Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs - Chapter 639: Wedding gift and dowry

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Chapter 639: Wedding gift and dowry

“Oh, I want to find someone to get married to. “Zhou Gui Lai commented.

“Alright. You already graduated now. If you want to find someone, you can find. Giving the settling money doesn’t mean splitting the family. If you are close and don’t mind me and your dad, you can live at home.” Lin Qing He stated.

Mother He and Eldest Sister-in-law He didn’t interrupt. How could they not understand. Eldest Sister-in-law He swept a glance at her youngest sister.

She felt her youngest sister’s eyes were brilliant.

It wasn’t that the family didn’t want to introduce someone to younger sister. They had introduce but none of them caught her fancy. Her eyes were set high.

At first sight, she fell in love with Zhou Xuan who was sent to deliver a document. She straightforwardly pursued the guy. Quite bold.

Still, she got to admit, there was no flaw with Zhou Xuan. Whether it was academic qualifications, himself, or his family.

And her youngest sister’s prospective mother-in-law was also very easy to get along with. High intellectuals were different.

This groom’s family wanted to give the wedding gift as well other stuff. All of which were clearly stated. What’s more, it was extraordinarily generous.

It was much higher than when she married into He Family,

Because He Family didn’t have any so-called settling down money. Of course, they had gave a lot and let her be aggrieved.

Especially her man, who was capable. Now he ran a heavy industry factory.

However, younger sister’s marriage had nothing to dislike. What’s more, it wasn’t considered marrying down. Considered as marrying to equal level.

He Mian Mian, Eldest Sister-in-law He, and Mother He came over at 9:30 and didn’t go back until 11:00. Naturally, Lin Qing He offered them to stay for a meal, but she noticed her prospective in-law really wanted to go back. So she took out the prepared gifts. Fish gelatin, sea cucumber and abalone packed in a few boxes. Truly a hefty gift.

When driving home, Mother He had a satisfied smile on her face.

Eldest Sister-in-law He merrily spoke, “Mom, don’t have to worry now. I also want to find an in-law family like this in the future.”

They hadn’t seen the father. But to see what kind of family it was, just observe what kind of person the female master of the family was.

The female master was the family’s feng shui. Good feng shui meant a good family.

Mother He beamingly glanced at her daughter and remarked, “Finally, your eyesight is good for once.”

This kind of family environment. There was really no need to worry.

He Mian Mian grinned: “Auntie Lin gifted you so many good things, Mom.”

“Eldest’s wife, let’s have it together. I noticed in-law’s mother took care of herself. Not one bit like she’s Zhou Xuan’s mom. When I just saw her, I thought she was his eldest sister.” Mother He comemnted.

Eldest Sister-in-law He jollily nodded. She had to admit, her first impression was the same thought. Because she appeared too young. Her body shape was great. And her aura was exquisite.

“Looking at Zhou Xuan, I have long felt that his family is definitely not ordinary. Ordinary people can’t nurture that kind of neither humble nor overbearing temperament.” Elder Sister-in-law He said.

Anyway, Mother He’s heart settled back into place in the end after being to prospective in-law’s house.

When they came home, it was just after twelve o’clock. Father He was at home. Wearing glasses, he read the newspaper waiting for them to come back for lunch.

He hadn’t gone over there today as he was busy. However, he knew why his wife and eldest daughter-in-law went.

Seeing them come back with chatter and laughter and hands carrying things, Father He understood.

He didn’t say anything else. Just got the nanny to serve food.

Then the whole family ate. Once they returned to the room to rest, Father He asked.

“You haven’t been there today. There’s nothing to complain with in-law’s mother. She speaks witty and calmly. What’s more, she’s very young. The courtyard dwelling isn’t smaller than ours. However, the structure and layout are better than ours.” Mother He told. .

Father He was very satisfied with this prospective son-in-law. In fact, as long as his family wasn’t that bad, he will not prevent his daughter from marrying. And he will develop at this side in the future, so there is no need to worry about his family.

But taking in his wife’s reaction at the moment, it was obvious she was very satisfied with this prospective son-in-law’s family.

“The three sons are all astounding. At first glance, they are people with excellent family education. In-law’s mother had discussed the engagement.” Mother He said.

She listed all the wedding gift mentioned by Lin Qing He. Also the settling-in money.

Regarding the settlement money, Father He felt that this old Zhou family was really rich and generous.

Then the question came: “His family gives so many gifts. What should we give as a dowry? Did Zhou Family mention it?”

Father He could understand that the extra 100,000 yuan given by Zhou family as family settlement was actually a kind of gift money.

Because it wasn’t family separation, it was for the newlyweds.

“She didn’t mention this. Probably letting us to decide it. In my opinion, she isn’t someone who cares about this.” Mother He replied.

“They don’t care. Won’t our family care since we’re marrying out a daughter?” Father He said.

“I know. I didn’t say not giving. It’s just, what are they lacking now? I heard from Mian Mian that Zhou Xuan is already looking for a house. He still has some money to buy one. They don’t need us. The rest, I want to give daughter some gold jewelry. But it’s not enough to look at.” Mother He responded.

The male side’s wedding gift was too much money. The female’s side have it hard.

Because it can be worse, but it can’t be too much. Otherwise, what about their daughter’s face? Moreover, the dowry won’t be confiscated by the in-law. They are all for their daughter and son-in-law to live on. So they had to see to fit.

“How about you go and ask Mian Mian what she want?” Father He looked at her and suggested.

“How can I ask daughter what dowry she wants?” Mother He gave him an eye-roll look: “From what I see, it would be better to give a car as the dowry. This way, it avoid Mian Mian always borrowing her eldest brother’s one. What’s more, convenient to go back and forth to her in-law’s house.”

Sigh, a good tens of thousands.” Even Father He couldn’t help but feeling pained.

“The ten of thousands are for your daughter and son-in-law to drive. What’s more, your son-in-law will often live here in the future. Quite similar to being our son. What does it matter? Buy it!” Mother He waved her hand and stated.

She was really satisfied with the encounter with the in-law today. Besides, since their side were so generous, then they should be generous too. This way, both parties look good, right?

Father He was helpless. Still, he nodded: “Alright then.” He could only train this son-in-law. The eldest son entered business, while second son was studying abroad. Nurture the son-in-law well, and he’ll be half a son.

So things developed like Zhou Qing Bai’s original plan.

Old He Family was going to gift a sedan car to travel as dowry. He Mian Mian was overjoyed when she knew. She murmured in private to Zhou Xuan: “I think my mom got stimulated by Auntie Lin. If not, she would definitely be reluctant to buy one for us. A car!”

“Reached the topic of dowry?” Zhou Xuan knew it after hearing this and said with a laugh.

“You already knew?” He Mian Mian looked at him in surprise.

“Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law engaged early. It was the same at the time. My parents told us three brothers in advance.” Zhou Xuan nodded.

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