Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2014 - Completely one-sided

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Chapter 2014: Completely one-sided

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Everyone had not even prepared themselves for it, and the battle had already ended.

So fast!

No, how could a battle of equal cultivation levels end so quickly? The opposing side had to have concealed his cultivation level, and used his superior cultivation level of Dividing Soul Tier to suppress his opponent.

But when they thought back carefully, they discovered that this theory was off too.

Though they cultivated different cultivation techniques, the cultivation level would be clear the moment an attack was launched—even though Feng Dang’s actual cultivation level was still quite vague, it was definitely not the Dividing Soul Tier, and they could confirm that fact.

It was possible that he was a king tier, and was invincible among his peers.

Everyone suppressed the shock in their hearts. After all, they were only a group of sailors and merchants, so how could there be king tiers among them?

What king tier would come out to be a sailor or a merchant?

“I am Liu Ye, and my cultivation level is also the equivalent of fourth severance.. Please.” Another young man from the side of the ancient castle leaped out.

“Let me!”


One person from Qin Wei’s party had just leaped out when he was sent flying with a single punch. He was completely no match for his opponent.

This time, everyone on Qin Wei’s side was moved. Could king tiers appear one after another like this? Looking closely at Feng Dang and Liu Ye, the aptitude of these two people… really could not be considered all that impressive.

What king tier did not have an amazing skeletal structure?

In that case, they were not king tiers, nor did they have an advantage in cultivation level, so why did they possess stronger battle prowess?

There was only one answer. The cultivation technique they cultivated was too powerful.

Was that really the case?

“I am at Yang Soul Tier, and I would like to seek guidance.” Someone from Qin Wei’s side leaped out, issuing a challenge to the ancient castle’s side.

“I am Mo Han.” A young man walked out, strikingly handsome, and having a kind of might that could ensnare others. “My cultivation level is equivalent to fifth severance!”

Fifth severance!

When these words were spoken, a great many people on Qin Wei’s side looked puzzled and blank.

Fifth severance…. What was the fifth severance? Wasn’t the fourth severance the end of the line for the Severing Mundane Tier? So where did this fifth severance come from?

However, there were also some people that looked disbelieving, so stunned that their heads were about to explode.

That was a monarch tier!

Ling Han’s eyes also lit up, the confusion in his eyes becoming more pronounced. Taking Xiao Jun and his group into account, that would be four monarch tiers.

How did monarch tiers appear in the Eastern Celestial Realm?

Accumulation through numbers!

Using a population of 100,000,000 as the basis, only a single monarch tier would be born, and merely having the aptitude of a monarch tier was not enough. Without a Celestial King Tier-level background, which provided benefits such as the Natural Peach Seal, how would he survive the heavenly tribulation of fifth severance?

Could it be that there was a Celestial King on this island?

The population here was clearly pitifully few, yet four monarch tiers had actually appeared amongst them. This was not logical!

Furthermore… just what the heck was the cultivation technique they cultivated?

Ling Han thought back carefully, and suddenly a sense of familiarity rose up in him. He felt that he seemed to have seen the way these people fought somewhere else before, but no matter how much he tried to remember, it did not seem to match anything in his memories, either.


On the other side, Mo Han had also begun fighting with the person from Qin Wei’s side, and similarly had solved the issue with a single move.

This was very normal. In terms of cultivation level, fifth severance was equivalent to Yang Soul, and those that could advance to this cultivation level were all monarch tiers, and could be invincible even with a gap of two levels. Then wasn’t it very normal that they could win instantly with a single move?

The spars continued. In a battle of equal cultivation levels, the ancient castle’s side had an absolute advantage, and even if they were weaker by one or even two minor levels, the ancient castle’s side could still manage to win. This gap in power was really astonishingly wide.

Those on Qin Wei’s side all lowered their heads, their faces flushed red.

Just now, they had thought themselves infallible, and thought that the people in the ancient castle were all overly subjective and disregarded the outside world, so their strength definitely would be very poor. But once they fought, they found out that every member of the opposing side was a fierce fighter, which naturally caused them much embarrassment.

“I really had not expected that everyone’s strength would be so… hehe,” Xiao Jun said smilingly, wanting to say something, but hesitated at the end. However, everyone clearly understood the meaning that he wanted to express.

And that was ‘You are all too weak. And you said that you would show us your skills? Yet each one of you are weaklings, not one capable of being a qualified match.’

These words caused their heads to dip even lower.

A hint of mockery flashed through Xiao Jun’s eyes, and he continued, “Master has no intention of hiding secrets, so I am willing to share the cultivation technique that we cultivate with all of you.”


Hearing these words, everyone raised their heads, their faces filled with disbelief.

Techniques would not be taught easily, and this was the ancient rule.

To say nothing of an outsider, even with their own people, such as father and son, that core secret technique could not be taught easily. Continuing with the example, a father would have to be sure that this son was worthy of being nurtured. For example, in a great clan, only a limited number of core clansmen would be able to cultivate the highest grade of cultivation technique, while the others would cultivate something that was slightly inferior.

In any sect or clan, that was the case. Only the minority, or even a single person, could cultivate the highest level of cultivation technique.

But now? Xiao Jun actually said that he would take out the cultivation technique that they cultivated and share it with all of them.

Everyone exchanged looks, and thought that they had heard wrongly. Was there really anyone that kind in this world?

“Actually, our cultivation technique is very simple. What is most important is to lend power,” Xiao Jun said without concern. “We believe in a deity of this heaven and earth, and only need to sincerely ask for his help during battle, and he would be able to bestow endless might on us.

“Are there any volunteers? We can try it out on the spot, and I guarantee that your battle prowess will immediately increase several fold, or even tenfold.”

This filled many people with disbelief. Merely with them believing in a deity, their battle prowess would directly soar to as much as tenfold?

“I will!” One of them jumped out. Believing was fine. If it was useless, then he could just give up the faith.

Xiao Jun pulled that person over with a smile, and whispered into his ears for a while.

It was really just a short while, and that person skeptically walked to the training grounds, and said, “Little Hai, come and spar with me. The two of us are close in strength, and we have frequently sparred. Whether my strength has increased or otherwise, it would become clearest after a spar with you.”

“All right!” A person from Qin Wei’s party jumped out.

The two of them began to fight, exchanging blows, and it was completely indiscernible which of them was stronger.

It was useless!

“Believe in the deity,” Xiao Jun spoke up, his voice slow and unhurried.

That person from before suddenly became serious, his mouth muttering words. It was not known what he was saying. All of a sudden, he became stronger, and began to beat down on his opponent. Then, he became stronger and stronger, his battle prowess having increased four to five times.

F***, it really was doable!

Everyone was stunned to the point of speechlessness. Th-th-th-this was practically even better than ingesting Celestial pills.

You only had to believe in a deity, and your battle prowess would increase a good few times. One could not believe this, but would also incredibly long for this.

“Young Master Xiao, can I cultivate this cultivation technique?”

“That’s right. Can I too?”

A considerable number immediately called out, their faces incredibly excited.

No wonder there were so many king tiers and emperor tiers here. In fact, there were even a good number of monarch tiers here. So that was why.

Xiao Jun showed a smile, and said, “Master has never cherished his own skill to coerce others. With the intention of benefiting the whole world, he is willing to share the unique cultivation technique with everyone.”

“Hold on!” A soft exclamation rang out, and Ling Han stood up. He leaped into the arena. “My fists are itching as well, and I would like to spar.”

Just now, he had finally recalled why he would think that there was something familiar about the movements of those in the ancient castle.

He remembered when he had been in the Ancient Realm, he had once entered into a Mystery Realm. There was a mysterious river flowing there, and there were a considerable number of tribes along the banks of the river. These people were all cultivators, yet belonged to a completely different system of cultivation.

They did not cultivate Regulations, or rather they did not cultivate the Regulations of this heaven and earth. Their power originated from that mysterious river.

Ling Han had once traced the river to its source, but he could not venture there. Only Xiao Gu went, and a massive battle had broken out. In the end, Xiao Gu had returned with injuries.

This was exactly the same!

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