Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 449 - Invasion: 1 Vs 20,000,000! (Part 3)

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As Lilith had explained to Bai Zemin several weeks ago, Soul Stones were not to be consumed by any means.

Although Soul Stones could grant the soul evolver of any race a great power boost depending on the quality of the Soul Stone consumed, the risk was too high. Since the mana contained within the Soul Stones was mana that could not be controlled by the fleshly body, the soul would suffer the consequences while trying to withstand the assault of foreign mana and therefore at best the soul would end up damaged; which would consequently weaken the soul evolver for a period of time corresponding to the severity of the damage the soul received during the process of assimilation and consumption of the Soul Stone.

Then, after knowing all this one could try to imagine the shock that Bai Zemin felt when he witnessed with his own eyes how the existence in front of him consumed a Soul Stone as if he was eating a candy.

Not only did he not suffer any kind of consequence, but his power actually increased! The most terrifying thing was that it didn't seem to be a temporary power boost that would disappear after a certain time; it seemed to be a boost that was here to stay!


While Bai Zemin was shocked by what he had just seen, one of these human-like beings that could even be considered more beautiful than the average human by a wide margin were it not for how bloodthirsty they were charged at him.

By the time Bai Zemin regained his senses, this being was already in the midst of swinging his sword. The ferocious grin on his face and the blood stains from the bloody wounds caused by the shots he received was enough to make anyone freeze in fear.


"Eh?" The man's eyes widened slightly and a small sound of surprise automatically came out of his mouth.

His sword had effectively struck the neck of the small human in front of him. However, the head was not severed as it should be; in fact, there wasn't even a drop of blood coming out of this person's neck!

"You're just a level 26 piece of trash but you have the nerve to attack me? I really don't know whether I should call you brave or call you mentally retarded." 

The otherworldly man looked Bai Zemin in the eyes when he heard the slightly mocking voice but packed with murderous intent and froze for an instant. The feeling of death overwhelmed him and before he could say anything his body began to swell like a balloon receiving pressurized air.

"Hahahaha!" The man burst out laughing. "Interesting, really interesting!"

His voice sounded strange as his body had swollen to the point where it was hard to associate it with a human-like being. He didn't seem frightened at all even knowing what his fate would be.

"Indeed, it's interesting." Bai Zemin sneered. "Now go tell the joke to the king of the underworld."


Hot blood splattered everywhere along with pieces of broken organs. Shredded flesh and skin flew into the sky before falling swiftly to the ground with unnaturally terrifying sounds.

[You have received the Soul Power of First Order Juseshro level 26.]

"Juseshro? What a shitty name." Bai Zemin spat on the ground and with one hand wiped away the blood covering his face as he said in a low voice, "I've got enough trouble already but more keeps coming.... I guess I might as well let loose a little here to show everyone that a pack of rabbits shouldn't bother a lion who just wants to rest in peace."


A beautiful woman laughed like crazy and charged towards Bai Zemin, followed by dozens of others of her fellow rabbits.


"Soul Power so pure!"

"Damn Soul Record, let's see how you suppress us now!"


"You all are too noisy." Bai Zemin frowned and took a step forward.

There were about 30 otherworldly existences in front of him, surprisingly, all of them possessed enough Soul Power to surpass level 20. Among these beings were even a dozen First Order.

"Too weak." He muttered after clenching his right fist.

Then, as his upper body leaned forward, Bai Zemin strongly pulled his right arm backwards and then fiercely struck forward without holding back in the slightest!


The atmospheric pressure caused by a punch that contained all of Bai Zemin's Strength could only be imagined. The air blasted as if a bomb had exploded and a ten-meter diameter air cannon flew forward at lightning speed.

The men and women who emerged from the rift still had fierce smiles on their faces and the excitement shining in their eyes was impossible to hide. However, a second later, their bodies exploded as if several grenades had been secretly planted inside.

Bai Zemin's punch had been so strong and overwhelming that the hot blood turned into a bloody mist. The red mist hovered several inches above the ground, some particles rising into the sky while others slowly fell towards the earth and tinged the ground with crimson.

For an instant, the battlefield was silent. But this silence did not last long.

These existences seemed incapable of holding a proper conversation and did not seem to fear death at all as even despite seeing what a single fist of the enemy before them could do, they still charged forward while bellowing wildly and laughing loudly.

The corner of Bai Zemin's mouth turned up slightly. Instead of waiting for the enemy to approach, he charged toward them as well and closed the distance of a few hundred meters in an instant.

Bai Zemin stopped dead in his tracks right in front of a beautiful woman, beautiful enough to compare to a human woman on the level of Shen Mei. However, his eyes were merciless and his actions showed how little he cared whether his enemy was a man or a beautiful woman.

The woman with hot red hair was a First Order existence level 30. However, in the face of Bai Zemin's Agility comparable to that of a peak Second Order existence, this woman did not even manage to see more than a bright flash before her when she suddenly felt a large and powerful hand like metal pincers clinging tightly to her right arm.

The beautiful woman's eyes widened in shock as she felt the world around her move at speeds she could not follow with her eyes. Then, she felt as if her body was hitting an incredibly hard wall followed by overwhelming pain that made her scream and cry.

"What a useless weapon." Bai Zemin casually tossed the woman's upper body that had been used as a whip to crush the body of another level 25 First Order enemy.

"Hey, handsome man!"

Bai Zemin looked with cold eyes in the direction of the voice calling him only to see a beautiful lady with short bob-style hair wielding a spear and stabbing straight towards his head.

Bai Zemin raised his left hand at lightning speed and before the woman could be surprised at how he caught her weapon so easily, he snatched the spear from the woman and with a 360 degree spin decapitated her.

"Rank 1... Never mind." Bai Zemin muttered as he twirled and decapitated another First Order existence.

Stabbing, punching, piercing, slashing, spinning.

The blood red spear became the hell of the beings coming out of the rift. Bai Zemin's movements were too fast for any of them to see with clarity what was happening and before they could react they found their heads sliced off or bodies cut in half.

The number of enemies was too many and no matter how many he killed there seemed to be no end to them as they continued to thrill out of that space rift. 

Bai Zemin was surrounded by a crowd of enemies like locusts jumping into the crops. Even if his Agility was high, it was impossible for him not to get hit a few times as a result of the limited space. However, Bai Zemin did not mind at all.

Attacks that he judged were not able to break through the defense of his armor or his passive skill Silver Skin were ignored and he only focused on blocking and then slaughtering those that had the ability to cause him light injuries.

As for serious injuries... There was no one present capable of injuring the current Bai Zemin in such a way.

He was like an enraged lion in the midst of a herd of cowardly lambs. Wherever he went, blood spilled and flesh flew. The corpses piled up at lightning speed and in just two minutes the number of enemies Bai Zemin had slain had already exceeded 2000.

The blood began to accumulate not only forming large puddles on the ground but also began to condense in the form of mist to form what appeared to be red clouds that rose a couple of meters above the ground. The smell of blood and mutilated flesh was so powerful that just getting within a kilometer of the battlefield would be enough to make a person vomit in disgust.

Bai Zemin's all-black armor had been dyed red. Drops of blood slid one after another not only from his armor but also down his gloves, hair, face, and even his feet!

However, far from being disgusted, a big smile on Bai Zemin's face gave him a look that for an instant caused these unknown beings to shudder, because although they did not fear death, they were not stupid enough to casually throw themselves at it. After seeing that the man before them was not at all exhausted even after making sudden and fierce movements, the madness and bravery of these strangers began to waver a little.

However, their numbers only increased with time. Far from diminishing, by the time Bai Zemin had killed 5000, another 7000 had emerged from the spatial rift that even now showed no signs of closing and unlike those already on the battlefield the newcomers who had not seen Bai Zemin's tenacity and ferocity simply laughed happily and charged forward following the thick smell of blood.

A circle of death over two hundred meters in diameter with Bai Zemin as the center stretched outward. The circle was completely composed of corpses; those in better condition had been decapitated and those in worse condition were in an unrecognizable condition as they had been cut into countless pieces.

After five minutes, Bai Zemin had killed more than 7000 enemies. However, the tide seemed to have no end as more and more continued to emerge from the rift like endless ants. 

Among these 7000 killed enemies, there were surprisingly more than 300 who had already advanced to the First Order. Although fortunately there was no sign of a Second Order existence among the enemy lines, Bai Zemin felt his head go numb.

If it wasn't him and it was any other First Order existence, they would definitely have been overwhelmed to death by numbers! Even Shangguan Bing Xue might not be able to fight so many at the same time even though her Ice Maker skill was designed for it!

300 First Order! One had to know that even after 2 whole months Bai Zemin had not hunted down so many First Order enemies despite going deep into mutated forests and facing an army of thousands of goblins!

"I wonder how many Soul Stones I'll be able to get out of all this." Bai Zemin burst out laughing and for an instant rationality seemed to have left his gaze.

With a large smile that showed his white teeth, he looked more like a blood red-dyed hell demon than a human as there was no trace of white showing on his skin he caught a First Order existence and forcefully thrust the spear he had stolen from the beautiful woman at the beginning of the battle into the chest.

The spear broke as the durability seemed to have come to an end. However, Bai Zemin didn't even bother and instead of releasing the useless metal part, he swung it viciously towards the enemy's head.


[You have obtained the Soul Power of First Order Ungushro level 38.]

More blood, flesh, and brain matter joined the hellish decoration that the battlefield two kilometers south outside the camp had turned into.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bai Zemin shook his fists fiercely and explosions echoed everywhere. The enemy corpses could not hold even a single punch and even without the blows hitting them directly many were injured and lost limbs just from the shockwave.

An area of over 300 meters was soon covered by bloody fog and the sun's rays had difficulty penetrating the area. 

The skies seemed to weep tears of blood and along with the sun's rays, a crimson sunset began to form even though the day was just starting.

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