Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2346

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Chapter 2346 You can use weapons too

Hearing Hu Niu say this, both Qi Shuang and Yuan got a scare, and hurriedly stopped her, fearing that Ling Han would really grill the egg in a moment of impulse and eat it.

That was something that was equivalent to an ancestral weapon and had its own consciousness once it was hatched, and would definitely become Ancestral-King-level existence in the future!

How precious was it?

Ling Han couldn’t help but smile. Even without Qi Shuang and Yuan stopping him, he would not let Hu Niu eat the Battle Beast egg, either.

“Be good, this egg is not delicious.”

After a few words of persuasion, Hu Niu finally dismissed the idea of eating the egg with much reluctance.

They went back, and set out on their return journey after making some preparations.

Meanwhile, Ling Han requested leave from Qi Shuang and Yuan, saying he wanted to travel the world.

The two of them were very troubled by this. Ling Han had gotten first place in the Elite Leaderboard, and this was a great honor for the Hundred Battles Academy. After they returned, there would definitely be a great celebration. The two of them were good leaders, so they would naturally feel proud as well, having gained a great honor, but if Ling Han did not return, the effects would be greatly subtracted.

They tried to convince him repeatedly, but Ling Han had made his decision. In any case, his strength was clear to see. Even if Qi Shuang and Yuan used force, he could still calmly escape.

Ling Han did not proceed to hatch the Battle Beast egg, but rather went into seclusion to meditate first, completely digesting the enlightenment he had attained in his battle with Huai Jian. Three days later, he went to the Sunset Mountains as promised.

Jing Zhongyue was already waiting there. One woman and her sword, a peerless talent unmatched.

There were also many people standing around them. In fact, there were even some that had no space to stand, and could only remain afloat in midair. “You’re late!” Seeing Ling Han stroll slowly over, Jing Zhongyue spoke in displeasure. “I am too popular now, and had to greet too many people on my way here. If I had ignored them, it would not have been appropriate. I feared others would say that I was putting on airs now that I was famous, and that’s why I am late,” Ling Han explained smilingly.

Jing Zhongyue’s pretty face darkened. This guy really spoke nonsense easily. She had clearly seen that Ling Han had not greeted anyone on his way here. He was clearly just playing around with her.

She humphed, waved her sword, and said, “This sword of mine is a Ninth-Lotus-level precious Tool. You can also use weapons too so others would not say that I am being a bully.”

“Sure then.” Ling Han nodded, and drew the Divine Demon Sword without reservations. With a slight wave of his hand, the sword immediately released a soft cry as if it was an invincible king that was issuing a warning.

Suddenly, the crystalline precious sword in Jing Zhongyue’s hand wriggled like a snake, as if it had encountered a terrifying monster, and was trembling in fear.

Jing Zhongyue was stunned. This was her precious Tool, and was mentally connected to her. Hence, she sensed that the sword in her hand was afraid, and the source of its fear was precisely the sword in Ling Han’s hand.

F***, it was already afraid when the battle had not even begun?

Jing Zhongyue was both angered and stunned. She quickly waved the precious sword, planning to force it into battle.

Pa, a crack actually appeared in the middle of the sword in her hands, which swiftly widened, and then the sword broke in half. This…!”

Jing Zhongyue was rendered completely speechless. Her crystal sword had actually shattered itself just because of the fear it felt towards the sword in Ling Han’s hand!

It would rather break itself than dare to battle; just what kind of subjugation was this?

“Ancestral weapon!” she uttered with much difficulty. Only an ancestral weapon would be capable of subjugating a Ninth Lotus precious tool. It was not qualified to even battle.

Then what use was there to battle?

Completely unarmed, she was absolutely no match for Ling Han. At first, she had planned to get a win with her superior precious weapon, but the result was even worse now. Before the battle had even begun, she had already lost.

This guy was really too lucky, wasn’t he? To actually possess an ancestral weapon!

Ling Han waved the sword lightly, and asked smilingly, “Still want to battle?”

Jing Zhongyue could say nothing. She turned around, and left with a flap of her wings.

There was no way that she could match Ling Han unless she could obtain an ancestral weapon. With how valuable ancestral weapons were, to say nothing of obtaining, even if it was just lending, who would be willing to lend one to her?

It would be better to wait until she became an Ancestral King herself. Otherwise, she would be continuously suppressed by Ling Han’s ancestral weapon, and there was no way that she would be able to make a comeback.

The people gathered in the mountains were all speechless. Who would have imagined that the battle of titans that they had initially anticipated would actually end in this manner?

Ling Han withdrew the Divine Demon Sword, and left slowly.

After returning to his quarters, Ling Han decided to first make the Battle Beast egg recognize him as master by dripping blood on it. Then, while it slowly hatched, he would continue to tour the Foreign Realm. When he had accumulated enough energy, he would then break through to the Ascending Origin Tier.

Within the Black Tower, his left hand held the Battle Beast egg, and he bit the index finger of his right hand. Instantly, blood dripped, and landed on the Battle Beast egg.

While reciting in his mind, Ling Han dipped his finger in the blood, and began drawing on the egg

This was a seal that could help him connect to this beast egg, and form a slavery contract with the living creature inside.

When the seal was completed, a frightening might suddenly surged towards Ling Han, as if an incredibly terrifying beast was opening its mouth, planning to rip into him.

Ling Han discovered that he was in a dark space. There was no sky above him or any ground below him. It was only a complete vacuum, but very soon, a majestic, giant creature appeared in front of him. It had the form of a fierce beast, but it was standing with two feet on the ground. These two hind legs were long and strong, and took up about more than half of its size, but its two front paws were pitifully small, being curled up at its chest.

However, its mouth was colossal, showing two rows of teeth that seemed like they were forged from blades, emanating an eerie glow.

What kind of monster was this?

Ling Han could only say that his knowledge of the creatures of the Foreign Realm was really too limited, but there was one thing he was sure of: this wild beast was no ordinary beast.

Pa, pa, pa, pa. The monster moved its feet, and charged rapidly towards Ling Han like a human. Opening its mouth, boom, it released a terrifying sound blast that swept out towards Ling Han.

Instantly, enlightenment rose up in Ling Han’s mind. He presently was only in spirit form, and the monster on the other side was the same as well. It came from that Battle Beast that had not hatched as of yet.

As expected of an existence that was fated to become an Ancestral King. It was extraordinarily fierce; it already had unprecedented, ferocious might before it had even been born.

It was not willing to be enslaved by Ling Han. Thus, it began an intense battle with Ling Han in this spiritual world. If it could deal Ling Han a severe injury, it could then turn the situation around; Ling Han would be the slave, and it would be the master!

This kind of slavery contract was two-sided in the first place, and the stronger one would be the one who made the rules!

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh loudly. This Battle Beast was indeed destined to become an Ancestral King, yet he was a man that would ultimately become a Heavenly Venerate.

He greeted the incoming attack without fear, his whole body blazing with boundless flames. On the subject of slaughter, whom had he ever feared?

Peng! The man and beast clashed, undergoing a solid collison, and then both were bounced backwards.

This was a clash on the spiritual level, which had nothing to do with physique.

The Battle Beast was born for battle, and would go berserk in combat. Though it had not been born yet, its violent might soared to the heavens. Immediately, it raced back with rapid movement of its large paws. Its great mouth was open, biting out at Ling Han’s neck.

Ling Han’s physique was shocking, and his spirit was not much inferior, either. He, too, rushed back with a battle cry, his strikes pouring down like rain.

Peng, peng, peng, the man and beast battled fiercely.

The Battle Beast was incredibly mighty and violent, biting randomly with its mouth. Though its paws were small, their destructive power was extremely astonishing. Even the slightest contact could cause a heavy injury on Ling Han.

They were in spirit form, and there would not be any apparent injuries, yet they would become weak.

Whoever was exhausted to the extreme would then expose the core of their spirit, and the seal of slavery would thus be easily planted.

Ling Han naturally was not inferior, either. With him using Fists of Fury continuously, the Battle Beast howled repeatedly, its form rapidly fading

Victory was in his grasp.

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