Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2163: Just Dividing Soul Tier

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Chapter 2163: Just Dividing Soul Tier

What kind of monster was this, to have killed a grand Severing Mundane Tier elder with a single breath!

At first, the members of the Cheng Clan were still shouting, and looking disdainfully at him, but now they were all struck silent.

How could the Ling Clan have such a powerful character!

Ling Han's eyes swept over them, and he asked, "Who wants to return to the Cheng Clan?"

The members of the Cheng Clan all shook their heads in unison. What a joke. If anyone nodded at this moment, wouldn't he be just courting death?

Ling Han sighed. "I need someone to bring the news back to the Cheng Clan. Is there no one who would volunteer?"




At this, everyone hurriedly raised their hands, scrambling over each other.

They had set aside the kinship of clansmen. It was good enough as long as they could leave this bringer of calamity.

Ling Han swept a glance over them, and randomly pointed out a person. "You'll do."

"Thank you, my lord! Thank you, my lord!" That person quickly nodded his head in gratitude, feeling as if he had just managed to luckily save himself.

"Just how much stuff of the Ling Clan have you used throughout these many years, do you still remember?" Ling Han asked.


That man's eyes turned quickly. Why was he still calling him in for accounting? He replied, "My lord, I probably haven't used much!"

"Hehe!" Ling Han flicked out a finger. Pa, that person's arms immediately exploded, causing a shower of blood. "This is interest. Go on, tell the clan leader of the Cheng Clan. First option, have Cheng Yifeng kneel with every step he takes towards here, and the second option? Calculate just how much of the Ling Clan's property you have used, and return it in full!"

"Ah!" that person screamed, tearing up in his extreme pain.

"Any more howling, and I'll chop off your legs as well." Ling Han's voice deepened.

That person hurriedly stopped his screams, and broke into a run and fled.

Ling Han turned his eyes once more on the other members of the Cheng Clan. Everyone shuddered as his eyes passed over them, and felt like their hearts were about to explode.

This was a bringer of calamity that wouldn't even blink before committing murder!

And when Ling Han's eyes shifted from them, everyone would be breathing loudly, as if a heavy weight had been lifted off of them.

Finally, Ling Han looked towards Cheng Zilong.

At this moment in time, all of Cheng Zilong's arrogance had naturally disappeared without a trace. He already knew that Ling Han's strength was innumerable times stronger than him. He could kill even a grand second severance elder with a single breath, so he had to be a grand third severance, or even fourth severance elder, at least.

He did not make a sound, wanting to preserve some of his pride, but his trembling body had still betrayed him.

Ling Han humphed lowly. Pa, Cheng Zilonng's legs instantly weakened from the scare, and knelt heavily onto the ground, his face ashen.

"You can just be an example." Ling Han summoned a rock, and casually tossed it over at Cheng Zilong, weighing him down with the rock.

This counted as punishment?

The members of the Cheng Clan saw this, and did not take objection to it.

Right. If this large rock was weighing down on an ordinary person, it was definitely an extremely painful punishment, but to a cultivator who was slightly accomplished, this was no big deal, what more when Cheng Zilong was a Genesis Tier elite.

It was definitely superficial for this rock to press down on him.

"Ah…" However, beyond their expectations, Cheng Zilong released a blood-curdling scream as if his internal organs were getting torn out.

Someone immediately "understood", and muttered softly, "Young Master Long must be doing it deliberately. If he looked very pained, that bringer of calamity would naturally not impose other punishments."

"That's right. If it is merely superficial, and that bringer of calamity becomes angered, it will be over if he simply decides to kill him."

"It is still Young Master Long that is smarter."

But after a while, everyone realized that there was something off. Cheng Zilong did not look like he was acting. Cold sweat had covered his entire body, and was mingled with blood, dampening the ground beneath his body.

This… if this was really an act, that was really over the top.

Hiss, could it be that he was really suffering a great agony?

Cheng Zilong was indeed not acting. Though Ling Han had just randomly picked a rock over, he had cast the Regulations of Earth on it, causing the weight of the rock to reach an unimaginable extent.

Added with a bit of the Regulations of Metal, which increased its destructive power, Cheng Zilong would feel as if blades were cutting into him.

Just like he had said, this was an example.

"Think carefully how much have you all taken from the Ling Clan, and write it down, without leaving anything out. If I discover any discrepancy, this will be your example, so you can all take a good look."

Saying such, Ling Han returned indoors. With the coverage of the divine sense of a great elite like himself, who could manage to flee?

"Ling Han, just how strong have you become by now?" Yi Shuangshuang's small mouth was gaping, her beautiful eyes widened.

In the past, she had only been at the Mountain River Tier, and though her natural talent was not too low, her future accomplishment would possibly be limited to peak stage Sun Moon Tier, but after coming to the Celestial Realm, with unlimited resources poured into her, she had forcibly climbed up to the Genesis Tier within 10,000 years.

It was too hard to breach the barrier of the Severing Mundane Tier, but she was still extremely satisfied with how far she had come. As long as she could survive the immortal's tribulation that would come every 100,000,000 years, she would have a lifespan as long as 100 billion years, and had a sliver of hope in breaking through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

If she really became a Severing Mundane Tier, her lifespan would be equal to the heavens'.

In truth, even the Genesis Tier was a cultivation level that she had not even dared to dream about, and she constantly suspected if this was just a dream.

But Ling Han's cultivation level was actually higher than hers. In fact, it had reached a height that she couldn't even distinguish clearly, so how could she believe it?

It should be known that she had been backed by the Roc Palace, and had an ocean of resources to support her.

"That's right, Little Brother, just how strong are you now?" The Lunar King was also looking at him seductively. Her style had not changed, but as her cultivation level reached the Genesis Tier, she had become increasingly alluring.

She felt even more regret. If all this had happened earlier, she would have been able to destroy the Heaven's Sword Palace and the other Five Sects with a single finger, and it would've been more than enough to open the sky, so how would Ma Duo Bao's venture to open the sky have failed?

Even Helian Xunxue and the other women were all looking at Ling Han anxiously. As they hoped, the stronger that Ling Han was, the better, of course.

Ling Han grinned. "Just the Dividing Soul Tier."


Everyone choked. "Just" the Dividing Soul Tier? Did you know that the Dividing Soul Tier was already the second rung in the ladder in the Celestial Path? Most people would need to spend tens to hundreds of billions of years to reach this kind of height.

Just how much time had you spent?

Hu Niu's expression was filled with pride, and she declared, "He's a Heaven Soul at that!"

Pu, everyone spluttered madly again. Heaven Soul, that was the final minor level of the Dividing Soul Tier. Just advance a little further, and that would be the Immortal Palace Tier, ascending to the third rung of the ladder in the Celestial Path.

This was too much. How had he been cultivating?

"And not an ordinary Heaven Soul, but one that has formed nine divided souls, so his battle prowess has directly soared to the Immortal Palace Tier," the Empress continued. Anything that would show off her husband naturally had to be discussed in great detail. In any case, this was the truth as well.

"In the past, two First Secret monarch tiers had been killed by Ling Han's hand."

Restricted by their level, Helian Xunxue and the others did not know what monarch tier meant, but they were still aware of what First Secret meant. That was the first minor level of the Immortal Palace Tier.

Which also meant that Ling Han was really capable of killing Immortal Palace Tiers!

Good heavens!

"Han'er!" Ling Dongxing was extremely excited, his hands clapping onto Ling Han's shoulders, while he was practically tearing up.

"Brother, are you really that strong?" Meanwhile, Ling Yueyan's eyes were shining. Though their backer, the Roc Palace, had fallen, Ling Han had risen up strongly. With this kind of older brother, Cheng Yifeng would definitely change his mind and come back to her.

She did not care what Cheng Yifeng had done before. As long as he could continue to stay by her side, that would be enough for her.

Ling Han sighed. This younger sister's personality was really too weak.

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