Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2068 - Black Figures

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Chapter 2068: Black Figures

The Bronze Tribe was the tribe of Old Monk Na Xu. In the beginning, they had tried extremely hard to recruit Ling Han and the others, offering them many benefits. This time, however, the old monk couldn’t even be bothered greeting the five of them. He sent a young subordinate over to dismiss them.

The reason for this was very simple. The battle had yet to begin, yet the conclusion was already foregone.

Old Monk Na Xu was in a bad mood right now, so he naturally didn’t want to meet with Ling Han and the others.

However, Ling Han was filled with enthusiasm, and he started to chit-chat with the young subordinate. He then continued to propose an alliance.

In the end, the Bronze Tribe couldn’t endure Ling Han’s relentless pursuit anymore, so they agreed to give Ling Han and the others enough Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes. This would allow them to receive 10 times more benefits when they were instilled with power by the Hundred Dragons.

This naturally came with conditions. Ling Han and the others couldn’t receive the Heavenly Dragon Bone Ashes simply by participating in the battle.

Rather, they could only receive these benefits if they helped the Bronze Tribe win a dragon pearl.

If they succeeded, they could claim the rewards. In any case, there were only five of them, so the Bronze Tribe could definitely accept this exchange.

Even so, the Bronze Tribe still didn’t have much hope. After all, Ling Han and the others were facing far too great a disadvantage.

Although there had been cases of underdogs winning in the past, the difference in power definitely hadn’t been so great.

The remaining five tribes naturally had an even smaller chance of winning. This was because they had no one to represent them in battle. This time, they could only act as spectators. Thus, in their eyes, the actions of Ling Han and the others were nothing but a huge joke. When news of this spread, the atmosphere of Azure Dragon Town instantly became carefree and joyous. Everyone was discussing this peculiar matter.

This caused Hu Niu and Bewitching Maiden Rou to feel pent up with anger. They vowed that they would definitely obliterate the a*ses of those people in the upcoming battle. Indeed, even Bewitching Maiden Rou started to go down this violent path. Although the Empress didn’t speak, the fury in her eyes was also especially evident.

It was amid such an atmosphere that the battle finally started.

All of the outsiders were brought to a canyon, though this was not the same canyon as before. This was a long and narrow canyon that had seven entrances in total. Each tribe had a canyon of their own, yet right now, only two of the tribes needed to participate in the battle. Moreover, no matter how one looked at it, the Bronze Tribe was simply participating with no chance of victory. They were simply here for show.

Ling Han, Ji Wuming, and the others made their way to the entrance. However, a huge boulder blocked their path.

This boulder was called Dragon Severing Stone, and it had rested here for hundreds of millions of years. Only when the battle started would this boulder automatically move aside. Otherwise, even Ascending Origin Tier elites couldn’t do anything about this boulder.

Ling Han and the others stood before this boulder, silently waiting for it to move aside.

The rules of the battle were extremely simple. They simply needed to battle for 10 days in a row. Afterward, the side with the most remaining people would be crowned the victor.

It was also because of this rule that the side with the greater numbers would possess a huge advantage.

Simply put, as long as they remained together and defended with all their might, they would easily win if more than five of them lasted until the end of the battle.

“We need to unleash our full power to slaughter them,” Ji Wuming said in a calm voice. It was as if he weren’t talking about killing people, but instead talking about killing a few chickens and ducks.

Meanwhile, Hu Niu was already waving her fists eagerly in anticipation. She couldn’t wait to obliterate the a*ses of those people. In fact, she had already prepared a long iron pole. Moreover, this pole was made from Level-Four Pseudo-Divine Metal. She had nabbed this Pseudo-Divine Metal from Ling Han before he could even feed it to his Divine Demon Sword.


The Dragon Severing Stone suddenly started to move, rolling into the canyon. The earth was also quaking, and it wasn’t long before the gigantic boulder disappeared from sight.

The battle of the seven tribes had officially begun.

Weng, weng, weng!

Wisps of black air suddenly materialized beside Ling Han and the others. These wisps of black air then transformed into humanoid shapes, though they were devoid of facial features and legs. They only had long arms, and they hovered half a feet above the ground.

‘What is this?’

Ling Han and the others instantly entered a defensive stance. Meanwhile, Hu Niu dragged her finger across the air, unleashing a deadly burst of light that slashed at one of the black figures.


The burst of light slashed down, and a gaping hole instantly appeared in the black figure’s chest. However, the black figure didn’t disappear. Instead, it slowly gathered together again, returning to its original form. It continued to hover in the air.

The black figures didn’t launch a counterattack, and it was as if they were nothing more than hovering mist.

Ling Han observed them carefully, only to discover an extremely faint symbol on the heads of these black figures. It was because the black air was slightly fainter in that region that he could see the symbols.

He had seen this symbol before. It was the symbol of the Bronze Tribe.

‘Tsk, in other words, these black figures are on our side?

‘Do they have any use? Can we use them to battle?’

Ling Han suddenly recalled Du Shaojun’s words again. The more powerful side wouldn’t necessarily win. Perhaps it was because of these black figures?


The black figures suddenly started to hover forward.

“Follow them.”

The five of them followed the black figures. If they continued forward, they would eventually reach the central region of the canyon. It was the same for all of the seven paths. They converged at the center, where the seven tribes would then descend into an intense battle.

Ling Han looked around, and he saw that there were around 200 to 300 black figures in total. This was essentially the same as the total number of outsiders.

‘Tsk, is this to make up for our disadvantage in numbers?

‘Is this why there’s a saying that the more powerful side won’t necessarily win?’

This was extremely likely.

That being the case, these black figures were definitely very powerful. Otherwise, if they were easily destroyed, what would be the point of giving them these black figures?

Ling Han carefully counted the number of black figures. There were 232 of them in total.

In that case, he would count the number of their opponents in a while. In any case, the answer was going to reveal itself soon.

They continued forward, and it wasn’t long before they arrived at the central region of the canyon. This was a large expanse of flat land, and there were seven entrances in total. When Ling Han and the others arrived, a large group of people also charged out from the entrance two others away from them.

This was none other than Tian Qingyue and the others.

At almost the same moment, five groups of black figures also hovered out from the remaining five entrances. Their number was clear at first glance. Each group consisted of precisely 237 figures.

Ling Han glanced over Tian Qingyue and the others, and their total number immediately appeared in his mind.

<ol start=”237″>

In other words, upon entering the canyon, the groups with fewer people would receive these black figures to make up for the difference.

Thus, Ling Han and the others had received 232 black figures. Adding the five of them, they numbered precisely 237.

At this moment, Tian Qingyue and the others also noticed the existence of the black figures. They all wore expressions of astonishment.

‘What in the world is this?’

Right at this moment, however, all of the black figures started to move.

Some of them charged at Tian Qingyue, while some of them charged at Ling Han and the others. In complete contrast to their passive behavior from before, they were now filled with vigor and liveliness. They were brimming with killing intent, and it was as if they would charge forward even if they were facing an army of tens of thousands.


The first black figure arrived before them, reaching over to grab Ling Han. Its arms were filled with black veined patterns, and these patterns were exuding an ice-cold aura that instilled apprehension in one’s mind.

Ling Han humphed as he replied with a punch of his own.

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