Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce - Chapter 228 - Which Fool Created the Rumor

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Chapter 228 Which Fool Created the Rumor

Seeing the police leave with a smile, the Lin family members were angry. However, no one dared to do anything to Su Yan since the police just left.

The Lin family members looked at the smiling Su Yan. They didn’t expect to meet such a person, especially Old Master Lin, Lin Zhiqiang. He was so angry that he was trembling. He could be considered a big shot. In his entire life, he had encountered all kinds of ups and downs, but he didn’t expect to suffer defeat at the hands of a little girl.

With a cold snort, Lin Zhiqiang gritted his teeth and said, “President Su, please control your people and have them keep their mouths shut. If this matter gets out, the Lin family will definitely not let this matter rest!”

Su Yan curled the corners of her lips and said without fear, “I have never done anything wrong, so I’m unafraid.”

As she said this, she deliberately glanced at Xia Jing. She knew very well who was the one who had bad intentions in the beginning.

Xia Jing’s face turned pale again. Now, it was all her own fault that things had developed to this point. If she had been brought to the police station just now, all the shady things she had done would have been discovered. By then, she would be completely screwed.

Old Master Lin snorted. “Very well, let’s wait and see!”

After saying that, he walked out. The Lin family followed behind him, but before he left, they all glared at Su Yan.

Seeing that they had left, Su Yan still smiled and said, “Take care.”

After the Lin family had left, she turned to look at You Zhengwei and said, “Alright, everything has been settled. If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first. If they come to cause trouble again, you can contact me again.”

You Zhengwei heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. “President Su, let me drive you.”

If it wasn’t for Su Yan, he wouldn’t have been able to settle this matter by himself. He had witnessed the entire process of Su Yan’s confrontation with the Lin family. He couldn’t help but praise this beautiful boss. She was truly a heroine among women! Su Yan shook her head. “There’s no need to send me off. I’ll just take a taxi. The Lin family has caused a ruckus. You should make good use of your time to manage the hotel and let it return to normal business.”

Su Yan didn’t like to be sent off, so you Zhengwei didn’t dare to say anything. He could only watch the beautiful boss leave.

The Lin family were all waiting for the elevator. Su Yan had originally planned to take the stairs down, but just as she left the general manager’s office, she bumped into Wei Zhou. Lin Yang had met Wei Zhou a few times on important occasions, but one of them was in the southwest, and the other was in the north. They were thousands of miles apart, so they hardly had any interactions normally. Of course, he was surprised to see Wei Zhou here. He wanted to go up and say hello to Wei Zhou and get to know him better, but after just a few sentences, he heard Wei Zhou interrupt, “Sorry, Mr. Lin, I’m here to see my friend.”

Lin Yang’s expression was awkward, but he couldn’t say anything more, so he nodded. “It’s okay. If there’s a chance we’ll meet again. We won’t bother you anymore.”

Wei Zhou ignored him and walked toward Su Yan. The Lin family members watched Wei Zhou to see who Wei Zhou’s friend was, but when they saw that it was Su Yan, the expressions on their faces changed.

Xia Jing gritted her teeth. Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she watched Wei Zhou walk towards Su Yan. Did the internet expose that Wei Zhou hated Su Yan? They had been married for three years, but he hadn’t lived at home for a single day. Rumor had it that after their divorce, Su Yan had left without a single cent. But why did Wei Zhou throw all the Lin family members aside for Su Yan?

She saw clearly that Wei Zhou was very proactive while Su Yan was very indifferent. Just now, when she was facing the members of the Lin family, she still maintained a smile. However, when she saw Wei Zhou walking over, her expression immediately turned ugly.

After understanding everything, Xia Jing’s face turned pale. As a married woman, she knew the meaning behind Su Yan’s expression too well. It was an expression that only a person would show when they really hated someone.

Wife abandoned by a wealthy family? Wei Zhou didn’t like her? Who was the fool who created the rumor?

Seeing Wei Zhou walk up to her, Su Yan raised her eyebrows. “What’s the matter, President Wei?”

Wei Zhou’s black eyes were bright. Originally, he didn’t know that Su Yan had come today. Just as he was about to go out for a walk, he coincidentally heard four police officers praising a certain woman’s appearance. At first, he didn’t pay much attention to it. However, he only reacted after hearing one of the police officers say the words ‘President Su’ Therefore, he went to the hotel reception and asked. Only then did he understand what had happened from last night to this morning.

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