Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 771 - This Person Is Not Normal!  

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Chapter 771: This Person Is Not Normal!

When his cold and soft lips covered hers, her mouth was filled with the fragrance of grapes. It was so rich.

Her eyes immediately turned sparkling, becoming even more catlike in the night.

Sheng Yang wasn’t an ordinary woman either. She let Yi Juncheng do whatever he wanted. Soon, Yi Juncheng was enjoying himself.

After a while, Yi Juncheng handed Sheng Yang a small bottle. There seemed to be something in the bottle, and the bottle looked very special.

He smirked at her. “I’m material just like this. Do you understand?”

Neither of them needed to say more. Sheng Yang nodded.

She played with the bottle in her hand. Her face was expressionless, but her heart was happy.

Of course, she understood.

To him, she was like an isotope of polonium that wouldn’t change for 573 billion years.

Yi Juncheng really knew how to please her.


Ji Qingming resigned and accepted the verdict. He gave up his position as a bioengineering teacher, but no teacher dared to take it up because no one had the courage to teach a student like Sheng Yang.

Maybe halfway through the class, a question from her would make their skin crawl. If they couldn’t come up with an answer, they would have no choice but to hand her the chalk and tell her to teach them instead.

Therefore, the bioengineering class this week was changed to another class. Although the teachers of the other classes were also under a lot of pressure due to such a student, they had no choice. This had long been decided.

However, a week later, the good news spread that a big shot was going to come to teach their class. It was Chancellor Liao who personally invited him back.

This person was a two-time IMO perfect scorer. It was said that his mind was in two dimensions above the average person.

Wasn’t this supernatural existence tailor-made for Sheng Yang? This person was more than qualified to teach the other students, so the other students felt like they had benefited from Sheng Yang.

Luo Mengmeng returned and took a big gulp of mineral water before saying, “I’ve asked around. That teacher’s name is Ling Yun. Not only is he a two-time IMO perfect scorer, but he’s also a national first-class athlete with a six-pack…”

Qin Yuan tugged at her. “You’re going off-topic.”

“Oh, right. The most important thing is that I heard that his IQ is super high. He used to work at the American Research Institute. When he saw the video of Yangyang answering the questions, he became very interested in Yangyang. Chancellor Liao had been trying to get him to return to China to teach for ten years, but he always refused. This time, he took the initiative to return to China.”

After Luo Mengmeng finished speaking, she couldn’t help but touch the goosebumps on her arms. “Hey, why am I a little afraid?”

“What are you afraid of? Isn’t it a good thing to have such a good teacher?” Qin Yuan glanced at her.

“I heard that he specializes in studying genius existences overseas and has even studied Einstein’s brain tissue. I’m afraid that he has ulterior motives and will treat Yangyang as an experimental subject. Besides…”

Halfway through, Luo Mengmeng stopped abruptly, but her eyes widened in horror. Many horror scenes from the movies she watched were playing in her head.

Some geniuses and researchers were very crazy and stubborn, but such people were often very talented and capable.

Alas, in short, opportunity and risk coexisted.

Sheng Yang propped her head on her hand and smiled. “Who knows who’s gonna be observing who?”


The classroom was packed on the first day of class.

Since such a big shot had returned to the country, many third and fourth-year students came just to take a look—let alone those in the class.

Jin Lu also came. When he accompanied Academician Zhao overseas, he had come into contact with Ling Yun. However, after one or two times, he could conclude…

This man was not quite normal!

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