Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 881 - My Brother Has Very High Standards

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Chapter 881 My Brother Has Very High Standards

“Of course. Why? Miss Ruan, you know my brother too? How strange. My brother has very high standards. I didn’t expect him to be willing to be friends with you?” Yan Qingqing’s words were filled with disdain for Ruan Xiaoxiao.

Yan Qingqing had previously taught Ruan Xiaoxiao a lesson and thought that she should know better now. She didn’t expect her to still be so impetuous.

In that case, she didn’t mind teaching her another lesson.

Ruan Xiaoxiao was so embarrassed that she wished she could find a hole to hide in.

She knew that Yan Qingqing was deliberately mocking her, but she didn’t dare to lie and say that she knew Yan Zhengchen.

Yan Zhengchen was famous for being a living King of Hell. If anyone dared to cross him, he would definitely knock on their door and teach them a lesson.

“No… I’ve only heard of Mr. Yan’s name,” Ruan Xiaoxiao said awkwardly.

Yan Qingqing didn’t say anything after hearing this. She only snorted.

If she had replied with a sarcastic word or two, Ruan Xiaoxiao wouldn’t have been so embarrassed.

Instead, Yan Qingqing’s disdainful silence was even worse and made her feel a deep sense of shame.

“Go get two glasses of red wine for Miss Chi Jiao and Miss Yan.” She Qi couldn’t stand it anymore. Disgust flashed across his eyes. He felt that Ruan Xiaoxiao had embarrassed him.

Ruan Xiaoxiao was dissatisfied, but she didn’t dare to object. She had no choice but to slip away to get some wine.

“Xiaoxiao doesn’t know how to talk. Miss Chi, please don’t blame her. How about this? In order to express my apology, I’ll treat the two of you to a meal. We can’t do it tonight, but I’ll contact you two another time when you are free?” She Qi gave a handsome smile through Sheng Qian’s skin. When Chi Jiao saw his brilliant smile, a sentence quickly surfaced in her mind.

Those who were unaccountably solicitous usually harbored evil intentions.

“I’m sorry, 117’s workload is very high. I don’t have time to eat with Young Master Sheng. Qingqing, aren’t you going back to your hometown tonight?” Chi Jiao also helped Yan Qingqing to reject him.

“Yes, my brother asked me to go back and help. Sigh, looks like we can only let Young Master Sheng Qian down,” Yan Qingqing said.

“You can always leave me your contact number. If there’s anything in the future, it will be easier for me to contact you.” She Qi tried his best to get close to Chi Jiao.

“What a coincidence. I didn’t bring my phone.” Chi Jiao was extremely cold. The word “No” was written all over her beautiful and exquisite face. She wished she could stay as far away from She Qi as possible.

“Miss Chi Jiao, I just want to be friends. Why are you being so distant? You are not giving respect to the Sheng family?” She Qi chuckled as his sharp gaze landed steadily on her.

“Respect isn’t given, it has to be earned. It looks like Young Master Sheng Qian and I can’t get along. We can’t even agree over such a small matter. I have something on, so I’ll take my leave first.” With that, Chi Jiao turned around and left with Yan Qingqing, arm in arm.

She Qi’s direct approach was clearly not effective on Chi Jiao.

Ruan Xiaoxiao came over with a tray of drinks and realized that Chi Jiao and Ruan Xiaoxiao were gone.

“Sheng Qian, where are Chi Jiao and Yan Qingqing?” Although Ruan Xiaoxiao didn’t like Chi Jiao, she was very interested in Yan Qingqing.

In her opinion, the Yan family must have helped Chi Jiao become a manager in 117.

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