Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2443

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Chapter 2443: Huo Furong

Both Dongfang Rui and Xuan Rong trembled in rage. Just when had they been treated like this before?

However, they were indeed no match for Ling Han. Even if they teamed up and entered the Heaven Forbidden State, they would still only be able to suppress Ling Han. Trying to kill him in the short timespan provided by the Heaven Forbidden State would be impossible.

In any case, if they pushed their opponent too far, he could break through to the Celestial King Tier. In other words, everyone was in possession of a deadly trump card. Thus, they wouldn’t push things too far if they weren’t confident.

“Naive fool!” Dongfang Rui chided.

“It’s beneath me to speak drivel with you!” Xuan Rong also said in a cold voice.

Ling Han gazed into the distance, and said, “Brother Ji, have you noticed? All of the people forced onto this island are monarch stars.”

Only Bewitching Maiden Rou was an exception. This was because she had come with Ling Han and the others.

Ji Wuming nodded, and replied, “If one isn’t a monarch star, it’s extremely difficult for them to make it here.”

However, Ling Han didn’t agree with this statement, saying, “Even though I threatened the water vines that I encountered, if they had insisted on attacking, the outcome would’ve been hard to determine.”

He only possessed a limited number of Heaven and Earth Origin Stars, yet there had been a total of 19 water vines. If they had attacked no matter the cost, he could have indeed destroyed many of the water vines, but the party of four would have also been plunged into a perilous situation.

At that time, they would have had no choice but to advance to the Celestial King Tier. Otherwise, their only fate would have been death.

Ling Han involuntarily took a sharp breath. The water vines hadn’t considered this, had they? Was it because of this that the water vines left them with a sliver of hope? Was their aim simply to force them to this island?

If this were true, then what kind of great dangers lay on this island?

Ling Han voiced his concerns, causing everyone’s expression to change. Even Dongfang Rui and Xuan Rong were astonished.

They weren’t stupid, so they easily noticed the problem with just a little thought.

What kind of dangers lay on this island?

“Perhaps this place is suppressed by heaven and earth, preventing us from advancing to the Celestial King Tier?” They immediately thought of this possibility. In fact, this was their greatest trump card. With their flawless Celestial Seed Marks, and with their monarch star aptitude, once they advanced to the Celestial King Tier, their battle prowess would directly soar to the Second Heaven. In other words, they could essentially wander around the Celestial Path as they pleased.

They all tested this hypothesis. They slightly loosened the restriction on their cultivation. Dark clouds instantly gathered overhead, with thunder rumbling and lightning flashing.

Strange… This place wasn’t cut off from heaven and earth, so they weren’t prevented from advancing to the Celestial King Tier.

Then what was wrong?

Even though they were all monarch stars, they still couldn’t make head nor tail of the situation. They were completely stumped.

Perhaps they would be trapped here for 10,000 years?

However, this didn’t make sense. At that time, they would all choose to advance to the Celestial King Tier. At the most, they would only face some slight imperfections. However, this was still acceptable.

All of them possessed strong willpower, so there was no sense of fear or confusion among them. They simply waited on the island, calmly awaiting any changes.

Several days passed, and another person arrived on the island.

This was a young girl who looked to be around 12 or 13 years old. She was small and petite, though she was definitely no normal person. After all, could an ordinary person make it to this island by themself?

She was not only at the Ascending Origin Tier, but she was also a monarch star. Of course, she was also a Pseudo-Celestial King already.

“Celestial Maiden Furong!” Upon seeing this young girl, Dongfang Rui and Xuan Rong surprisingly greeted her with respect. This was an extremely rare sight, especially for them.

The young girl acted extremely senior as she cast a calm glance at Dongfang Rui and Xuan Rong. She then nodded in acknowledgment. She swept her gaze around, and she didn’t pay much attention to anyone. However, her eyes involuntarily lit up when she saw Little Terror.

“Doggy!” she exclaimed. She looked like a child who had seen a new toy.

Her hard-kept image instantly shattered. Was she truly a super elite?

“Huo Furong!” Ji Wuming’s pupils contracted, and a rare expression of solemness spread across his face.

The young girl cocked her head to look at Ji Wuming. She bit her lips with her snow-white teeth as if pondering over something. After a brief moment, she said, “Those who have seen me have all died. Only one person was an exception.”

She clapped her hands, and exclaimed in an innocent voice, “You’re the baldy Nine Lights!

Ling Han’s heart jolted. This young girl looked innocent and adorable, but in reality, she was most likely a bringer of death. “Those who have seen me have all died”—just what did these words express?

She definitely had a profound background. At the same time, she definitely possessed terrifying strength as well. It was because of this that both Dongfang Rui and Xuan Rong, descendants of Heavenly Venerates, treated her in such a careful manner. They were afraid of offending this young girl.

To say nothing else, Ji Wuming was definitely profoundly powerful in his previous life as well. However, judging by the young girl’s tone, he had merely managed to survive after encountering her.

Ji Wuming nodded, and said, “Your memory is very good.”

“If you can withstand 100 of my attacks, I won’t kill you. This is the rule that I set,” the young girl said. She was called Huo Furong. She looked Ji Wuming up and down, and continued, “You changed your appearance, and I almost failed to recognize you! Mm-hm, you probably have the right to fight with me now. However, you’ll only be able to block 1000 strikes at most.”

She was brimming with confidence.

Ling Han involuntarily welled up with fighting spirit. He stepped forward, and asked, “What about me?”

Huo Furong glanced at Ling Han, and her pupils involuntarily contracted. “I can’t see through you!” She paused for a moment before continuing, “You’re very powerful! Not in terms of Regulations, but in terms of something else!”

Ling Han was astonished upon hearing this. This young girl was truly impressive. With a single glance, she had immediately determined that his Body Art was more powerful.

“Come, battle!” The young girl was extremely domineering and resolute, and she immediately rushed forward to attack Ling Han.

Upon seeing her attack, Ling Han could confirm that she wasn’t exaggerating at all. Her battle prowess was truly terrifying!

Ji Wuming was already powerful, but his Vitality Index was only approaching 4900. It hadn’t passed this threshold. However, Huo Furong had definitely passed this threshold. She was completely able to rival Ling Han. In fact, she might even be able to surpass him. Her Vitality Index had most likely reached 4950.

The Evolution Index of this young girl had definitely surpassed 11. In fact, it was surging toward 12!

Ling Han was stunned. This was the most powerful prodigy that he had ever encountered. Indeed, even Huai Jian couldn’t compare to her.

However, Evolution Index was only Evolution Index. Coming across rare opportunities was another matter altogether.

Ling Han activated his Body Art, allowing his Vitality Index to approach 5000. His battle prowess instantly surpassed hers.

“Huh?” Huo Furong wore an astonished expression. “You clearly haven’t entered the Heaven Forbidden State, and you clearly didn’t ingest any Crimson Demonic Earth, either. So how is your battle prowess so close to the Celestial King Tier?”

“Guess!” Ling Han replied with a smile. This young girl appeared far too petite and young, so he couldn’t bring himself to treat her as an opponent no matter what. He came to a sudden realization, and he said, “You’re the Green Flames Heavenly Venerate’s descendent?”

“She’s my master!” Huo Furong chided. She furrowed her slender brows, and she appeared extremely infuriated.

Her master had always been single, so how could she have a descendent? Ling Han was slandering a Heavenly Venerate!

It was no wonder that she looked so petite and young. She was most likely practicing some kind of cultivation technique that allowed her to maintain this form.

Ling Han pushed Huo Furong back with a punch, smilingly saying, “If you don’t enter the Heaven Forbidden State, you won’t be able to rival me.” Even though her Vitality Index was only a few dozen lower than his, once their battle dragged on for long enough, his advantage would grow greater and greater.

“How arrogant!” Huo Furong said with a contemptuous smile. “However, you are right about one thing. I need to be more serious.”


Green flames erupted around her, appearing as frightening as could be.

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