Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 2247: 2247. Food

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Chapter 2247: 2247. Food

Many major players didn't join the battlefield even after chaos unfolded. The strongest privileged cultivators inspected the area as they waited for something meaningful to happen. Moreover, they felt the need to keep the landmass in check for now.

Divine Architect had prepared a series of countermeasures for the landmass. The nine towers around her castle opened while she was busy talking with King Elbas, and small platoons equipped with inscribed weapons came out of them.

The platoons didn't only have cultivators. Some had inscribed humans or different creatures made of formations and inscriptions. Also, their items allowed them to create ethereal barriers that improved their movement techniques.

The platoons shot through the battlefield and avoided all the small fights on their path. Even the dragons seemed unable to sense them while they flew across the void to converge toward the landmass.

Sword Saint didn't care about those incoming opponents. Multiple rank 9 auras filled those ethereal barriers, but the expert didn't mind them. His whole attention was on the landmass, and his ecstasy only intensified as more sharpness came out of it.

"Hear your instincts, newborn sword," Sword Saint whispered. "Feel your nature take over your greatness. Let it fill the entirety of your fabric and express its true power."

The landmass seemed able to understand Sword Saint's words. Another growl came out of its dark surface, but that cry didn't carry the same violence as before. It was almost peaceful and calm.

Sword Saint patted the landmass as more of his aura flowed into it. His power never fused with the creature. He only aimed to awaken all the different aspects that resonated with his path.

The landmass began to move on its own. The array of inscriptions and various structures were still sliding through its body, but that didn't affect its actions. The creature started to turn toward the strongest auras hovering right past the sky, and the entire higher plane experienced those changes.

The landmass was immense, so its slightest movements could generate massive gales and storms that expanded in every direction. Cursed Reality had to work extra hard to redirect those violent winds and send them to areas that wouldn't hurt his defenses or underlings.

The storms disappeared after leaving the landmass to teleport near the sky. The experts there were too powerful to get affected by those events, but some weaker underlings fell prey to those wild gales.

The stronger privileged cultivators didn't have the time to help their underlings. The landmass was moving to point at them. They couldn't disregard that threat, especially since its power continued to increase as Sword Saint awakened its abilities.

Divine Architect's teams eventually arrived in the landmass' range. Their ethereal barriers allowed them to seep past Cursed Reality's defenses and get quite close to the creature, but they didn't dare to land on it.

The platoons took specific positions to surround the landmass before revealing specific inscribed items meant to counter its sharpness. The strongest assets in those teams self-destructed to generate massive waves of energy that their companions used to create cannon-like weapons and point them at the creature.

The cannons became ready to unleash their power in mere seconds, but the platoons didn't immediately use them to attack the landmass. The various assets also self-destructed to add energy to the barriers and stabilize the weapon's footing.

Divine Architect's approach had no room for mercy. She had created those platoons with the sole intention of turning them into weapons, and the power they radiated forced some leaders in Noah's army to turn their attention on them.

The cannons and barriers created nine different upper tier arrays of inscriptions that hovered around the landmass. They weren't only powerful. The meanings carried by their auras destabilized the giant creature's sharpness and slowed down its awakening.

Sword Saint didn't care about that hindrance. He continued to talk with the landmass and send his energy to explain how to use specific abilities. His mind couldn't even see the rest of the battlefield while he was taking care of that new blade.

The cannons didn't care about Sword Saint either. They waited for their arrays to stabilize before unleashing their energy. Thundering noises filled the higher plane as dark-blue pillars came out of those weapons and converged toward the landmass.

The attacks were immense, but they paled compared to the landmass's size. However, Divine Architect had never planned to destroy the creature through sheer power.

The dark-blue pillars shattered to transform into countless smaller strands of energy before they could touch the landmass. Those many lines flew in different directions and fused until a net-like structure surrounded the giant creature.

More power flowed into the net at that point. Spheres began to expand in each intersection as the nine weapons shattered to send the entirety of their energy to the structure.

It didn't take long before an ethereal barrier appeared around the net and protected it from eventual incoming attacks. Meanwhile, the various spheres continued to accumulate power and prepare an offensive that seemed able to affect the entire higher plane.

Sword Saint was the only expert currently standing on the landmass, but the net had ended up enveloping the inscriptions and buildings that had yet to leave the aura.

Daniel, Faith, and the other experts who had returned to their homes to rest found themselves inside that dark-blue prison. They didn't have enough energy to fend off the incoming attack, and they would struggle to fight back even at the peak of their power, but they still left their position to help protect the landmass.

A series of silver swords appeared around their figures as soon as they tried to affect the imminent exchange. Daniel and the others saw Sword Saint's energy blocking their path, but they only found reassurance in that event. They understood that they could leave the matter to their leader.

"What an unsightly scene," Sword Saint sighed while glancing at the net. "Do you think barriers are enough to trap a blade?"

The net unleashed its accumulated energy as soon as Sword Saint finished speaking. Countless dark-blue rays shot out of the various spheres and converged on the landmass. The attacks landed on its dark surface easily, and multiple explosions resounded.

It became impossible to see the landmass due to the many explosions that filled its surface. The net had delivered a successful offensive, but a massive pulling force suddenly made the whole dark-blue structure shake.

The smoke released during the explosions vanished to reveal a perfectly intact landmass. The creature absorbed all the power lingering on its surface before voicing a violent roar that made the net shake again.

"Go on," Sword Saint laughed. "Show them what kind of sword you are."

The landmass didn't need Sword Saint to repeat that order. Another roar came out of the dark surface, and multiple whooshing noises mixed with that cry.

Sword Saint nodded as he glanced at the net. His satisfied smile hinted at something, but most experts glancing at the scene found themselves unable to understand what that expression meant.

The answer arrived in the next second. The whole net exploded into a storm of dark-blue energy that created multiple tornados as it converged toward the landmass. Divine Architect's platoons had turned into food for the giant creature.

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