Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2092 - Lu Hairong arrives

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Chapter 2092: Lu Hairong arrives

Two great Ascending Origin Tier elites were exchanging blows, and there were not many people that could watch the battle from the sidelines. They all had to retreat.

Xiao Gu would only passively defend himself. Other when encountering the cultivators of the other cultivation system, he wouldn’t feel any killing intent towards anyone.

However, his battle prowess was really not weak. No matter how Yu Wenxin attacked, it was useless. He stood like a high mountain that would not collapse.

And right when this intense battle was ongoing, another two frightening auras appeared.

In the skies, a man and woman appeared. Though they had appeared together, they clearly were not a group. There was enough distance between the two of them, ensuring that if the other suddenly became violent, there would be enough time to react.

“Golden Crow Sect, Shi Heng.”

“Cloudy Waves Valley, Ai Yu.”

This man and woman introduced themselves respectively, both of them extremely arrogant in tone and expression.

They were both at the Ascending Origin Tier!

Even in the Western Celestial Realm, Ascending Origin Tiers could still be considered top-tier elites. Only Celestial Kings were superior to them, but how many Celestial Kings could there be?

“Brother Shi, Fairy Ai.” Fei Qiang clasped his hands in greeting. Hearing the origins of these two people, he knew that they had come for Yu Huaqing and Zhu Huiyun, respectively.

“The Holy Daughter of our sect has been killed, and I have been commanded to come and apprehend the criminal,” Ai Yu said, her divine sense spreading out, and enshrouding the entire Hundred Dragons City. “One is Ji Wuming, who wields a small bow, and one is Ling Han, 21 meters tall, and has a huge d***.”

…Was there no end to it?

Ling Han’s lip twitched. In the future, when anyone spoke of him, would they have to add on the description of having a huge d*** first?

Shi Heng did not speak. He had met Ai Yu on his way here, and they shared the same motive, which was to apprehend Ji Wuming and Ling Han.

Since Ai Yu had already spoken, he chose to keep silent. In any case, those below them were only minor characters at the Dividing Soul Tier and Severing Mundane Tier. He couldn’t even bother himself to take a good look at them.

Fei Qiang pointed at Ling Han. “That’s him.”

This brat was really outrageously brazen. Having killed Tian Qingyue and the others, he did not quickly flee, but still came to participate in the alchemy competition, and what was crazier, this brat actually came in first place!

Ai Yu looked sinisterly at Ling Han, and demanded, “Where is Ji Wuming?”

“I am not his babysitter, so how should I know where he is?” Ling Han spread out his hands. The other party had approached in aggression, filled with animosity. Even if he made his attitude humble, it would be useless.

Then why did he still have to suffer in silence?

Moreover, they were each responsible for their own survival after entering into a Mystery Realm in the first place. Otherwise, why would they even enter?

“As expected of an evil creature that is undisciplined and out of control, to actually dare to speak with me in this manner.” Ai Yu’s expression turned cold, showing her killing intent.

“Don’t waste so many words, and let’s just capture him,” Shi Heng said impatiently.

Ai Yu glanced at him in displeasure, but did not pick a fight. She knew herself well. The other was Ascending Origin Tier at consummate level, while she herself was only at great accomplishment level. This gap of a minor level meant an incredibly large disparity in battle prowess.

She, too, could not bother to waste too many words on a minor character. Immediately, she stretched out her hand, and grabbed out at Ling Han.


Her hand had not reached its target when a hand appeared out of thin air. It was as huge as a mountain, and delivered a harsh slap in her direction. This large hand was unstoppable, and slapped the attack from Ai Yu back in her direction.

A frightening aura surged out, and a woman walked over from the distance through the air. She was clearly moving in an unhurried manner, but she had crossed mountains and seas with a single step.

“Regulations of Space!” Everyone gasped, but next, they couldn’t help but grab their heads, revealing an incredibly stunned expression. “Celestial King!”

To be able to easily send an Ascending Origin Tier flying with a single strike, aside from a Celestial King, there could be no other existence. Moreover, a Celestial King’s appearance was unique. There was a four-colored halo of light flickering around this woman like four Heavenly Dao, showing that she was a Fourth Heaven Celestial King.

“Ugly hag, you’re here!” Hu Niu humphed. “You really are slow, and made Niu wait so long.”

The new arrival was Lu Hairong.

She had heard of how Ling Han and Ji Wuming had killed Tian Qingyue and the others, and had thus rushed here at the first instant—she had not used too much time on the journey, but when the news reached her ears, it had already been a day ago.

“Greetings, Senior.” Ling Han clasped his fists and bowed in greeting.

Lu Hairong couldn’t help but shake her head. Ling Han really was a troublemaker, to actually offend several great sects in a single move. Though these great sects were only Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier, and not one of them could compare to Roc Palace, the present Roc Palace was embroiled in a storm, so now matter what, she was not willing to have an addition of several such strong enemies.

“Greetings, milady!” Immediately, everyone bowed down.

“Milady!” Shi Heng withdrew his arrogant attitude, and bowed towards Lu Hairong. “This boy killed the Holy Son of our sect. May I know what relations he has with Milady?”

What he meant was that if there were no strong or close relations, she had best not interfere.

Why did Shi Heng dare to present such an attitude?

That was because Lu Hairong was only a Fourth Heaven Celestial King, yet the Golden Crow Sect was an Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier force. There were a total of seven Celestial Kings in the sect, and three of them were above Fourth Heaven, so there was naturally no need for him to be overly afraid.

Lu Hairong naturally wanted nothing more than to cast a troublemaker like Ling Han away, but firstly, Hu Niu clung very closely to him, and secondly, this person was the heir of that person, having a considerably strong relationship with the Roc Palace, so how could she possibly overlook this?

She calmly stated, “Do you have any right to demand what relation I have with him? Since I have already acted, retreat immediately!”

Originally, there was no need for a Celestial King to be so tolerant, but who asked the Roc Palace to already have a powerful enemy? It was truly not convenient for the Roc Palace to have more powerful enemies.

Shi Heng’s eyes involuntarily lit up. Lu Hairong had not directly sent him flying with a smack, but rather kept her patience to speak with him, which clearly meant that the latter had to feel strong wariness towards the Golden Crow Sect. Otherwise, what need would there be for a great Celestial King to be tolerant?

He bowed again. “Milady, the Holy Son of our sect had astonishingly high natural talent in cultivation, and initially should have had boundless future prospects. He was very much favored by our lord sect master, and now he was killed by the combined forces of others. He will not be able to rest in peace, and our lord sect master is also unable to allow such injustice!”


It had clearly been Tian Qingyue and the others that had joined forces in an attempt to kill Ling Han and Ji Wuming… That was not right, it was they that had united every person that had entered into the Divine Dragon Mountain to isolate and besiege Ling Han and Ji Wuming. But they had not predicted the existence of the black figures, causing them to become victims of their own genius. They were counter-killed to the point that their party was practically wiped out completely.

How could this be called injustice? It was only because Ling Han and Ji Wuming were really strong enough, which had caused them to shoot themselves in the foot.

Lu Hairong did not know what was going on, but firstly, there was no possibility that she would step back, and secondly, it was impossible that she would accept being threatened by an Ascending Origin Tier. Immediately, her pretty face grew cold, and she menacingly asked, “Why do you blurt so much nonsense?”

“Please reconsider, Milady!” Shi Heng bowed down to the lowest he could go, making his attitude extremely humble such that it would not be appropriate for Lu Hairong to show her ire.

“Our Cloudy Waves Valley is of the same stand as well.” Ai Yu had already flown back, her hair slightly dishevelled. A trace of blood was seen on the corner of her lips, but she did not sustain any strong injuries. This was not because she was powerful, but rather that Lu Hairong had been merciful.

Lu Hairong’s killing intent flickered slightly. These two Ascending Origin Tiers actually dared to threaten her. Did they really think she did not dare kill anyone?

Though the Roc Palace was presently embroiled in extreme peril, it still had a Ninth Heaven Celestial King as overseer. Even if she was severely injured, killing Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings was still doable.

“Hehe, my friend, you had best think before you act.” With a loud laughter, a man suddenly appeared, multi-coloured halos of light surrounding him shockingly.

It was another Celestial King!

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