Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1958 1958. Fairness

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Chapter 1958 1958. Fairness

"Who are you?!" The old cultivator shouted again.

Divine Demon was different from his original version and his replica, but the old cultivator didn't know if he had succeeded in retrieving his original law. That blood-red influence was eerie and powerful, but it didn't seem to have anything to do with the previous azure and white shades that the energy captured by that existence obtained.

"You talk as if my answer could change your position," Divine Demon announced in a chilling voice as the world continued to shatter to give him energy.

"I need to know!" The old cultivator exclaimed as additional flesh and muscles grew on his figure.

The expert transformed into a giant in no time. His shape was monstrous. Bulging patches of skin grew from strange places and ruined his humanoid figure. He even had muscles growing out of the back of his head.

"You want me to confirm your faith in Heaven and Earth," Divine Demon understood while the light radiated by his eyes intensified. "You have power. Used it to find your answers."

The old cultivator snorted before growing additional limbs and shooting ahead. He feared Divine Demon's potential, but he remained a gaseous stage existence now. Putting up a fight wasn't an issue.

Divine Demon remained still as the monstrous figure approached him at high speed. His mind appeared able to understand the nature of the expert's world as soon as he entered his blood-red range. That power had something to do with his blood and flesh, but it continued to have Heaven and Earth's influence.

Divine Demon raised waved his hand, and the energy that had fallen under his control until now shot ahead to face the incoming monster. The trails of fuel transformed into different abilities as they converged toward the old cultivator. They became beams of light, snake-like puppets with venomous fangs, masses of energy carrying unique effectiveness against blood and flesh. Their impact with the liquid stage expert caused an explosion that spread the cracks nearby.

The world shook in front of the clash between two worlds in the ninth rank. The old cultivator seemed able to modify his body freely and develop new muscles or limbs depending on the threats he faced. However, no one could defend from Divine Demon's power.

The blood-red abilities were never-ending. They always managed to inflict damage on the expert's monstrous body, and their discharge of energy spread Divine Demon's influence. More chunks of the world gained those bloody shades as they transformed into fuel that generated most spells.

The world also adapted to the old cultivator's existence. It took only a few waves of attacks before all the blood-red abilities became giant snakes carry a special venom that made blood and flesh directly explode.

The energy in the Immortal Lands wanted Divine Demon to win so badly that it created an ability meant for that battle. No counter or defense could work when the entire world was working so desperately to kill you.

Chunks of the monstrous giant exploded and transformed into gory clouds that the blood-red influence turned into more fuel. Divine Demon wasn't moving at all, but the snakes handled the situation for him. The old cultivator charged forward in the hope that his body would be able to withstand that relentless destruction, but his will to fight vanished when he found himself kneeling in front of his opponent.

The old cultivator had turned into a gory mess. He had regained his human figure, but wounds and blood covered his skin due to the injuries suffered during the charge.

Small versions of the blood-red snakes had become chains entangled on his limbs and head to suppress his movements and consciousness. The world had learnt how to cage a liquid stage cultivator in a matter of seconds, and the latter couldn't even raise his head after he ended up kneeling in front of Divine Demon.

"How is this fair?" The old cultivator whispered, and his voice struggled to seep past the snakes entangled around his head. "How can you not acknowledge the irrationality in your power? No being should be so above the others due to simple birthright."

"No existence should be so blind in the ninth rank," Divine Demon whispered as his red eyes shone on the expert under him. "You still think that my current power is mere luck."

"How can it not be?!" The old cultivator cursed, and the snakes tightened their grasp when they sensed some power seeping out of that gory skin. "You can literally control all the power in the world without limits. Nothing would stop you if you were to use it to slaughter mere rank 7 experts. There is no fairness in that!"

"What do you think the Tribulations are?" Divine Demon laughed.

"They are tests tuned specifically for each existence!" The old cultivator complained. "They follow precise rules capable of binding even Heaven and Earth!"

"Why would you even consider that normal?" Divine Demon laughed, and his influence expanded.

More pieces of the world shattered until the nearby area transformed into a vast hole connected to the void. Yet, blood-red energy quickly flowed toward the openings and rebuilt the fabric of space, giving it its unique shades.

The energy didn't stop there. It erected a series of tower-like structures on top of the new blood-red layer that divided the Immortal Lands from the void. Those buildings performed sharp turns when they were about to reach Divine Demon, and they fused to transform into a dark throne after arriving right under him.

Divine Demon sat and opened his palm. Energy flowed inside his grasp and created a cup full of wine. The expert voiced a satisfied laugh after he took a sip from that blood-red liquid. A broad smile even appeared on his face when he gazed at the shape of his world.

"We are monsters," Divine Demon eventually explained. "I'm not talking about my team. Those who step on the cultivation journey become monsters as soon as they escape their mortal limitations."

"I won't talk philosophy with an existence fueled by the very world," The old cultivator snorted, but Divine Demon ignored him.

"You fail to see what the cultivation journey really is," Divine Demon chuckled while drinking from his cup. "Only weaklings demand fairness. Those meant to reach the peak only want more power, enough power to stand above everyone else."

"Easy for you to speak from your throne," The old cultivator replied.

"Should this justify your weakness?" Divine Demon laughed while standing up. "I have suffered, fought, and earned every last bit of the power that I currently wield. It's not reasonable and definitely not fair, but that's the whole point of the cultivation journey. We aren't an organization. We aren't a group of experts trying to create a fair playground. We are monsters inside a world full of monsters striving to the peak!"

Divine Demon spread his arms, and the blood-red light intensified until it created an ethereal screen that started to depict the entirety of his life. The old cultivator felt able to see it even if the snakes were suppressing his power. Still, he didn't need to watch those scenes since he had already studied them in the sky.

"The system is unnatural!" Divine Demon shouted. "You can't put limits to power, ambition, and determination. Heaven and Earth tried to balance potential and efforts, but they have failed to see the inevitable flaw in that plan."

"Which is?" The old cultivator groaned.

"Suppression gives birth to Demons!" Divine Demon laughed, and the world laughed with him.


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