Ace of the Dragon Division - Chapter 749.2 - Fish in the net (Part Two)

Chapter 749: Fish in the net (Part Two)

Li Chao grabbed a suspect by his collar and said viciously, “Okay, so you’re not cooperating, right? Then we can play it slowly. We can even find out where your ancestral graves are. Let’s see who’s going to win. You don’t have to confess everything now, but you won’t have a chance later.”

“Take them away. Convict them of drug trafficking and there’s no need to wait for the death sentencing. It’s all the same,” Li Chao yelled loudly.

Those people who were tied up became afraid, and someone said on the spot, “We confess, we confess. Give us a chance officer.”

“Where is the source!” Li Chao said in a deep voice.

“Just on the river, there are yachts used as a mobile production factory, and they have a Haowei license plate registered under some millionaire’s name. It’s all civilian yachts for recreation, so that the police won’t be suspicious of them even if they were in the water for too long, and nobody would think rich men could risk their yacht to manufacture drugs.”

After hearing this, Li Chao immediately picked up the telecom. “Get the marines’ assistance and track down a private yacht with a Haowei license plate right now!”

Having said that, he lifted the obedient one and dragged him inside.

He pulled the guy into a separate room and asked, “What else do you know?”

“I know very little, that was all I know. We are just responsible for dragging the cargo with us every dive, and we would go upstream or downstream, then we would just have to hook the fishes to the right bait.”

Li Chao: “A lot of people are casual anglers, aren’t you afraid of hooking it to the wrong one and them finding out?”

The suspect shook his head. “The fish maw is different, we would pick fish maws that’s not seen in the market as a secret code. There are a lot of people here to fish, but when we dive in, all the fish would swim away. Without any fish, the other anglers aren’t able to catch anything, so they head downstream of the river.”

If that thirty years old angler in undercover was present, he would certainly kick this guy in the a*s. It was because of them that he wasn’t able to catch one single fish the whole day.

Li Chao quickly sent a text message to the undercover agent. “The fish in the water has been hooked, keep an eye on those people with the others, and see who they’re meeting with and take action immediately if something happens.”

The undercover agent looked at his phone and let out a bitter laugh. “My wife is urging me to go home. You guys ain’t generous, eh? I guess I’ll have to come next time.”

The guys thought to themselves, It’s better if you never come again. Hurry up and leave.

“Your wife is more important, you should hurry back.”

The undercover agent picked up his fishing rod and broke it in halves all of the sudden. He even used it to stir the water as he angrily said, “Stupid fish! What a waste of my time!”

He pretended to be an angry angler, so that the others would not suspect him.

After the undercover vented out his anger, he said to those people, “Sorry, I was just too angry. I’m never going to fish again. Alright, you guys continue. I’ll be heading back now.”

He then left the area looking discouraged.

The group of people noticed that the fish weren’t coming to the hook and wondered. “Is that it for today?”

Someone looked at the number of fish in the bucket and asked curiously.

Another person said coldly, “Maybe that man just now scared them away?”

The others laughed bitterly. “That’s a possibility. Well, let’s call it a day and head back.”

The five anglers packed up their fishing gear and headed back with their buckets.

As usual, they didn’t think about which corner went wrong or what was different. So much that they did not even notice that they were being watched by the police.

The undercover man was a deputy team leader, and he brought his teammates as they stalked those bikers in a van.

When he saw that they had arrived at the back door of the South Gate Food Plaza, he knew it was time for action.

When the anglers traded with the South Gate supervisor, the police suddenly got off the car and rushed to the scene.

Every one of them was armed with a gun.

“Freeze, it’s the police!”

The supervisor was so shocked that he dropped the bucket from his hands and was ready to run.

The deputy team leader jumped right over and pinned him to the ground in handcuffs.

Everyone, including the anglers, were all arrested, and the police took out the fish from the buckets on the spot and dissected them. All of them were stuffed with goods and all versions of the drugs were present!

Each bucket had around one or two pounds!

“Chief, we’ve caught them on the spot back in the South Gate warehouse, There’s at least three to five pounds of goods!”

Li Chao sounded excited on the other side. “Very good. We also know where the source is, and we’re on our way! Go tell Ran Jing this good news!”