Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1987 - Ma Tongguang was displeased

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Chapter 1987: Ma Tongguang was displeased

Ling Han saw the changes in Ma Tongguang’s facial expression clearly, and humphed softly. He did not bother with how others thought, but if the other party dared put his thoughts into action, Ling Han would definitely not hold anything back.

Ma Tongguang withdrew his gaze from the three women, and said to Ling Han, “Brother Ling is really very fortunate, having four beautiful wives, each more exquisite than the last.”

“You have good taste!” Hu Niu declared boldly, looking completely innocent.

Involuntarily, Ma Tongguang stared slightly. That innocent cuteness of Hu Niu was extremely deceptive, and his heart throbbed wildly. However, monarch tiers were monarch tiers, after all, so his temperament was firm. He showed a smile, and asked, “How should I address you, Miss?”

“Niu is Ling Han’s Hu Niu!” Hu Niu declared. Suddenly, she glared at Ma Tongguang. “Triangular eyes, Niu warns you not to have any ideas about Niu, or Niu would definitely rape your a*s.”

After she had seen Ling Han use an iron spear to rape some unlucky fellow’s a*s before, she was quite eager to try it out herself.

Ma Tongguang was struck speechless. That pure, unsullied appearance of Hu Niu was practically like an unearthly fairy, but the moment she opened her mouth, she was shockingly bold. This discrepancy was really too wide, wasn’t it?

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “Let’s set out then.” He naturally had no interest in introducing the Empress and the others to Ma Tongguang.

Ma Tongguang smirked internally. He would definitely make Ling Han submit to him, and then he would have another powerful subordinate, and Hu Niu and the other women would not be able to escape the palm of his hand. Of course, with his great skill and strategy, subduing a subordinate that could be of great use was his primary motive. As for women? They were only objects to add some spice to his life.

The group set out, riding on a warship, and heading out towards the Yang Soul Ocean.

This Yang Soul Ocean was not within the borders of the Calm Peace Heaven, but rather within the Three Capitals Heaven. Geographically speaking, there were six Heavens that were nearer to this place. Hence, the Severing Mundane Tiers of these six Heavens would come to this location to break through to the Dividing Soul Tier.

The Calm Peace Heaven and Wide Prosperity Heaven were both included among them, and the overall strength of the Three Capitals Heaven could be ranked in the middle echelon of the 33 Heavens, far from what the Calm Peace Heaven could hope to compare to.

This warship did not only carry Ling Han and his group, but also a great number of Severing Mundane Tiers from Alchemy City, and the whole warship was practically stuffed to the brim with their numbers.

Ling Han and the others shared one chamber, but they usually would not come out at all. Instead, they would be cultivating inside the Black Tower.

Though they had reached a bottleneck in their cultivation level, they could focus more of their effort on Regulations.

For example, Ling Han focused on cultivating the two Regulations of Fire and Water. Because he had the Source Powers of these two Regulations inside his body, he had long since cultivated these two Regulations to the limits that a fifth severance could reach. But now that he had newly gained the Source Power of Wood, he naturally could begin from zero in terms of this Regulation, and advance it to the level of the Severing Mundane Tier.

There were the Regulations of Time, Space, and Slaughter as well. He could comprehend them inside the Black Tower itself, and similarly would be able to advance them to the peak stage of the fifth severance.

Thus, there would only be a lack of time to spend, and he would definitely not be grumbling about having too much free time.

Initially, Ma Tongguang had wanted to seek Ling Han out for a chat, and exude his domineering aura so Ling Han would submit to his authority, but Ling Han didn’t even give him the chance for a meeting, so the other party could only exclaim at his helplessness, and stay and brood inside his own chambers.

In the blink of an eye, more than a year’s time had passed. The warship had carried the several hundred people into the Three Capitals Heaven. There was still about a month of travel left until they would reach their actual destination, so it was still quite far.

Another month later, the warship stopped.

So this was the Yang Soul Ocean?

Ling Han exited the Black Tower, and arrived on the deck. As he stretched out his head to look, a confused expression appeared on his face.

Though it was true that looking down from a higher position, all objects would shrink down in size, the problem now was that the “ocean” below them was really too small. At most, it could only be called a small lake.

“This is only the entrance to the Yang Soul Ocean.” It was unknown when Ma Tongguang had made his way onto the deck as well. He seemed to have spotted Ling Han’s confusion, and began to explain, “The true Yang Soul Ocean is definitely worlds apart from here, and is so expansive that it could not be described with words.”

He paused, and then continued, “It is said that the earlier one enters the Yang Soul Ocean, the greater the rewards will be.”

Ma Tongguang stopped again, and looked at Ling Han, as if anticipating a question from him.

Ling Han simply smiled in reply, paying him no more attention.

Ma Tongguang couldn’t help but show a sliver of anger in his expression at this rebuff. When he had been in the Western Celestial Realm, he only had to open his mouth, and what emperor tier would not be overwhelmed by his favor, but a minor character from the Eastern Celestial Realm actually dared to ignore him like this.

‘Fine then. When you become subservient to me, I will make it so you bow every day, and greet me with an incredibly humble posture.’

Everyone disembarked from the warship. It really was a small lake beneath them, and countless people had already gathered in the vicinity. The majority of them were invigorated and energetic youths, but there was also a small number of gray-haired elderly. Some had even lost all their hair, and they were all people whose lifespans were close to being completely erased by the Immortal’s Tribulation. If they did not break through to the Dividing Soul Tier, their remaining lifespan would really be numbered.

“Brother Ling!” Someone called out. Who else was it if not Yan Xianlu?

He strode over, his gait majestic.

“Yi, who is this brat? Yan Xianlu would actually approach him personally!”

“Definitely no ordinary person. Though the Calm Peace Heaven is only a small place, Yan Xianlu is a prodigy that was born on the Celestial Path, and his strength is nothing to be underestimated.”

“Che, so what? If he was in our Star Dragon Capital, he probably wouldn’t even be able to rank in the top 100.”

“Haha, you are exaggerating too much. Yan Xianlu is a monarch tier, and how many monarch tiers are there in your Star Dragon Capital?”

Those who saw this scene were all discussing it spiritedly. After all, Yan Xianlu was the strongest of the younger generation of the Calm Peace Heaven. Even if the Calm Peace Heaven’s overall level of cultivation was a little low, being able to reign supreme in a Heaven was still quite amazing.

“Brother Yan.” Ling Han also nodded in greeting towards Yan Xianlu/

“And this is?” Yan Xianlu looked towards Ma Tongguang, showing a sliver of surprise in his expression. That was because he discovered that Ma Tongguang’s bearing was very strong, which made him become serious.

To manage to get such a reaction from him, this person was definitely extraordinary.

“I am Ma Tongguang, and have come from the Western Celestial Realm.” Ma Tongguang smiled slightly, appearing to be very gentle.

The Western Celestial Realm!

But these three words seemed to carry a spell. Instantly, it caused an explosion among the masses.

Though the Western Celestial Realm and Eastern Celestial Realm were equals, the Eastern Celestial Realm had always been weaker than the Western Celestial Realm. This was a publicly acknowledged fact.

If one could go to the Western Celestial Realm, then against a more or less similar backdrop, everyone’s limit of cultivation could possibly be raised a bit higher, and the chances of this happening was at least as much as 30 percent.

“Brother Ma!” Yan Xianlu, too, did not dare be rude, raising his clasped hands in Ma Tongguang’s direction. However, monarch tiers naturally had their reservedness. This greeting was not very warm or passionate.

Ma Tongguang showed a slightly prideful expression. This was the Eastern Celestial Realm that he had imagined. Once they found out that he was a prodigy of the Western Celestial Realm, all of them would be like flies that had smelt blood, trying as much as possible to gather around him.

“Yi, Grandmaster Ling!” A voice filled with pleasant surprise rang out, and a young man squeezed his way out of the crowd. He bowed respectfully towards Ling Han, as if he was a disciple that had met his master, incredibly sincere and reverent.

En, what was going on here?

Ma Tongguang showed an expression of disbelief. ‘Haven’t you heard that I have come from the Western Celestial Realm? And you actually did not curry favor with me, but rather chose to treat a nobody so respectfully?’

This was practically inconceivable, and completely unreasonable!

It had to be Ling Han that had deliberately arranged such a scene.

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