Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2344 - Exchange of blows

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Chapter 2344 Exchange of blows

Just now, it seemed as if Ling Han had been dragged into the explosion caused by the divine spear, but in truth, he had diverted the power of the explosion into the zone of light through Regulations of Space so that the spear and the shield would cancel each other out.

Huai Jian was stunned. How was it that Ling Han had a grasp of so many different Regulations?

For prodigies like them, their cultivation level would advance rapidly, and it was as simple as drinking water for them to overcome the so-called barrier between cultivation levels. Hence, what time would they have left to cultivate other Regulations? Merely cultivating one kind of Regulation was already enough, and the real key was advancing their cultivation level. Without an adequately high cultivation level, so what if you were an Eighth Lotus monarch star? Faced with a Ninth Lotus Second Leaf or Third Leaf, you would still lose!

Only after becoming an Ancestral King, when you could not possibly advance swiftly no matter how prodigious you were, would you then proceed to cultivate other Regulations. Firstly, because you could comprehend new Regulations through analogy, and obtain inspiration for breakthroughs, and secondly, it was so you could increase your own strength.

Someone like Ling Han was completely ignoring his proper duties!

Ling Han cracked a grin. “It is against etiquette not to respond in kind, so you should take a punch from me as well!”

He shot out a punch. Boom, space was compressed, folding down on itself as he launched his attack on Huai Jian.

This punch was not just merely a counterattack, but also further pushed the zone under Ling Han’s control another 0.5 km forwards.

Huai Jian humphed, his right hand making a pulling motion. Instantly, a boundless brilliance emerged, greeting the shattered space that was approaching him.


This counter from Ling Han had been blocked. Just a slight exposure of the strength of the two great prodigies was world-shaking.

Everyone was curious. At the beginning, Ling Han had definitely been at an absolute disadvantage in terms of height of Regulations, yet now he was slowly countering, turning the advantage and disadvantage ratio between the two of them into eight to two. Though he was still at a disadvantage, he had already recouped who knew how much from the previously completely one-sided situation.

More importantly, who knew if Ling Han had other Regulations that he had yet to channel?

Huai Jian’s arms shook, and divine swords of light instantly extended from his fists. They were completely manifested from Regulations. No one would dare to use any kind of precious Tool here. He charged out, bringing with him endless light, and launching a powerful assault on Ling Han.

After a few instances of testing the waters, he realized that merely depending on long-range attacks could not possibly allow him to defeat Ling Han. That would give Ling Han enough time to react. Only a battle at close quarters would pose a real threat to Ling Han.

Ling Han released a battle cry, using Fists of Fury to greet the oncoming attack.

The two great prodigies clashed, one enshrouded in light like he was a god of war, while the other was enshrouded in the three Regulations of Slaughter, Space, and Darkness, as if he was a great demon king planning to wreak havoc on the world.

The more Regulations one had grasped, the stronger their battle prowess would indeed be, but it was definitely not just simple addition, but rather was far from this number. For example, if the might of the Regulation of Slaughter was one, and the might of the Regulations of Space was also one, then with the simultaneous channeling of two Regulations, the might that could be unleashed would only be 1.2 or 1.3.

This was also why everyone would concentrate on one specific type of Regulations because they would indeed be biting off more than they could chew otherwise.

Huai Jian had focused on the Regulation of Light, cultivating this Regulation to an astonishing height. His whole body was covered in interwoven light, possessing terrifying battle prowess, and completely beating down on Ling Han. Even with the compound effect of three Regulations added together, Ling Han was still not a match from him.

Ling Han did not panic. Was this his limit?

Of course not!

He channeled another kind of Regulation. Endless lightning stretched out, and his battle prowess further increased. Correspondingly, the zone of light was further compressed by about another 0.5 km.

Now, it was a ratio of seven to three.

Everyone was exclaiming continuously in shock. Ling Han had indeed grasped other Regulations. Three types of Regulations was actually not his limit.

Four should be about it, right?

“No matter how many different types of Regulations you have grasped, in front of me, everything is pointless!” Huai Jian declared proudly. His hands pressed down on empty air, and boom, a divine sword of light instantly appeared in the skies, crashing down heavily on Ling Han.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and the fifth type of Regulation was unleashed by him. This time, it was the Regulations of Metal, exuding an eerie air of sharpness on his fists.


Ling Han’s punch shot out, and the divine sword of light instantly exploded into bits.

Golden light spread out, and the zone of light was shrunk further, reduced to 3 km in diameter.

It was close to an even match now.

Everyone was already rendered speechless. Just how many Regulations had Ling Han grasped?

Huai Jian was also speechless. What he had said were words merely spoken in a moment of anger. Who would have expected that Ling Han really had grasped even more Regulations, which made him feel troubled.

With every additional Regulation that Ling Han used, he would become stronger in terms of Regulations, but there was actually not much boost to his battle prowess. However, Huai Jian had to guard against the scenario that Ling Han really had grasped all kinds of Regulations. That quantitative change would form a qualitative change, which would be enough to match Huai Jian.

Ling Han used Fists of Fury, and began a powerful counterattack. When he used the Regulations of Wood, the zone of light only occupied half the territory.

At least from the bigger picture, Ling Han was no longer at a disadvantage.

And when more Regulations were channeled, it was the zone of light that was now being suppressed. Finally, it was only left with a diameter of around 30 meters, just like how Ling Han had once been.

This was really a turnaround.

Everyone was speechless. Who would actually believe this scene?

Though the battle had not yet been decided, merely in terms of situation, Ling Han had already gotten an absolute advantage.

Of course, Huai Jian definitely could not be considered as having lost. Just like how Ling Han had been at a disadvantage in the circumstances previously, yet was still unafraid of Huai Jian, it was the same now.

Huai Jian was extremely stunned. Ling Han had actually grasped the Five Elements, Lightning, Slaughter, Darkness, and Space, a total of nine types of Regulations. How could he have so much energy?

This thought merely flashed past in his mind. He immediately burst out with his full power, charging out to attack Ling Han.

The two great prodigies exchanged blows, with ultimate moves used in quick succession. They were both showing their own brilliance.

Ling Han still had an ultimate move he had not used, such as the Regulations of Time. This could win him the battle and turn the tables around, and he was sure that it was the same for Huai Jian. This man was a prodigy that would be rare to come by even in an epoch, and had even gained the favor of a great many Ancestral Kings, who thought that he had a great chance of becoming a Heavenly Venerate. To say that this kind of character did not have any powerful trump cards, who would actually believe that?

“A sword descends from the heavens, destroying the spirit and severing the soul!” As expected, Huai Jian soon used an ultimate move. A sword light streaked past, shaking the Nine Heavens.

This was a frighteningly powerful move. The sword struck out, and the Regulation of Light took solid form, appearing in the skies. It actually formed the shape of a seal, boosting the might of that sword light, and rapidly slashing out towards Ling Han.

The three supreme monarch stars, Jing Zhongyue, Xu Xing, and Xu Xing, couldn’t help but look stunned. If it were them that would be taking on this strike head-on… they would probably have to pay a very great price.

Huai Jian was actually this strong!

However, Huai Jian looked dissatisfied because this sword strike had been executed with his bare hands, and not that sword that he had been born with. Otherwise, the might could be further doubled.

It was finally here.

The fighting spirit in Ling Han’s heart was already blazing like fire. He tapped out a finger, and everything stopped.

Regulations of Time!

Huai Jian’s expresion changed drastically. Whatever the Realm, the Regulations of Time were the most important, the most basic Regulations. Without the Regulations of Time, this realm would be completely out of order, so how could any cultivation elites possibly emerge from this realm?

Peng, peng, peng. Ling Han continued with a few more punches. The sword light instantly crumbled. The pillar that had been formed by the Regulation of Light also shattered, and the seal in the skies fell down subsequently, having lost its support.

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