Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs - Chapter 640: Won't suffer any loss nor get tricked when buying it

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Chapter 640: Won’t suffer any loss nor get tricked when buying it

“You didn’t tell me.” He Mian Mian grumbled.

Today, when she heard her expectant mother-in-law said, she was shocked in her heart. One hundred thousand settling-in money. It was considered a lot of money for her family.

This was a veritable large move.

Zhou Xuan said: “Don’t you know now?”

He Mian Mian didn’t know what to say about him. How many more surprises would he give her?

She stated: “Seeing how careless you are, I will take care of the money at home in the future.”

“All right.” Zhou Xuan nodded. He really didn’t have much interest in managing money. It was perfect that she had that intention.

The news that old He Family might gift a car was passed back to old Zhou’s house through Zhou Xuan.

Lin Qing He grinned and turned to Zhou Qing Bai, “Is there anything you want to say?”

“What is there to say. It’s not for us.” Zhou Qing Bbai picked up her daughter and was about to go to the tea shop as he replied.

Lin Qing He said, “You’re still going out? It’s nearly lunch.”

“There is still an hour. I will be back later.” Zhou Qing Bai checked his watch and answered.

The main reason was that he promised his little girl that he would take her out for a walk. So even when it was almost time to eat, he still went out and strolled around.

As for old He Family’s dowry car, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai didn’t spread it outside.

The old He Family’s conditions were great. What’s more, Second and He Mian Mian did need it. Because a car was perfect when they come here on day off.

While Eldest and Weng Mei Jia don’t need to use a car. There were everything on the campsite. Even when they go to the surrounding county towns, there were special cars. Truly no need.

Moreover, although the conditions of old Weng Family were relatively well-off, they really can’t be compared with old He Family. This kind of thing was nothing. After all, the dowry had nothing to do with them elders.

There was no need to specially bring it out and announce it.

Zhou Qing Bai took Mi Mi out for a walk. When they came back, they brought Jiang Geng back.

“Day off? Auntie has cooked chicken soup today. Drink more later.” Lin Qing He jollily said when she saw her godson coming.

Jiang Geng grinned, “Godmother, after I came here to study, I ate a lot of chicken.”

“Even if you don’t come, we will still eat it as usual. We didn’t make it specially for you. We just share a bite to you.” Lin Qing He smiled and responded, “Leaving on Sunday?”

“Monday, I will stay here for a few more days. It’s comfortable and peaceful.” Jiang Geng answered.

His godmother and godfather bought such a large courtyard dwelling. Since living her, he can’t describe how comfortable it was.

“This year you have grown a bit longer. Tomorrow I will go to the clothing store to get two new sets.” Lin Qing He brought up.

“I can wear still this current one. Leave the rest to later.” Jiang Geng said.

Lin Qing He nodded. Soon Third and Gang Zi came back. Third spoke, “Dad, will you still open the dumpling shop? Now you’re fishing for two days after drying the net for three days.”

Zhou Qing Bai indifferently replied: “Go when you have time.” Today, daughter had a day off. He must prioritize taking her to play around.

“Geng ah! Why are you back so soon today? There are still two classes in the afternoon.” Zhou Gui Lai asked.

“I have one class swapped to the morning. The other one is in the afternoon. The content isn’t important. Don’t need to go.” Jiang Geng smiled.

“Dad is too lazy now. Then go to the dumpling shop with me this afternoon to help.” Zhou Gui Lai began to pull in labor.

“Okay.” Jiang Geng agreed.

“Remember to take your brother to the clothing store and pick two new clothes.” Lin Qing He ordered.

Zhou Gui Lai acknowledged it. When they had lunch, Zhou Gui Lai talked about Hai City’s side. He had to go and see it again in a few days.

Although the original plan was to go there once a month, the other side only started operating. Zhou Gui Lai planned to check there often.

Lin Qing He said, “Bring you two cans of coconut powder to Grandpa Jiang.”

“Mom, how much coconut powder did you buy last time? Why do I feel like we can’t finish it.” Zhou Gui Lai commented.

“I know someone over there. When I want, I can get someone to send it over by post.” Lin Qing He explained.

Because she liked it so much, she bought a lot of it and put it in the space.

“Okay, I’ll bring two cans there. By the way, you didn’t get Sister Mian Mian to take a can back when she came over last time.” Zhou Gui Lai pointed out.

“It didn’t come to me. Wait for your second brother to come back next time on a day off.” Lin Qing He said.

After eating, the family watched TV together. Gang Zi spoke: “Youngest Maternal Aunt, Auntie found me a shop. I have some hesitation.”

“Where?” Lin Qing He asked.

“The East Side.” Gang Zi told.

“That’s pretty good.” Lin Qing He said after hearing this.

“The location is good, but the shop is a little small. I went to see it and wasn’t satisfied.” Gang Zi responded.

“Your maternal uncle is free today. Get him to go over and check it for you later.” Lin Qing He said.

Gang Zi smiled at his maternal uncle, “Then Youngest Maternal Uncle, will you go with me?”

“Three in the afternoon.” Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

After eating, he played with his daughter for a while and prepared to take a nap.

Lin Qing He also came to take a nap. As expected, after moving here, it was really spacious. Before, she lived at the apartment cause they got to live there. After staying in the courtyard dwelling, she can’t stand living in the apartment.

“When Third comes back from Hai City, I plan to go south with him.” Lin Qing He told him.

“Let him take Cheng Min.” Zhou Qing Bai said as he gazed at his wife.

“I’m going to see how the Longjing Tea are. I have to personally go and see it before I can be rest assured.” Lin Qing He persisted.

Her tea shop was intended to be a long-term business. Not the kind that intended for making a fortune. The reputation must be well managed.

She started ordering this batch of Longjing last year. It must be personally checked.

Zhou Qing Bai kind of wanted to go there together. Lin Qing He ordered him: “Don’t go. Stay at home. I’ll go with Third.”

Really. They were already old couple. Was there a need to follow wherever she go.

Zhou Qing Bai uttered: “We’ll see.”

Lin Qing He amusedly scolded: “Properly check the shop in the afternoon. If it’s not suitable, then don’t want it. Let Gang Zi find another one.”

“En.” Zhou Qing Bai answered.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, he brought Gang Zi over to see the shop. Although it was located in the East City, the shop was terrible. The location was actually okay. Just a bit small.

If they want to make snacks, it can work. Don’t need much land. But if he open other shops and do other businesses, then it’s definitely not enough.

“It’s up to you. You won’t suffer any loss nor get tricked when buying it.” Zhou Qing Bai turned to his nephew and said.

Even if it is bought and kept due to land being equivalent to gold, the final choice was still in the hands of the nephew.

“Then buy it?” Gang Zi said as he scratched his head.

“Buy it.” Zhou Qing Bai nodded: “Buy it and renovate it. It’s fine to rent it if you don’t to open the shore.”

Knowing the housing prices in the later capital city, he will recommend buying it as it won’t do badly. Won’t suffer any loss nor get tricked when buying it

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