Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 1072 Second Order Vs Fourth Order

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The 9-Headed Immortal Dragon was a terrifyingly powerful creature. Even at birth he was born as a level 30 First Order dragon.

Although unlike humans and other creatures that had been born and grown up by the time the Soul Record reached their worlds the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon was born in an already evolved world, being born as a level 30 dragon was definitely a great help to survive.

It was difficult for him to level up, but more difficult to advance from one Order to the next.

This was because each and every one of the classes that the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon had were Special classes, the only exception being the fourth one which was a Unique class!

Wasn’t Bai Zemin aware of how difficult it was to complete the evolution requirements of a Unique class? Even the requirements to obtain Special classes were terrifying; he knew this from his subordinates and friends.

But, everything had its reward.

When the Immortal Dragon reached the Fourth Order after 3000 years of constant effort and evolution, his name had already become known throughout the Earth. As if this were not enough, when he reached level 201 he gained the Unique class that guaranteed him false immortality, and it was thanks to this class that he became the Dragon Emperor and one of the few most powerful beings in the whole world.

With his white head being able to regenerate any injury in a matter of blinks and with the four yellow heads whose special magical skill was to multiply the defense of each head x3 times that of his terrifying physical body, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon did not take long to discover and develop an optimal fighting style for his qualities.

With all four flanks being protected so that the white head was always secured and with his other four heads being able to launch attacks as destructive or harmful as a nuclear detonation, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon managed to drive his enemies into the abyss of despair after the first few minutes of combat; if they managed to survive his attacks for that long, of course.

However, today, for the first time, the 9-Headed Dragon Immortal faced an enemy that shook his style of combat and everything he knew about the world. Even crazier, this enemy was just a small human whose size was incomparable to his and whose physical body had no way to match his own.

Despite being a level 100 evolver, his Stamina was high enough to fight for hours using a monstrously exhausting fighting style.

Although his muscles should be torn, his body endured his Agility that was previously on the verge of touching the sound barrier, which the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon could only break with his attacks after channeling for a few seconds.

Magic, Strength, Mana, Health, regeneration ability, high rate of critical hits, high-level equipment, combat experience that a young boy shouldn’t have… The 9-Headed Immortal Dragon could not and would not understand how it was possible for a little level 100 human to have such high stats and such high-quality treasures.

In fact, the beast’s mind was in total disarray and chaos at this point. 

How could he not be feeling desperate? He had just completely lost his strongest skill, the skill that allowed him to completely regenerate in seconds! Even if he was still terrifyingly powerful his strength would never return to what it once was!

Only someone truly powerful who had fallen from the sky would be able to understand how the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon felt in his heart.

Looking at the beast that was roaring in pain and despair while launching elemental attacks uncontrollably, Kang Lan smiled slightly and said in relief, “It seems that even some Dragon Emperor can’t help but go crazy when facing our boss.”

Boss. This was a word Kang Lan and the others used to refer to Bai Zemin in the past, before the Transcendent faction grew up, before they left the university. She used it now because it was a word that brought her nostalgia and made her realize how long it had been since it all started.

Before they were fighting Unclassified zombies and low level mutant beasts or insects like blood sucking bees… but now they were fighting Dragons!

The passage of time was the greatest evidence of growth one could have.

“But of course.” Nangong Lingxin brought a hand to her waist and said with a big smile on her beautiful face, “Our dear Leader can drive even the very Gods to the brink of madness, a little 9-headed dragon is not worth mentioning!”

p Little did she know that in fact, in the sky and hidden, there were beings that they considered their Gods watching the development of everything that was happening.

Bai Zemin looked at the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon in silence, and the next moment his body became a blur that gradually became blurrier and blurrier.


By the time the remnant image left behind by him disappeared, the sound barrier broke into pieces and dozens of Mach Cones formed behind his true self.

With his Agility now being over 18.000 points thanks to the 3000 points that the God of War’s Temporary Possession skill had given to all of his stats, what little distance there was between Bai Zemin and the sound barrier of Earth was finally shattered into pieces.

By the time the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon finally woke up and noticed his hated enemy approaching, Bai Zemin had already closed the distance between them to only 5 kilometers. Five kilometers might seem like a lot using the mentality of the past, but to soul evolvers like them that distance was equivalent to no more than 10 meters if they wanted to compare the time it would take to close it.

With Annihilation of the Falling Sky back in his left hand in the form of a greatsword, Bai Zemin for the first time in a long time unsheathed his main weapon as he calmly watched his enemy’s black head begin to glow under the crackle of dozens of dark lightning bolts.

The eyes of the Higher Existences who had not yet recognized Annihilation of the Falling Sky due to its extremely weakened state and incomparable to when they saw it before almost fell when they saw the blood-red greatsword in the young human’s right hand.

Because this was a weapon that had been forged by Bai Zemin almost at the beginning of the apocalypse, the materials he had used back then were not the best so even if he had made several improvements to it the base was impossible to upgrade. But, the glowing runes Kali had traced across the length and breadth of the weapon’s body for him were visible to all.

“That’s…” Medes’ eyes twitched as he looked at the increasingly glowing runes on the hilt of the weapon, “How can this be possible…”

Gabriel’s expression showed his disbelief as he said in shock, “A sacrifice rune? A Lower Existence can draw that kind of rune?”

On Lucifer’s side, Eternal Phoenix gasped softly as she whispered under her breath, “High cooldown rune, high physical power boosting rune, enemy suppression rune, pain multiplying rune… and I can’t understand the last one at all.”

One of Eternal Phoenix’s hobbies was studying runes. She had studied all kinds of runes for over 100 thousand years, therefore, her knowledge on this matter certainly wasn’t small at all. Still, however, she couldn’t draw most of the runes that were on the young human’s greatsword with that quality and there was one she couldn’t even comprehend!

Lucifer looked at the blood-colored weapon with serious eyes and a peaceful expression on his face as he said in his heart: ‘So this is what that white haired little monster that Fire Sorrow mentioned earlier can do… I have no confidence that Agon can do something like this.’

Agon was a Sixth Order demon and his importance was as high as that of a commander in Lucifer’s eyes. This was because he was the biggest and best rune encryptor in the entire Demonic Army and most likely had the ability to compete for the position of the best in the universe; all the major weapons and armor passed through his hands for him to improve them using his practically godly hands.

However, Lucifer could tell that while Agon could draw most if not all of those runes, he doubted that his rune-encryptor had the ability to put all of those runes on the same object without destroying it.

It was impossible not to be curious about the person who had managed to draw such high level divine runes all together on the same object without failing. Lucifer was not the only one who immediately became more than curious about Kali.

Just at that moment, the black head’s giant mouth opened wide and a world of dark lightning descended upon Bai Zemin who at this point was in the middle of his leap to attack.

His golden eyes were so calm that it was frightening as the seemingly endless flash of lightning rapidly approached. With his body enveloped in the radiance of Overlap Regeneration, his mouth moved slightly as he calmly said, “Go.”

From the shadow of both greatswords, four clones identical to Bai Zemin all of them with wings behind their backs hovered in a straight line before each other in front of the main body.

The first clone was immediately torn apart after being engulfed by the fierce lightning, the second endured a brief moment before being turned into a pile of crimson sparks, the third lasted as long as the second, and the fourth managed to hold on for two seconds before being crushed.


A chasm over 200 meters deep immediately formed on the ground as the bolt of dark lightning struck the ground.

As the sky rumbled, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon roared as the mouth of his blue head opened wide before launching a great torrent of icy energy towards Bai Zemin who was now standing just above the red head.

Swinging Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom in an up down arc, Bai Zemin silently activated ‘Rumbling the Heavens, Shaking the Earth’ at the same time as he slashed with Annihilation of the Falling Sky in a wide sweeping diagonal arc to his left.


Half of the red head was shattered on the spot at the same time as the great sea of purple flames expelled from the blade of Annihilation of the Falling Sky collided head-on with the icy energy beam shot from the blue head.

Bai Zemin’s body was shaken and sent away by the shockwave that struck him in the chest. A thin trickle of red blood with small golden dots slipped from the corner of his mouth but his expression did not break as he listened to his enemy’s wail of pain.

“Blood Scythe.”

Bai Zemin’s voice was not loud but it still spread far and wide as he flapped his ash-gray wings to slowly steady himself in the sky.

The blood that was still spurting out of the red head suddenly froze and in a jiffy, a scythe over 100 meters tall was suspended right in the middle of the red head and the blue head.


In a split second, the blood scythe turned into a crimson flash, completing a full circle in less time than a person could complete a blink of an eye.

The 9-Headed Immortal Dragon roared in pain as two other heads detached from their necks and fell to the ground causing terrifying earthquakes.


Bai Zemin turned a blind eye to both the dragon’s roar and his murderous intent. His expression was like that of a non-sentient being; it was as if he was fighting with a small ant as he watched a great torrent of toxic mist shoot towards him from the green head.

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