Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 882 - Neglecting Friends For Her Lover

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Chapter 882 Neglecting Friends For Her Lover

Chi Jiao managed to have the Yan family back her?

Why couldn’t she have the same? She was in no way inferior to Chi Jiao!

However, Ruan Xiaoxiao didn’t expect Chi Jiao to bring Yan Qingqing away!

“Of course.” She Qi turned around and saw the tray in her hands. He instantly felt even more disgusted. “No wonder you can’t compare to Chi Jiao. Look at you, you’re like a waiter.”

Ruan Xiaoxiao couldn’t stand such humiliation. “You… you’re too much! Didn’t you ask me to bring the wine over? I just did as you said!”

She Qi didn’t answer her. He just shot her a look before leaving. He didn’t even bother to look back.

Ruan Xiaoxiao was furious. Just then, a few service staff walked past her, also carrying trays of drinks. They sized her up as they passed by.

Ruan Xiaoxiao wished she could smash the things in her hand. She slammed the tray on the empty table beside her and shouted at the waiters sternly, “What are you looking at? Give me a glass of champagne!” One of the waiters looked at her as if she was a fool. He gave her a glass of champagne and left quickly.

“Chi Jiao, just you wait. I won’t let you off!” With that, Ruan Xiaoxiao finished her champagne and left angrily.

Meanwhile, Chi Jiao was sitting in Yan Qingqing’s red sports car.


“Jiaojiao, what happened to Sheng Qian just now? Why do I feel like he’s deliberately trying to get close to you?” Yan Qingqing held the steering wheel, her eyes revealing a hint of disdain.

Chi Jiao was distracted. She kept staring at her phone, anticipating Quan Jue’s message. “I don’t know, either. Who cares? Just ignore him.”


After that, she called out to the little heart with her mental power.

However, the little heart did not respond.

This had happened before. After the little heart fell asleep, it would indeed ignore her.

Chi Jiao didn’t take it to heart and continued to play with her phone.

However, Yan Qingqing was very vigilant. She reminded her worriedly, “Anyway, you have to be careful. If Sheng Qian really treats you as his prey, he will definitely come and harass you again. For safety’s sake, avoid him whenever you see him. If not, get my brother to beat him up. I guarantee that he will be obedient after that.”

Chi Jiao nodded and agreed. “We left to get away from Sheng Qian just now and didn’t get to eat anything. Let’s go. Pick a place and I’ll bring you there for dinner.”

“How can I let you spend money? Besides, I took my brother’s black card today. Let’s go shopping after eating-” Yan Qingqing said as she turned the corner, planning to take a detour.

Just then, Chi Jiao’s phone rang.

Chi Jiao focused her gaze and was instantly invigorated.

“Brother Quan sent me a message! He said he’ll be home in 20 minutes! Qingqing, send me home quickly,” Chi Jiao said happily.

She had waited several days for Brother Quan to return home!

Yan Qingqing asked pitifully, “What about dinner and shopping?”

“Next time! Otherwise, I’ll get Shen Xing to accompany you?” Chi Jiao tilted her head, offering up Shen Xing without hesitation.

“Why should I bring him? To buy children’s clothes? Forget it, I’ll send you back. Anyway, it’s not the first time you have neglected your friends for your lover,” Yan Qingqing teased before driving Chi Jiao home.

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