Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering - Chapter 1529 - : He Saved Her

Chapter 1529: He Saved Her

Ling Hui looked at the man standing in front of her and her heart tightened.

Her mind was a little muddled and she could not muster any strength. She could only watch as he instructed the bodyguards to lift her up from the ground.

His cold face and ruthless gaze were like a sharp knife that stabbed into her heart.

After two years of marriage, her persistence was exchanged for not only his abandonment, but also ruthless humiliation!

Why had she fallen for such a person in the past?

Tears filled Ling Hui’s eyes, but endless sadness and ridicule appeared on her lips.

“Ling Motian, if you really dare to find a gigolo to humiliate me, I will fight you to death!”

Ling Motian clicked his tongue and pinched Ling Hui’s chin. “Dai Na told me before that you’re two-faced. You act like a lady in front of others but you’re very fierce in private. I didn’t believe it, but now it seems like you’ve revealed your true colors.”

Ling Hui met Ling Motian’s mocking gaze and looked at his cold face. He suddenly felt extremely unfamiliar.

She had never thought that in just one or two days, he would have such a change in heart!

Why had the man who had once given her warmth turned into someone like this?

Ling Motian saw the tears brimming in Ling Hui’s beautiful eyes. He pressed the back of her head and moved closer to her, his warm breath on her face. “Ling Hui, after this matter is settled, if you don’t want to get a divorce, you can still be Mrs Ling. But we need to hide our marriage.”

Hearing his words, Ling Hui felt a lump in her throat.

But she held back the tears in her eyes, not letting them fall in front of him.

It was her first time seeing such a disgusting man.

“Ling Motian, even if all the men in the world die, I won’t want to look at you anymore.”

Ling Motian raised his hand with a dark expression, gesturing for the bodyguards to bring Ling Hui to the car.

Ling Motian made a call to inform his assistant to arrange for the gigolo to go to the hotel. Of course, he would not let the gigolo really get on Ling Hui. He only needed to put on an act before the reporters pushed the door open.

After the call, Ling Motian got into the car.

Ling Hui was escorted to the back row by the bodyguards. She was weak and her face was unusually red.

She was wearing a long red dress that made her skin look like snow and her eyes looked even more radiant.

Ling Hui had always been beautiful since she was young. She was innocent and charming. After putting on makeup, her face was even brighter and clearer.

In her red dress, she looked even more beautiful, like a poppy.

Ling Motian’s gaze on Ling Hui gradually deepened.

Why hadn’t he realized before that Ling Hui was so feminine?

Besides, she was so beautiful but didn’t appear cheap at all.

Ling Motian’s Adam’s apple bobbed, his hands on his knees clenched into tight fists.

But he was a serious clean freak and he did not like dirty women.

Ling Hui curled up weakly by the car door, wanting to distance himself from Ling Motian.

Her mind became more and more muddled and everything in front of her blurred.

She pinched her palm with her fingertips.

She could not lose consciousness, or she would really become a lamb to be slaughtered.

Ling Hui reached into her bag and touched his phone. She was about to call for help when suddenly…

Two small trucks came at them from both sides.

Ling Motian’s expression changed. “What’s happening?”

At this moment, the door on Ling Hui’s side was pulled open from outside.

A man wearing a black leather jacket and a helmet reached out to grab Ling Hui’s wrist and pulled her out of the car at lightning speed.

Ling Motian shouted angrily.

“Put her down!”

The man in the leather jacket turned a deaf ear to his words. After pulling Ling Hui out of the car, he carried her quickly to a motorcycle.

Ling Motian chased after her.

The man stepped on the accelerator and the motorcycle drove out like an arrow, perfectly avoiding Ling Motian’s obstruction.

Ling Motian’s expression darkened.

The motorcycle was driving very fast and the sharp wind blew in her face, making Ling Hui sober up a little.

She looked at the man riding the motorcycle. He was tall and thin, wore a black leather jacket, and exuded a cool and wild aura.

Ling Hui frowned. “Who are you?”

The man didn’t speak.

“Who are you? Stop if you’re not talking. I want to get off.”

The man was still unmoved.

Ling Hui had never sat on such a motorcycle before. It was fast and with the strange man in front of her, she was in a panic.

“I told you to stop the car, did you hear me…” Before he could finish, the motorcycle suddenly made a sharp turn and the body of the motorcycle tilted to one side, as if it was going to fall. Ling Hui screamed in fright and grabbed the man’s leather jacket reflexively before she was thrown out.

The motorcycle returned to normal and Ling Hui subconsciously wrapped her hands around the man’s waist.

She could hear the howling wind in her ears and see the turbulent traffic in front of her. The surrounding buildings and scenery kept retreating.

The motorcycle drove for more than an hour before arriving at a village entrance.

The man drove the motorcycle in and stopped in front of a green brick house.

The man on the motorcycle took off his helmet, revealing a beautiful and wild face.

“Young Master, you’re back?”

A man walked out of the hall.

Tang Xi raised his eyebrows. “Go and prepare a bucket of cold water.”

“Young Master, why are you still preparing cold water? Isn’t she your goddess? She looks like she needs a man urgently.”

“Do you have a death wish?”

Fang Ye shrank his neck and hurried into the hall to prepare cold water.

Tang Xi got off the motorcycle and carried the unconscious woman into the room.

He had just placed her on the bed when the phone in her bag rang.

Tang Xi took a look and the screen showed the word “husband”. He hung up immediately and turned off the phone.