Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2609 - Central area

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Chapter 2609: Central area

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Ling Han stretched out a finger. As if drawn to it, those three streaks of black Qi instantly darted in through the tip of his finger.

At that moment, countless seals flashed in front of Ling Han’s eyes. Great dao appeared in front of him, yet it seemed unlike any other Regulations that he cultivated, granting him appreciation. But at the same time, he felt mentally unbalanced.

Out of nowhere, he had grasped some kind of means that could attack the spirits of his opponents, and cause terrifying damage.

So this was how Xiao Yingxiong and his company had gained that technique to cause spiritual damage.

Ling Han had a feeling, or even yearning, and that was to kill even more people. The means he had grasped would become stronger and stronger. In fact, he would be able to kill even a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, turning the latter into a soulless body.


He was suddenly shocked. If he fell under the control of this kind of impulse, would he still be himself?

However, the longing for strength was so powerful that even he felt like he could just barely suppress this urge.

Ling Han took a deep breath. No wonder Xiao Yingxiong and the others had been affected, even with how freakish they were. That was because this corresponded to the yearning of a cultivator at the deepest level, and that was to become stronger.

For people of the Celestial King Graveyard, what else could be more normal than bloodshed and slaughter? There was no need for them to be affected. They had always been killing and causing bloodshed; so what if they killed some more?

Ling Han entered into the Celestial Guest Residence. He was going to expel the influence of these murderous emotions.

The moment he entered into the Celestial Guest Residence, Ling Han involuntarily felt himself relax.

“It seems like the whole environment is affecting me, but this black-colored Qi has a more obvious effect.

“Celestial Tools can effectively block off this effect, so I have relaxed considerably after entering here.

“This should be the reason I was not affected even after so long.”

Ling Han sat down cross-legged. Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll surged out, allowing him to maintain a clean mind.

‘I am who I am, and I will not be affected by external factors.’

Over a dozen days later, Ling Han stood up. He condensed water vapor, which turned into a mirror. He studied his eyes carefully in the mirror. They were bright and calm, without the slightest bit of malevolence.

“I should have successfully dispelled it, but the whole environment will still exert some influence. I cannot stay outside for too long, or I will definitely lose myself slowly. This is a subtle influence making use of one’s mentality and yearning to become stronger, a gradual invasion.

“However, after I dispel the black Qi, I will not be able to use this kind of spiritual attack technique. It seems like this black Qi is the source of its power.

“Desolate Moon… What exactly is he planning?”

Ling Han stepped out of the Celestial Guest Residence, and decided to stay for the moment. FIrstly, he wanted to see how this matter would end, and secondly, he still wanted the Divine Metal in this place. Added together, the Divine Metal here was not a small amount.

He knew that the Celestial Guest Residence could interfere with the tracking of Xiao Yingxiong and company, so he would move around for a while, and then enter into the Celestial Guest Residence, which was a good chance for him to dispel the influence that the surroundings here had on him as well.

It was like Ling Han was an outsider looking in. He saw countless battles turning this place into a genuine graveyard as a great number of Celestial Kings were buried here.

In the blink of an eye, over a dozen years had passed. Ling Han had gone to more or less all the large tombs in the outer circle, and taken all the Divine Metal they contained. The might of the Divine Demon Sword had greatly improved.

At this time, he turned his eyes towards the center of this area.

Desolate Moon had brought practically all the Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings in there. Had they now obtained the so-called treasure here? Or had Desolate Moon planted an astonishing conspiracy, embroiling everyone here?

“I’ll break through to the Fifth Heaven first, then go in and look around. Only after I reach the height of the Fifth Heaven will I be able to deal with being hunted by Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings.”

Ling Han prepared to break through to the Fifth Heaven, but he discovered that he had suppressed his cultivation level for too long, so he actually could not find the point to break through anymore. After several months, the Celestial Tree inside his body showed no signs of blooming flowers or bearing fruits.

The more pressure he was under, the greater his motivation and the stronger his fighting spirit. But now he was having too easy a time, so his fighting spirit was also sluggish. He was actually unable to break through.

“I need a battle.”

He wanted to draw out Xiao Yingxiong and the others. If he had another battle, he would be able to use it to stimulate his fighting spirit, and break through to the Fifth Heaven.

When he did not want to encounter Xiao Yingxiong and company, these three would appear like ghosts, but when he truly took the initiative to draw them out, it was like they had vanished into thin air. There was no sign of them at all.

“Could it be that they have already entered into that final area?”

Ling Han looked towards the fog. The visibility here was still extraordinarily poor. At most, he could only see within the range of a kilometer.

“I’ll go in then!”

Ling Han changed his mind. At first, he had wanted to break through to the Fifth Heaven before entering the last area, but now it was necessary for him to enter in advance. Otherwise, there would not be any trigger for him to break through to the Fifth Heaven at all.

He strode forwards. The fog in front of him dispersed. This was very strange as it only hid things 1 km away from him.

After walking for several days, an open space suddenly appeared ahead of him, revealing a great mountain.

No, it was not a mountain, but rather a large tomb. A tombstone stood, tall and stretching into the clouds. There were words on it: “Ancient Tomb.”

This was the Ancient Tomb then.

Now that Ling Han had arrived here, the fog finally dispersed completely, and he could see the entire shape of the large tomb. Streaks of light swept out, emanating a pressure that surpassed Regulations.

This was the tomb of a Heavenly Venerate?

This tomb was not built with any entry passageway, yet a hole had forcefully been blasted here. He was certain that it was the doing of Desolate Moon and the other Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings. So what if there was Heavenly-Venerable-Tier pressure here? With the combined efforts of thousands of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, even a living First Tier Heavenly Venerate could be defeated, what more when this was just a dead Heavenly Venerate.

However, though the tiger was dead, his intimidation still lived. With the vague pressure imposed by the Heavenly Venerable Tier aura here, all Celestial Kings below the Fifth Heaven were still unworthy of entering the large tomb. They could only hover around outside.

Battle after battle was breaking out, and there were people dying endlessly, yet this allowed the others to become even stronger.

Ling Han cast an eye over them. Wherever he looked, he discovered that there was a layer of dark light over everyone’s eyes, which exuded a chilling air.

“A delectable little guy!” As Ling Han was observing them, he had also been discovered. A woman walked towards him, her hips swaying seductively. She was incredibly beautiful. Though a dark light was also shining in her eyes, it added a devilish air of temptation for her.

Bringing with her a fragrant breeze, she still did not stop when she was nine meters away from Ling Han. There was an intoxicating smile on her face.

Shua, a cold light flashed past, and she suddenly moved.

She was clearly delicate and dainty, but her weapon was actually a nine-meter-long saber, which she brandished in a slash towards Ling Han’s head.

Hu, the great saber whistled through the air, seal after seal lighting up on it.

Ling Han instantly felt a great pain in his head, as if he was being pierced by needles.

How detestable.

Ling Han frowned. This woman was only a Fourth Heaven Celestial King, and based on the battle prowess she displayed, she only had the aptitude of an emperor tier, yet she could actually cause him a stinging sensation. That kind of mysterious means was truly shocking.

Without mercy, he sent out a punch. Peng, that woman was immediately killed.

A sliver of black Qi rose up, floating towards Ling Han.



“All of you, scram!”

Immediately, more than a dozen people pounced out, wanting to snatch this sliver of black Qi for themselves. It was as if they had gone mad.

Ling Han humphed coldly, and threw out a series of punches. Peng, peng, peng, these people were all destroyed by his hands.

With every person that died, a sliver of black Qi would rise up. More than a dozen streaks of black Qi wafted, flying towards Ling Han.

“Get lost!” Ling Han shouted loudly. He did not need this kind of thing. This was not power that he had cultivated himself. No matter how powerful it was, he would throw it away like worn shoes.

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