Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 813 world War Outbreak

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Chapter 813 world War Outbreak

In the past, Lilith did not want Bai Zemin to use this kind of attack. As for the reasons why she preferred to keep him away from such a style of combat even though many things would be easier if he could master it, only Lilith herself knew.

However, she realized that there were things that could not be avoided. Just as Bai Zemin had said yesterday, even if Lilith was one of the most powerful existences in the universe she did not have the ability to fight against fate.

In theory, Bai Zemin should not know of the existence of this attack method until much later. However, due to his title ‘Irregular’ and the ability to travel between worlds, as well as Princess Seraphina’s ‘Invocation’ skill that probably played a large role in Bai Zemin’s appearance in Eventide World, things had taken a 180-degree turn that Lilith did not expect; she did not expect to meet an existence that curiously carried a greatsword and at the same time wielded it using a whip in the hilt.

The existence named Liam Anworth had made Lilith decide to teach Bai Zemin the style of combat she least wanted to see since sooner or later both of the greatsword wielders would sit down and have a little chat. As Liam had said days ago, he wanted to show Bai Zemin an interesting way to use greatswords.

A few minutes after regaining his composure, Bai Zemin looked at Lilith with bright eyes and said in excitement, “This attack method is really great! Although it can’t be used in a battle already started between two high-level enemies, this attack will definitely be a good war opener!”

However, Lilith’s next words came as a great shock to him.

“You say this method of attack cannot be used in combat…? You’re wrong. You are completely wrong.” She shook her head and said with a serious expression on her face, “I know a person who after mastering the use of whips is now able to use attacks of that style continuously as if wielding a normal sword every second.”

“What?” Bai Zemin’s eyes widened slightly and he said still feeling disbelief, “That’s impossible! To strike like that you first need to constantly swing the whip to gather power and that takes at least several seconds!”

“Whether it’s true or not, won’t you learn it in the future once you manage to learn how to use a whip properly?” Lilith pointed out calmly.

Under Bai Zemin’s dumbfounded eyes, her body swayed slightly and in an instant disappeared from his sight. Even then, her voice reached him loud and clear.

“If you train at least two or three hours a day you should be able to learn enough to use slightly weaker attacks than the previous one in the not-so-distant future in real combat without having to worry too much about the power loading.”

Bai Zemin remained silent for a while, processing Lilith’s words and what had happened. After a few minutes, he moved forward to pick up his greatsword; more specifically, the mutant beast sinew.

“Oh, well… It’s not like I have anything important to do for the next few hours.” He muttered under his breath.

Moments later, explosions echoed through the forest and more and more boulders were shattered.

* * *

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

During the previous two days, the Gales Kingdom had undergone a tremendous change.

After the Diurnal Bats were seen departing from the capital city of the kingdom, the troops stationed in the five major cities and smaller towns began to mobilize in large numbers under the frightened eyes of the citizens.

Not only were the energy shields meant to be activated only in times of need turned on and maintained 24 hours a day as if waiting for the attack of a great enemy without worrying at all about the consumption of Soul Stones but the troops stationed at the northeastern frontier received support from at least 300,000 soul evolvers with over 50,000 tamed mutant beasts while the troops stationed at the northwestern frontier received support from almost 400,000 men.

The citizens of the kingdom believed that the demons might soon attack the bordering kingdoms, but not many hours later after midday, news that shook the entire Gales Kingdom spread like wildfire.

The scouts of Weamor City, one of the five main cities of the kingdom and located to the north of the territory controlled by Gales, sighted an army of soul evolvers composed of at least 700,000 men advancing threateningly towards the city.

When the citizens of Weamor City thought that they were about to be attacked for unknown reasons and that they would not be able to defend against so many enemies because the soldiers had been mobilized to defend the other two borders, the explosions provided several kilometers of distance warned the outbreak and beginning of the war.

As to where the army that was fighting the 700,000 soul evolvers from the Krap Kingdom located in northern Gales had come from was unknown. However, what no one knew was that the ones fighting the army of 700,000 were actually two humans.


After being forced back with a bleeding wound on his arm, the king of the Krap Kingdom looked at the young man in front of him with an incredulous expression on his grizzled face.

“… Who are you?” he asked in a deep voice in an attempt to avoid panicking as the surrounding explosions were accompanied by the cries of pain from his soldiers.

Bai Zemin’s cloak flapped in the wind as his greatsword with crimson lightning crackled noisily to match the crimson lightning flashing around his body.

“Just a traveler who crossed worlds.” He replied indifferently, leaving the king of the Krap Kingdom even more confused than he already was. After pointing his weapon at the enemy king, Bai Zemin declared, “Surrender to Gales and obey King Philip’s arrangements, otherwise both you and your kingdom will be treated as traitors of the human race for colluding with the demon race.”

Jeremy Krap was the name of the king of the Krap Kingdom. Hearing the words of the young man in front of him, his whole body trembled and his roar spread throughout the battlefield, “Pure nonsense! It was you who captured not only my son the prince Ronald but also captured all the princes and princesses by taking advantage of the fact that all of us kings had to rush back to our kingdoms days ago!”

Two days earlier, King Jeremy had received the messenger from Gales who after handing over the letter sealed with the seal of the royal family of the Gales Kingdom left without waiting for any reply.

When King Jeremy read the message and learned that his son was being detained in Gales for treason to humanity after allying with the demons, his whole body trembled with rage not only for the fact that his son was being treated as a prisoner but also that his kingdom was being treated as treacherous when they had never committed such an act. Therefore, the king ignored the rest of the contents of the letter demanding the handover of power from the Krap Kingdom to the Gales Kingdom and directly charged southward after receiving news from his spies that the neighboring kingdoms were also mobilizing their armies.

“Prince Ronald together with Prince Gerard of the Theles Kingdom and all the kingdoms of the world joined forces during the ceremony to send off the soldiers and citizens who lost their lives during the war against the demons, they tried to oppress the Gales Kingdom through the power of half a dozen Third Order soul evolvers belonging to the demon race… Isn’t that treason?” Bai Zemin said with a serious expression on his face.

“Bullshit!!!” The Krap Kingdom king’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets as he stared at Bai Zemin like a rabid lion wanting nothing more than to eat his raw flesh.

The only reason he had not attacked yet was because even though the other party was only a level 50 soul evolver, his skills and physical strength were terrifying to the point where after a few minutes of confrontation King Jeremy felt his arms go numb as one of the veins in his right arm burst due to the power of the other party.

“You’re telling me that 48 of the 49 kingdoms coincidentally collaborated with the demons but you, the Gales Kingdom which only possesses a Third Order existence after the death of your queen, managed to oppress half a dozen demon race soul evolvers above level 100?! Why don’t you come up with something that makes a little more sense!”

King Jeremy Krap’s words made a lot of sense, however, he was speaking to an existence that sense could not measure. are only two choices before you. If you had read the letter properly you would already know them, but I will take the trouble to point them out for you, Your Majesty.” Bai Zemin said casually.

He raised the index finger of his left hand and said slowly, “The first option is to surrender and accept the new arrangements of the Gales Kingdom to fight the demons and traitors. This first option will guarantee future prosperity, honors, and many resources after the demons fall.”

Finally, Bai Zemin raised his middle finger next to his index finger and narrowed his eyes as he said in a cold voice, “The second option is to resist and fight us. This second option will only bring misery to you and your family, as well as your soldiers. The citizens of the Krap Kingdom will be diminished to the lowest caste of humanity once the demons are defeated.”

A vein of anger appeared on King Jeremy’s forehead and as he looked at his surroundings the urgency within his heart began to grow, because as he spoke to the young man in crimson armor, his army was facing the King of the Gales Kingdom.

While King Philip’s body had suffered some wounds from fighting hundreds of thousands of enemies and would probably not be able to continue fighting for more than a few hours, those wounds were all minor ones not to mention the fact that in those few hours the losses that the Krap Kingdom would suffer would be too hard to bear.

The only hope King Jeremy had was to defeat the young man in front of him and then attack the King of Gales, that way his soldiers could continue to advance towards Weamor City.

‘Once my army breaks through the city’s defenses, I refuse to believe that this old bastard Philip wants to continue playing rough!’ A flash of resolution shone in the eyes of the King of the Krap Kingdom as he thought of the neighboring kingdoms that were probably already fighting on the border of Gales.


King Jeremy’s eyes turned red as his body grew twice its previous size. His skin took on a silver-colored metallic coating and a strange horn grew on his forehead.

Sensing the abrupt increase in the other party’s aura, Bai Zemin’s expression did not change much. He lowered his left hand and walked towards his enemy as he said in an indifferent voice, “Looks like you have chosen option number two. I’m not surprised though.”



The explosions became increasingly fierce as Bai Zemin and King Jeremy clashed. The ground shook, the earth split, the sky rumbled, and the soldiers relatively closer received serious injuries after being hit by the resulting shockwaves.

Except for King Philip who was busy containing the enemy troops and could not worry too much about the battlefield of the two powerhouses, all the other soul evolvers could see were two flashes of light.

For the first few minutes, the silver flash of light and the crimson flash of light seemed to be at the same pace. However, less than ten minutes later, the silver flash of light began to be forced to back off more and more frequently by the crimson flash of light.

“H-His Majesty Jeremy…. is being forced back by a level 50 soul evolver?” One of the Krap Kingdom’s generals, a level 92 Second Order soul evolver, muttered in shock.

Everyone who was too far away from the King of Gales to attack him immediately looked at the constant clash between the level 154 King Jeremy and the level 50 enemy soul evolver with disbelief and horrified expressions.

However, the reality was right before their eyes.

King Philip smiled slightly and a flame of bravery grew in his eyes as he saw that Bai Zemin indeed did not let him down. His attacks became increasingly fierce and all the soul evolvers who tried to stop him were sent flying with injuries of varying magnitudes while the more unfortunate ones were killed.

Even if the King of Gales wanted to restrain himself as this army would soon join his kingdom, avoiding killing some of them was impossible considering that his body was constantly hit by magic skills and the wounds became more and more numerous and serious.

Exactly 52 minutes after the battle began, the end finally arrived.


With one last attack, King Jeremy’s chest was hit full on by Bai Zemin’s greatsword after the bones of his left arm finally broke and his defense surrendered to the fierce attacks. The king’s armor shattered into pieces and as the lightning traveled to his already numb nerves his body was sent flying over 300 meters before finally impacting against a mountain.


Bai Zemin rested his greatsword on his right shoulder guard, and as he watched as a part of the mountain collapsed, he muttered under his breath, “Without activating any of my most destructive skills I needed to fight for 1 whole hour in order to defeat a normal soul evolver above level 150.”


The king of the Krap Kingdom spat out several mouthfuls of blood as he struggled to get out of the rocks covering his body. However, he had barely made it out when he fell to his knees unable to stand.

Feeling a shadow rising above him, Jeremy slowly raised his head and his exhausted face contorted in pain looked up at the perfectly healthy young man who gazed at him indifferently.

Bai Zemin reached out his left hand and caught the enemy king directly by the face. His palm covered most of the king’s face, and as he lifted him easily until his feet no longer touched the ground, he coldly commanded, “Surrender or die… Last opportunity.”

* * * * * * *

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