Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 760 - Bad Condition  

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Chapter 760: Bad Condition


Qin Yuan quickly aimed the loudspeaker at her phone—

Luo Mengmeng’s desperate shouts could be heard. “All the best! Imperial Capital University will win! All the best!”

Luo Mengmeng was watching the broadcast while cheering. She suddenly felt a little strange. Why did her voice sound like an echo? She looked at it curiously. It was dark, and she could not see the situation clearly. Well, who cared?

It was Imperial Capital University’s turn to answer the questions. It was impossible to say that they were not nervous at all, especially since a few of them were not the best in the university. They were very worried, afraid that they would drag Imperial Capital University down. At this moment, they were quite impressed with Xue Xue. At least, she had the ability.

Jin Lu, Sheng Yang, and Xue Xue weren’t worried at all.

However, no one expected these people to be so lucky. They actually got the simple questions. However, they were afraid that there might be a trap in the questions. They used the remaining time to double-check a few times. In the end, there were no problems, so they gave their answers. They didn’t expect them to be correct.

When it was Shu Mo’s turn, his question was a little difficult. The difficulty level was four stars. However, some people would get more nervous the more stressed they were. He was the exact opposite. He stimulated his potential and answered it right at once. He won the applause and cheers of the entire venue.

Next, it was Jin Lu’s and Sheng Yang’s turn again. Both of them had drawn questions with a difficulty of five stars. Seeing how unlucky Sheng Yang was, Xue Xue couldn’t help but gloat. She had always placed her personal interests above her team.

Naturally, Jin Lu was not worried. He was the ace. If he could not answer, no one else could.

As for Sheng Yang, some people below the stage were secretly wondering if she was getting her retribution after picking such a difficult question.

As expected, Sheng Yang was a little slow this time. Jin Lu was done, but she wasn’t done yet. Academician Zhao felt that it was a little strange. This was really beneath her usual standards.

She was two minutes slower than Jin Lu before she flipped over her board and showed the answer.

Everyone thought that Sheng Yang was only in her first year of university and this was a question with a difficulty level of five stars. Looking at her being so hesitant, did it mean everything was over now?

However… the referee announced, “All correct!”

Wilson’s expression did not look too good. At this point, the Imperial Capital University team’s score was slowly catching up to them.

Not to mention surpassing, but even getting an even score would already be a great humiliation to him.

Chancellor Liao did not look relaxed either.

It was Xue Xue’s and another student’s turn. When they saw that the questions were difficult and were of a four-star difficulty level, Xue Xue’s face turned pale. Her mind went blank.

Unsurprisingly, she got the wrong answer. She didn’t know how to answer this question, so she randomly made up an answer.

Fortunately, the other student answered wrongly too.

Ivy League team 20 points, Imperial Capital University team 16 points.

The cheerleaders were also in low spirits…

During the intermission, in Imperial Capital University’s lounge backstage—

“Boo-hoo, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault! How could I have made such a low-level mistake?” Xue Xue was crying on the chair, making the other student who also made a mistake unable to squeeze out any tears. She looked extremely embarrassed.

When the others saw her crying so miserably, they did not know what to say.

Victory and defeat were common. They did not blame her, but her words made everyone uncomfortable.

Sheng Yang didn’t have the time to care about her. She was on her phone. It was a text from Zhao Caihua. She asked with concern: [Are you in a bad condition today?]

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