Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2165 - Again

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Chapter 2165: Again

“Let’s try it together?” the eighth elder said, his voice slightly shaky.

This was too frightening. Even the 10th elder making a move had absolutely no effect.

If this rock was a treasure, there would be nothing that they could say, nor would they be so terrified, but the crux of the matter was that this was an ordinary rock, and that was why it was so terrifying.

“All right!”

They were not willing to give up. Even a boulder had this kind of might, so this had to be something done by Ling Han. If even the joined forces of the seven of them could do nothing, that meant that all of them added together were still no match for Ling Han, so it would be better for them to flee as fast as possible.

They joined forces, and with the command of the third elder, all seven of them moved simultaneously. Boom, a terrifying light blasted into that rock, creating a dazzling brilliance.

Weng, the rock also glowed slightly, which seemed negligible, yet had completely blocked the attacks of all seven Severing Mundane Tier grand elders.

The seven clan elders were all pale. Ling Han had not even moved at all, and merely a rock was enough for them to know what being invincible meant.


The seven of them turned around simultaneously, wanting to flee quickly.

What made them feel fortunate was that Ling Han had not moved. He was still leaning against the door, arms crossed over his chest, with “I have ignored you all completely” written over his face.

‘We’ll just allow you to act reckless. When we return to the Cheng Clan, we’ll ask our ancestor to come and subdue you.’

Xiu, xiu, xiu. They had instantly rushed to the valley’s mouth, yet their eyes blurred, and they had actually returned into the valley, and were still where they had set out from.

This… What was going on?

The seven of them were all greatly shocked, but were running even faster now.

They had come once more to the valley mouth, but when they took another step forwards, xiu, their sight blurred once more, and they returned to the position that they had set out from in the valley.

They had to be seeing things!

They were about to cry. Having experienced the same thing twice in a row, it absolutely could not have been because a change had taken place in the structure of the heaven and earth, but was rather a result produced by man-made means, and this kind of person who did it… could only be Ling Han.

One man, arms crossed over his chest, leaning against the door, and he still managed to play around with seven Severing Mundane Tier grand elders in the palm of his hand?

‘Exactly what kind of monster are you!’

“Run again!” The seven people rushed forth once more, as if the chill in their hearts could only be reduced in this manner.

Thus, Cheng Zilong was fortunate enough to witness this scene—seven grand elders endlessly rushed towards the valley mouth, and just arrived when shua, they instantly appeared back in their original positions. It was like they were not even humans, but merely chess pieces, and could only be controlled and manipulated.

His mouth was half gaping. At this point, the shock he was feeling had already suppressed his physical pain. Of course, this was only a short while. Very soon, he began groaning again. However, his throat had long since become hoarse from his pained moans, so this sound was pitifully soft.

After failing successively for over a dozen times, the seven clan elders finally stopped running. They knew that this was merely pointless effort, and would only serve as a joke for others.

“What do you want?” The third elder looked at Ling Han, putting on a calm act, but his trembling legs gave him away. It could not be helped; Ling Han was powerful to the extent that he could not guess, and was perhaps even stronger than their ancestor.

Ling Han was surprised, and said, “Are you guys stupid? You came here all aggressive, and now you turn around and ask me what I want? What I want is very simple. However much of the Ling Clan’s wealth the Cheng Clan has taken, all of it has to be wholly thrown back up. Additionally, have Cheng Yifeng kneel and come here to meet me. Do you not understand these few words?”

He then shook his head, and said, “Forget it. I can’t rest assured with your intelligence, so you guys had best just stay here then.” He waved a hand, and seven rocks flew over. The largest was as large as a millstone, while the smallest was only the size of a fist.

Ling Han gave a casual toss, and the seven rocks descended on the seven clan elders of the Cheng Clan. Peng, peng, peng. The seven of them instantly sprawled out on the ground underneath the weight while a rock was pressing down on each of them. And whether it was the size of a millstone, or the size of a fist, every single person could not move under their weight.

…The rocks were merely a medium. What was important was the Regulations that Ling Han had placed on them.

“Ah!” The seven Severing Mundane Tier grand elders all began screaming in pain. This was being crushed by Regulations, and no matter how strong-willed they were, it was impossible that they could bear it.

Ling Han shook his head, and returned indoors. He naturally would not take a battle of this level to heart. He was only drawing it out like this for the sake of his family.

On the other side, in the Cheng Clan.

By now, a whole two days had already passed since the seven clan elders of Cheng Clan had set out.

For a Severing Mundane Tier, they would have easily exchanged a number of blows in 30 minutes, so how could it be that there was still not the slightest news even until now? Furthermore, the people the clan had sent out as scouts had not returned, either. It was not just one group, but all the groups they had sent out had disappeared, as if the Peach Blossom Origins was a bottomless pit.

The longer the wait, the more unease the ancestor of the Cheng Clan felt.

A servant suddenly came, and reported, “Lord Clan Leader, the clan leader of the Jing Clan seeks an audience.”

“Jing Kebing?” The clan leader of the Cheng Clan faltered for a moment, and then suddenly burst out into laughter. “He’s here just in time. Jing Kebing wants an alliance through marriage with our Cheng Clan, so it would do no harm for me to drag him into this matter as well so he can scout out the Ling Clan.

“Invite him in— no, check that. I will go and meet him myself!” The clan leader of the Cheng Clan stood up, and personally went out to greet him.

A while later, he had invited two people back into the main hall.

Out of the two newcomers, one of them was a white-browed and white-bearded elder, who looked kind and genial, while the other was a youthful young man, looking extremely shy, as if he would blush with just one word.

“Brother Cheng, have you considered the suggestion I proposed the last time?” that white-bearded old man asked. He was the clan leader of Jing Clan, Jing Kebing.

The Jing Clan was a two-star force. Originally, they were much superior to the Cheng Clan, but as the clan leader of the Cheng Clan advanced into the Dividing Soul Tier, the two great clans were now standing as equals, and due to a certain pressure, the Jing Clan very much wanted to form an alliance through marriage with the Cheng Clan so they could unite and oppose another force.

The clan leader of the Cheng Clan pretended to ponder silently, and only answered after a while. “I shall not deceive Brother Jing. I am presently being troubled by a certain matter, and do not wish to consider other issues for the moment.”

“May I know what Brother Cheng is being troubled by?” Jing Kebing asked, sneering inwardly. Chances were high that the Cheng Clan wanted to ask for some benefits from him.

The clan leader of the Cheng Clan thought for a while, and then related the matter of Ling Yueyan and Cheng Yifeng. However, in his words, it naturally became Ling Yueyan that was being unreasonable, causing Cheng Yifeng to demand a divorce, but Ling Yueyan’s family was very overbearing, and he was very troubled. If he used force, it would harm their peaceful relations, but if he did not, he could not bear their outrageous acts, either.

“Haha, that’s simple.” Jing Kebing laughed loudly. “Come, I will go with Brother Cheng. I’ll play the bad guy, and you can play the good guy, and intimidate that unreasonable family completely.”

“All right!” The clan leader of the Cheng Clan was just waiting for him to say this.

“Let’s go!”

This time, the clan leader of the Cheng Clan had not brought others, and merely set out to the Peach Blossom Origins with Jing Kebing and that young clansman of the Jing Clan.

This young man was Jing Dong, the most outstanding among the younger generation of the Jing Clan, and also the direct person involved in this alliance through marriage with the Cheng Clan. He had been cultivating for less than 10,000,000 years, and had already successfully advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, which was extremely extraordinary.

The three of them moved as fast as lightning, and in a mere 30 minutes, they had arrived at the mouth of the valley of the Peach Blossom Origins.

The clan leader of the Cheng Clan’s expression immediately turned solemn. All the people he had sent had not returned, which caused a great wariness of this valley to rise up in him. In fact, he did not even dare to step in easily.

Jing Kebing, though, had none of these reservations. With a leap, he already arrived inside the valley.

F***, what was going on here!

Jing Kebing was dumbfounded because there were a total of eight people sprawled out inside the valley, and they all had a larger or smaller rock weighing down on them, while moans were released from their mouths.

More importantly, all these rocks looked incredibly ordinary. Some were even as small as a fist, and even that could cause a person to groan under their weight?

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