Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 450 - Invasion: 1 Vs 20,000,000! (Part 4-Last)

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What was hell like? There were many theories about it.

Some theories described hell, the place where the cruel and evil Satan resided, as a space filled with fire. In this clearly fanciful theory, hell was located in the depths of the earth and sinners would be sent there after their death to be burned by the fire of the core of the world.

Other theories described it as a dark place filled with suffering separated by 18 levels called the eighteen levels of hell and the deeper one fell the more suffering one would experience as punishment.

Bai Zemin was not a particularly religious person. However, even though he was not a religious person in the past this did not mean that he rejected religion in general. He simply kept his mind open to all kinds of ideas and religions, without denying or accepting any of them as his faith.

Consequently, by neither denying the existence of a god nor accepting such a god, Bai Zemin was also open to all kinds of theories and ideas no matter how crazy they might sound. However, if someone had ever asked him the question, "What do you think hell looks like?", then he would definitely have said that hell would surely look similar to the view before his eyes at this very moment.

If a person were to look down from the sky from a great height at this moment, then they would probably be surprised to see a large deep crimson red circle that stretched almost 1000 meters in diameter. Although the circle was not perfect and had several irregularities, it was astonishing because apart from the deep crimson red color there were also elevations similar to small mountains in the areas closest to the center.

Standing on a mountain approximately 4 or 5 meters high formed by an unknown number of corpses, Bai Zemin observed the scene before him with ice cold eyes. 

The spatial rift that had been formed by means unknown to the humans was still there. However, Bai Zemin clearly noticed how the height and width of the rift had shortened; although it was only a few insignificant inches compared to the approximately 20 meters wide and nearly 10 meters high, it was a clear indication that the barrier was slowly beginning to close.

The otherworldly aliens still continued to emerge like locusts and cockroaches with no apparent end in sight. However, this time those who came from the rear running in excitement for some reason did not continue to advance any further when they saw the scene before them.

"How many did I kill so far?" muttered Bai Zemin as if in a trance. 

That was a good question to ask himself.

It had been about 30 to 40 minutes since he started fighting the otherworldly enemy and during that time he didn't even stop for an instant, this being his first break gained through the fear that the enemy was slowly starting to develop towards him.

During that time, Bai Zemin had punched who knows how many punches, kicked his enemies or simply used their own weapons to crush them into a pile of meat paste. At this point it was difficult to find a corpse without too much damage on it.

In fact, Bai Zemin did not know that the number of enemies he had killed so far had already exceeded 200,000 ... 200,000 lives were ended by his own hands in such a pitifully short span of time. Such a mass genocide would probably be more than enough to shake all of mankind eternally and be recorded in history books as one of the most heinous acts in human history if the world still continued to be as it was.

Among these more than 200,000 slaughtered enemies, there were more than 18,000 who had correctly evolved to the First Order... Such a number... Such a number was enough to put the entire humanity of China and perhaps the entire world in danger of being annihilated if they united in one place and began to conquer territory by territory; however, such beings who had probably lived tens of years and even more than a century to reach such a level of power perished one after another at the hands of a 20 years old young man who had not been evolving for more than 2 months.

As the enemies looked at him standing on the mountain of corpses in silence, all of them felt their throats go dry and none of them dared to act as savage or arrogant as they did 40 minutes ago.

"Heh..." Bai Zemin's lips parted and a smile filled with mockery and disdain automatically formed on his face.

Bai Zemin's head was slightly tilted down and his hair fringe partially covered his expression. However, when the otherworldly enemies saw that smile on his face, it was no different from seeing the devil's smile in the eyes of these existences.

Earlier, many of them had tried to ignore the human before them and surround the place to attack the establishment that was only a few kilometers away as this race had a certain unique characteristic that made it easy for them to detect the location of large numbers of Soul Stones within a certain range.

However, all those who tried to cross beyond him were slaughtered in the most horrific manner possible. There was a First Order existence level 50 and about to break the Second Order who was literally turned into a pile of meat paste after receiving a flurry of punches that turned her body into pulp while the pain of dozens of blows was transmitted to her brain in an instant due to the enemy's speed.

After losing more than 20,000 of them, these otherworldly existences realized that the being before them would not let them go unless they managed to defeat him in combat. Therefore, they began to charge even more fiercely to the point where some even tried to use their teeth to bite the enemy.

But to no avail. They were all wiped out of existence and the Soul Power that made up their lives was absorbed by the other party.


[You have received the title 'Savior of the World'.]


Bai Zemin did not seem to notice the message that flashed brightly in his retina as he still continued smiling mockingly without focusing his gaze on the enemy before him. However, if there was one thing he did notice, it was that his strength had increased by quite a considerable margin.

It was just that the current him for some reason felt strange.... He suddenly felt like fighting... fighting and slaughtering his enemies.

Was this some sort of hidden side effect of the unique job Blood Berserker? Maybe. But even with the effect of the Brilliant Mind title active it was a bit complicated for Bai Zemin to fight against those cravings that overwhelmed and embraced his senses.

Just at this moment, Bai Zemin felt two familiar auras rushing at full speed in his direction.

"Mm?" He raised his head slightly and looking over his shoulder noticed two silhouettes emerging from the gates in the south of the camp.

These two silhouettes were naturally Shangguan Bing Xue and Wu Yijun.

The faces of the two women were already pale before they saw the scene before them. But when they got close enough to get a better look, they both stopped and their already pale faces turned paper white in the blink of an eye.... Fortunately, the two girls had been knocked unconscious by Shangguan Bing Xue when she detected the peculiarity in the air or else one could imagine the trauma they would both experience at such a scene.

The sun could no longer pierce through the cloud of blood that had formed 300 meters above the ground. In addition, an area of approximately 2 kilometers had a slight reddish tinge floating through the air like particles and even the air the two women breathed was filled with enemy blood. The bloody mist that surrounded the area immediately began to dye their armor, weapons, and bodies red.

This was the second time both women had witnessed such a bloody and cruel scene as the one in front of them.

"What... What... How many... What..."

Wu Yijun mumbled incoherently as she stared wide-eyed at the huge mass of corpses.

Shangguan Bing Xue looked up with a deathly pale face and in the distance saw Bai Zemin standing silently on a mountain.

Mountain? Her blue eyes trembled as she realized that there was no mountain before.... When she focused her gaze, she felt her heart stop for an instant.

All... Those are all human bodies? Shangguan Bing Xue almost fainted from the shock and horror she felt.

Each and every mountain, the entire ground, EVERYTHING that came into her range of vision was red and dead! Countless corpses plagued the area!

Neither woman was a fool, it was just that the scene before them was simply too much to digest in a short time. After all, seeing the death of tens of thousands of spiders and even 100,000 spiders was not the same as seeing the death of hundreds of thousands of human-like beings. Therefore, both ladies failed to grasp the situation even though they could even from afar partially see the spatial rift and the ominous energy it exuded.

"Ah, it's you two, girls."

A slightly playful and extremely haughty voice attracted the two women's attention.

When Wu Yijun met Bai Zemin's cold eyes and saw his current appearance, she unconsciously lowered her eyes immediately with lingering fear in her heart. For some reason, the current Bai Zemin gave her a completely different feeling than what she normally felt when she was around him.... Just by looking into his eyes, she felt inferior, unworthy, and even fearful.

Shangguan Bing Xue frowned tightly as she looked at Bai Zemin. She felt that not only was his tone of voice not the same as usual but even that coldness in his gaze was beyond anything she had ever seen. Just by looking into his eyes, she felt her blood run cold, and for the first time, she felt a hint of fear towards him.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of this soon." Bai Zemin's voice traveled hundreds of meters and his words sounded as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


[The level of synchronicity with the unique job 'Blood Berserker' has reached the highest point: 100%.]

[Blood Will (Second Order passive skill) Lvl 5 evolves forcibly.]

[Evolving skill.]

[Successful evolution.]

You have acquired Third Order passive skill level 5: God of War's Will.]


Bai Zemin didn't seem to notice the messages the Soul Record was sending him as well, nor did he seem to notice the massive number of changes his records were having. It was clear that even with the passive effect of the Brilliant Mind title suppressing to 10% whatever primary or secondary effect such a skill had, was still not enough to keep his personality from changing a bit.

In fact, the current Bai Zemin was actually not much different from his usual self. It was just that his arrogance had increased as if it was the most natural thing in the world and his self-confidence had skyrocketed to unforeseen levels.

Therefore, when he ignored the surprised gazes of the two women and looked straight ahead again to face the otherworldly enemies, Bai Zemin's lips curved into a sneer.

"Really, you are all a bunch of eyesores." He said in a deep voice.

Even a saint would be angry at being treated in such a manner for not mentioning the enemy before Bai Zemin.

He didn't know it but the beings he was currently facing were from a terrifying and dangerous race to the point where even the Soul Record denied them evolution by absorbing Soul Power. 

How could such beings take such words over and over again in silence?

"You damned bastard!"

"How dare you!"

"I'll rip your head off and will use your skull as a urinal so I won't get out of bed at night!"

"Everyone, charge! There are 20,000,000 brothers and sisters waiting beyond who will soon join us and by that time this bastard's Stamina will be completely depleted!"


Those at the front shouted and cursed loudly before rushing forward without a care for their lives. Those in the back did not delay either and as soon as they found the opportunity sprinted at full speed towards the enemy before them or jumped high into the sky to throw their weapons.

"Die." Bai Zemin said lazily and waved his hand as if brushing a fly out of the way.

A huge wave of mana flew out from within his soul, immediately surrounding the area and taking control over the element that at this moment reigned even above the air they all breathed.

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