Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2164: Visitor from the Cheng Clan

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Chapter 2164: Visitor from the Cheng Clan

If it was Ling Han, what need would he have for Cheng Yifeng to change his mind and return? He would simply kill him with a single punch.

But since Ling Yueyan was so stubbornly faithful to the man, he could only opt for a more roundabout route.

Once his authority was established, then as long as he was there, the Cheng Clan would treat Ling Yueyan like their own ancestor and worship her, not daring to treat her lightly in the slightest bit.

"Han'er, you are getting more and more outstanding," Yue Hongchang mused ruefully.

It was her son who had saved her from her prison, allowing for the husband and wife to reunite, and it was also Ling Han who gave them the chance to enter into the Celestial Realm, allowing them to advance to Genesis Tier even with their average talent. This was something that they had not even dared to think of before.

And now, Ling Han had once again become the pillar of support for their whole family, blocking all winds and rain.

"Niu's Ling Han is the most awesome!" Hu Niu hung from Ling Han's back, her small face filled with pride and satisfaction.

Helian Xunxue and the other women's eyes were also shining, gentle and alluring.

"Cough, I won't disturb you guys then." The Lunar King turned around and left.

"I'm going too." Yi Shuangshuang also left tactfully.

Ling Dongxing and his wife and Ling Yueyan also left the house, leaving behind the space for Ling Dongxing and his group of lovers.

"Husband!" The women all pounced towards him suddenly, kissing Ling Han madly.

It had been over 10,000 years, and they had missed him dearly.

Ling Han embraced them all by his side, feeling incredibly rueful. So many years had passed, and their family had finally reunited.

The women were crying and laughing, and laughing then crying, causing Hu Niu to feel incredibly disdainful. They really were so childish.

They did not do anything improper, but merely chatted about the experiences they had gone through in these many years, and spent a whole three days just talking about it. Finally, someone from the Cheng Clan came.

…The person who had brought the news back was only a Mountain River Tier, and would still need some time to climb mountains and cross the distance. Thus, his return trip itself had taken over a day's time, and then the Cheng Clan had also discussed the issue for over a day due to Ling Han's sudden appearance, deliberating exactly what kind of strategy they should adopt. Finally, right when the third day was about to end, they finally made their decision, and that was to send someone here.

The Cheng Clan had not mobilized many people, but it was rather just seven people. Six of them were old men, while the last was a young man.

The six old geezers were clan elders of the Cheng Clan, and had long since broken through to the Severing Mundane Tier. Three of them had reached the fourth severance, even. That final young man looked to be only in his late teens, but the aura he exuded had shockingly reached the Severing Mundane Tier.

His name was Cheng Wuya, and he was a prodigy from the last generation of the Cheng Clan. He had used a mere 30,000,000 years to advance to the Severing Mundane. This was an extremely astonishing accomplishment, and he was also the top prodigy in the history of the Cheng Clan.

Seven great Severing Mundane Tiers moved out, and that was around two-thirds of the top strength of the Cheng Clan. It was clear how much importance they attached to Ling Han.

Of course, they had still not gone all out, because the ancestor of the Cheng Clan had broken past the Severing Mundane Tier not too long ago. He had not come, which meant that the Cheng Clan thought that seven Severing Mundane Tier grand elders were enough to suppress Ling Han.

"Insolent maniac, get out here!" one of the clan elders of the Cheng Clan shouted loudly. He was ranked third in the hierarchy of clan elders.

Meanwhile, the fifth elder looked at Cheng Zilong, who had been suppressed, and couldn't help but show an expression of heartache. That was because he was Cheng Zilong's direct ancestor, and Cheng Zilong was also the future hope of his branch of the clan, and he hoped that the latter would inherit his position in future.

He hurriedly descended, and stretched out a hand which he placed on the great rock, wanting to move the rock away, and then save the trapped hostage.

At first, Cheng Zilong was already weary from his tribulations, and even his pained cries were as soft as the hum of insects, but when he saw that his ancestor was here, he involuntarily became very excited, and actually became energetic again. He called out, "Ancestor, save me! Save me quickly! Also, you must kill that vile criminal, you must tear him to pieces!"

He had actually been forced to suffer this hellish torture for three days. He had to get his revenge. He swore that he would never become human again if he couldn't get his vengeance!

Ling Han had already come out, his arms crossed over his chest. He was simply leaning against the door frame like that, and did not make a move to stop them. Instead, he stated calmly, "Looks like there is some problem with your brains. I have already said that Cheng Yifeng is to kneel with every step as he makes his way here."

The third elder glanced at Ling Han in contempt, and declared, "Have you devoured the courage of an Immortal Dragon, to actually dare become enemies with our Cheng Clan!"

"To answer a question that I did not ask, looks like I should teach you a lesson," Ling Han said leisurely.

"Ah!" On the other hand, the fifth elder's expression changed drastically.

At first, he had been very casually holding onto that rock, but when he used strength, he discovered that his rock seemed to have been joined with the ground, and could not be moved at all. He couldn't even raise it the slightest bit.

Naturally, he was greatly shocked. He had not realized at all that this rock seemed to be a treasure. How could it be as heavy as a planet… no, it was even heavier than a planet. WIth the strength of a Severing Mundane Tier grand elder, it was no big deal for them to lift a planet.

The other six clan elders also discovered his strange reaction, and couldn't help but turn to look towards him.

The third elder frowned, and said, "Seventh, what are you doing?" He was very displeased. 'Our military morale is presently high, and you are actually groaning there. Are you getting constipation? It's very embarrassing!'

"I-I can't move it!" the fifth elder exclaimed, his face flushed. He was practically dying from the embarrassment.

"What?!" The other six clan elders were all in disbelief. There were still a few patches of moss on this rock, so it clearly could not be some kind of precious tool, but rather was just an ordinary rock. 'You actually can't even lift a rock? Have you gone crazy, to actually speak such stupid words?'

"Let me!" The sixth elder leaped out. Their ranking was according to the time that they had broken through to the Severing Mundane Tier, but some people had surpassed those before them despite a later headstart, and it was not definite that the others might have a higher cultivation level.

For example, the fifth elder was only a third severance, but the sixth elder was a fourth severance.

The fifth elder gave way, and the sixth elder took his place, yet the result was the same. No matter how flushed and red the sixth elder's face became—in fact, he even released a fart from the force he was exerting—the great rock still did not move the slightest.

At this, the seven clan elders' expressions all changed to shock. They knew that this was not because there was something wrong with the fifth elder's brain, but rather that the problem lay with this rock.

Cheng Zilong was not crying out anymore. He was just watching dumbly, his eyes unfocused, as if he had lost his wits.

"Let me!" Cheng Wuya said, his expression dark.

He was the tenth elder of the Cheng Clan, and was also the strongest of the present Severing Mundane Tiers. In the future, it was highly possible that he could break through to the Dividing Soul Tier. Thus, though his ranking was last, his weight in the clan was powerful.

"10th, you do it," the other six people said.

Cheng Wuya did not stretch out his hand to lift the rock. Instead, he took a deep breath, and began building up power for a celestial technique.

He was going to directly send this rock flying with a strike.

This time, Cheng Zilong was instantly scared. Immediately, he became incredibly agitated instead of his original dumbstruck state where he was looking like he had nothing left to live for. He was practically waving his limbs madly. "10th Elder, I'm still underneath! I'm still underneath!"

Under the barrage of celestial techniques, he would definitely be destroyed and turned to scraps.

Yet Cheng Wuya acted as if he had not seen anything. Now, it was not the question of the life or death of a clansman, but the pride of the Cheng Clan.

He couldn't even do anything to a rock; this was unbelievably humiliating.

"Explode!" He suddenly shot out a punch, and a celestial seal bloomed from his fist, its might soaring to the heavens.

The other six clan elders were all secretly astonished. Though they were all Severing Mundane Tiers, Wuya was still stronger than them, and it was not just by a bit, either. That was completely displayed without reservation with this strike.


The force of the punch surged past, yet a celestial light glowed slightly on the rock, as if it could not be touched by anything. To say nothing of the fact that the rock was completely undamaged, even Cheng Zilong, who had been suppressed underneath, was also completely unscathed.


The seven clan elders of the Cheng Clan were well and truly shocked at this.

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