn’t scary for young people to make mistakes, but it is scary if they don’t know how to learn from their mistakes and change for the better. It’s already good enough that you have the heart.”

Sun Mo smiled and helped Wuleji to his feet.


Golden light illuminated forth.


Wuleji choked and felt even more guilty. This was Priceless Advice. It represented that Teacher Sun was sincerely thinking about him.

Such magnanimity simply caused him to feel extremely ashamed of his own inferiority.

“You have to work hard. Even if you could only recover to 80%, you would still be much more impressive compared to many people given your talent.”

Sun Mo patted Wuleji on his shoulder.


Favorable impression points +3,000. Friendly (4,110/10,000).

Sun Mo was very satisfied. The spectating students also started to contribute favorable impression points.


Wanyan Zhenghe cast a resentful glance at Sun Mo and turned to leave. The spectators in the surroundings were all sighing in amazement at Sun Mo’s teaching capabilities. After that, over ten gutsier students directly crowded over as they respectfully sought Sun Mo’s guidance.

This caused the little prince to be so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

“Nothing but a bunch of scums. Are all the great teachers in the Dragon Subduing Academy dead? Why did they have to ask Sun Mo? They are simply boosting his fame.”

Wanyan Zhenghe was someone with his belly filled. He didn’t understand the hunger of those suffering from poverty. The more powerful a great teacher was, the busier they would be. How would they have time to resolve so many questions from people who weren’t their personal students?

Just like Wuleji’s problems, if a secondary saint was present, he could naturally resolve it. But firstly, let’s ignore the fact that Wuleji’s status wasn’t high enough, even if it was, the secondary saint wouldn’t spend too much time on him.

Sang Ge left with the little prince, but he kept glancing back with a look of shock on his face.

This Sun Mo was truly impressive!

“Little prince, should we continue?”

Sang Ge wanted to say something in persuasion. (Do we really have no need to offend such an impressive teacher?)

“What do you think?”

Wanyan Zhenghe roared back, “I’m none other than the little prince of Jin Country, the inheritor of the throne. Don’t I want face? Do you know that he actually dared to smack my face in the classroom? Other than my royal father, no one has done this before. I definitely want him to pay the price.

“So what if he is impressive? In the future, the entire grassy plains will belong to me. I will have millions of citizens, and I won’t lack a great teacher no matter how impressive Sun Mo is.”

Wanyan Zhenghe snarled.

Honestly speaking, if Sun Mo was a barbarian, Wanyan Zhenghe wouldn’t be so angry. As the inheritor of the Jin Country, the education he received as well as the history of his people caused him to view the people from the Central Plains with hostility.

The more powerful someone from the Central Plains was, the more unhappy Wanyan Zhenghe would feel in his heart.

“Little prince, there’s actually another way to take revenge. For example, you can show him grace and respect and let his talent serve you.”

Sang Ge persuaded.


Wanyan Zhenghe spoke in contempt, “Go and look at Sun Mo’s eyes. He will absolutely not remain in our Dragon Subduing Academy. I dare to bet on this with my head. Many great teachers came to the Dragon Subduing Academy to seek employment, to tour it and see the teaching standards, or to visit friends. In their hearts, they are filled with reverence toward supreme-tier academies. But as for Sun Mo, he is completely different.

“In his eyes, I see a will to fight. He treats the Dragon Subduing Academy as a formidable enemy.”

One couldn’t help but admit that Wanyan Zhenghe had a very accurate judgment this time around. There was also another point. He understood that with his charisma or aptitude, he wouldn’t be able to convince Sun Mo to serve him loyally.

Since he couldn’t obtain him, he might as well destroy him.

“Should we continue to execute our plan?”

Sang Ge asked.

“Of course!”

Wanyan Zhenghe scolded, “Get Na Muqi to go. Wuleji’s body has a problem, and Sun Mo’s expertise in botany isn’t bad. Hence, he can use some medical substances to resolve Wuleji’s problem. I have miscalculated this, but Sun Mo’s secondary profession definitely won’t be able to do anything for Na Muqi.”

“Yeah, Na Muqi’s problem involves the art of spiritual control. Sun Mo won’t have a way to resolve it.”

Sang Ge flattered.

“Hmph. If Sun Mo can cure Na Muqi, I will cut my head off for him to kick around like a ball.”

Wanyan Zhenghe’s lips twitched.

After lunch, five white stars were pinned on Sun Mo’s chest. They were extremely dazzling.

The sun set, dusk arrived.

“Could it be that my luck is used up?”

Xianyu Wei who was trekking through the plains had a distressed look on her face.

Capturing the rabbit during the morning seemed to have exhausted all her luck. It had been an entire day, and Xianyu Wei didn’t manage to capture any new prey.


The sound of a stomach grumbling could be heard. Xianyu Wei was hungry.

“It’s pretty late, should I have dinner first?”

Xianyu Wei looked at the setting sun. After that, she lifted her hand and ruthlessly punched her stomach a few times.

(Didn’t I say that I want to win glory for Teacher? Eat dinner? I should hunt for prey first!)

Xianyu Wei took up her water pouch made from deer leather and drank a few mouthfuls of water. After that, she continued searching and soon heard the sounds of combat.

(There’s a situation!)

Joy appeared on Xianyu Wei’s face as she immediately moved in the direction of the sound. After that, in a withered poplar tree forest, she saw a school senior who was currently panting as he defeated two opponents.

A white deer was tied behind his back.

Upon seeing the white deer, Xianyu Wei’s pupils widened to the max as her heart involuntarily pounded with agitation.

This deer was worth a hundred points. It also meant that the person who obtained this deer would basically be the champion of the hunting king competition.

But if one wanted to bring the deer safely to the campsite, they would definitely be the target of a multitude of arrows. Besides, many elite students couldn’t be bothered to hunt other prey. All of them were aiming to capture the white deer.

“Should I attack?”

Xianyu Wei licked her lips. She knew that even if she won this fight, she wouldn’t be able to protect the deer. But just when she was prepared to leave, Teacher Sun’s smile appeared once again in her mind.

“If you don’t do it, how will you know you cannot succeed? If you don’t even try, you won’t even have the slightest possibility. Miracles are called miracles because when everyone has no hope, you manage to succeed.”

“Xianyu Wei, you can become the main character of life, a girl who creates miracles!”

Xianyu Wei halted her steps as Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice echoed out loud in her mind. After that, she turned and charged toward the high-year school senior like a wild boar descending from the mountains.

[1] to refresh your memories, Shang Zhongyong is a character in a novel about a genius becoming useless.

[2] silkpants – wastrels

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