Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 904: Strange, mysterious, and powerfulcreature

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Chapter 904: Strange, mysterious, and powerfulcreature

Alisha and Victor exchanged surprised glances when they heard the question from the young man in front of them.

The fact that this person did not know where he was only made the level of alertness in the hearts of the four of them grow enormously. This was because the eyes of the person in front of them were simply not eyes that a human could have, and it was definitely not an ocular skill but seemed to be something completely normal, as if his eyes really were like that.

After a short pause, Alisha stepped forward with a cautious expression and said in a deep voice: "Hello, my name is Alisha.... Do you really not know where we are right now?"

Bai Zemin thought for a moment and decided there was no need to lie so he was considerably honest with his words, "Hello, my name is Bai Zemin, and as you may have noticed I am Chinese. Due to certain circumstances beyond my control, I ended up in this forest upstream when something went wrong instead of appearing at home."

Did something go wrong so that instead of appearing at home he appeared here? Alisha looked at Bai Zemin with a weird expression on her face but said nothing.

She naturally did not believe in such barbarity.

"Well, Bai Zemin, let me tell you that you are really far from home." Alisha couldn't help but feel the corner of her mouth quiver as she slowly said, "Right now you are on the other side of the world.... Welcome to the United States, we are currently in one of the many mutant forests surrounding what was once known as the Missouri River."

Bai Zemin was not too surprised as in his heart he somehow knew his luck had been bad. However, he couldn't help but sigh in disappointment.

"Something wrong?" Kali asked weakly as she felt his disappointment. She didn't understand anything they were talking about, hence why she could only rely on Bai Zemin in this moment.

"... Not that it's a bad thing, but it's far from good." Bai Zemin replied in a low voice.

Alisha and the others did not know Chinese so the four of them thought that Bai Zemin and the little European girl resting on his back were speaking in an Earth language.

Bai Zemin looked at the people in front of him and noticed the wariness in their eyes, which was natural.

Putting aside his eyes and the prejudice some people usually felt towards foreigners, Bai Zemin could not judge the Americans for being cautious towards him. Not only was he a total stranger but he wasn't even from this country; even he admitted in his heart that it would be easier for him to trust in a Chinese than someone from another country after all.

After a moment's thought, he calmly asked, "Alisha, do you know of any human base nearby?"

If Bai Zemin could reach a human base of considerable power, then perhaps he could contact his faction and maybe request a helicopter to fly home. This was all he could think of currently as even the activation of his Super Warrior skill was on cooldown after it had failed as according to Lilith something or someone was obstructing the space of a wide area.

Bai Zemin was curious about this strange space blockage, but what he wanted most was to return home safely to see his family, loved ones... and to take revenge.

Maybe feeling the sadness and anger burning in his eyes, Alisha's heart softened a little. She looked at the surroundings and her eyes shone with emotions similar to Bai Zemin's at the sight of her dead teammates.

She looked at him again and shook her head, "I'm sorry, but we've been stuck here for almost a year now and have no way to communicate with the outside world."

"... I see." Bai Zemin nodded slowly, again feeling disappointed even though he had heard the words Alisha had said before the battle against the giant snake commenced. He looked into her eyes and asked, "In that case, could you point me in the direction to get out of this forest?"

"I can do that, but I recommend that you don't go that way." Alisha sighed and pointed in a southerly direction as she slowly said, "You just need to walk that way to get out of this forest as fast as possible, it's only about two or three hours for a Second Order soul evolver. Else you can only try your luck but even the closest route will take you days to traverse, and as you can see the dangers in this place are numerous."

Bai Zemin looked at the Second Order snake calmly and nodded without saying too much.

Alisha continued, "However, as I said before I don't recommend you go in that direction." Her voice was serious and there was even a hint of fear in her eyes.

"Oh? Do you mind telling me the reason?" Bai Zemin raised a questioning eyebrow. From what he had observed, Alisha was a very brave woman and fierce like a beast so Bai Zemin couldn't help but wonder what thing could scare her this much.

Alisha's expression was serious as she said in a deep voice: "In the village further south, a village you have to go through to get out of the forest, lives an unknown creature whose power is many times higher than this river snake we killed now. Many soul evolvers from my village were killed by that thing and none of them ever came back.... Look, I know you are strong but it will be better if you avoid going there, especially since you have that little kid on your back."

"Thank you for the information." Bai Zemin nodded with no change in his expression.

He turned his hand over and a pale red bottle appeared in his palm, greatly surprising Alisha and the other three beside her. This was the first time any of them had seen something so alien.

Bai Zemin set the small bottle with the red liquid on the ground before turning to walk off in the direction where Alisha had just pointed.

"That bottle contains a liquid capable of helping your friend, but hurry up because he is on the verge of death. With this, we are even."

His voice faded and his silhouette disappeared with little Kali into the shadows of the forest before any of the four had a chance to say anything.

Alisha and the others eyed the small bottle warily, but she finally gritted her teeth and moved forward under the worried eyes of the rest.

She carefully picked up the bottle and the records immediately flashed in her retinas.

[Vial Recovery Boost (Rank 3): Increases the rate of recovery from mortal wounds by 20% for six hours before dropping to 10% for twenty-four hours.]

Alisha's eyes trembled and subconsciously her grip tightened on the bottle.

"This is..."

This bottle was simply a treasure! Thousands of lives could be saved if it could be mass produced! However, Alisha laughed at herself in her heart.

How could such a treasure be so easy to obtain or create?... If it was something so simple then she could have saved her father's life and the lives of many loved ones...

She gritted her teeth and rushed into the forest, after finding Charles' body covered in blood she quickly noticed that his eyes were open and he was looking at her as if he wanted to say something but it seemed difficult as his mouth only opened and closed soundlessly.

"Charles, shut up and don't say anything." Aisha took the cap off the bottle and put it in his mouth as she said in a serious voice, "Drink it, you will get better soon."

The stout man obeyed, and he was quick to feel the benefits as his nearly crushed internal organs began to reform a lot faster than before. Although it would take him a long time to recover, the odds of dying were now lower.

After the stout man drank the entire contents of the bottle, his eyes closed and he fell unconscious. Alisha sighed slightly relieved as she felt his breathing become heavier compared to how weak it seemed a moment ago.

She looked at the old man and said in a serious voice, "Uncle Victor, you three take Charles back to the village along with the body of the river snake."

"What about you?" The old man quickly asked in confusion.

Alisha looked in a southerly direction, and after a moment of silence, she said in a deep voice, "I need to go stop that Chinese man before he gets killed. For better or worse, he saved Charles' life and I can't let that little girl he carried on his back be affected by someone else's careless decisions."

"... All right, but be careful." The old man nodded before averting in a serious voice, "However, Alisha, remember not to go near that village no matter what."

"I understand." Alisha nodded before leaping into the forest like a panther, disappearing into the darkness in just an instant.


"Angelo, now that the leader of the faction most likely to take back China is in our territory I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to take him down." Jack, the most powerful archer of the United States of America and a powerful Third Order soul evolver, commented. He pointed out, "Even if this Bai Zemin guy isn't our enemy today, everything will be different after every human faction in the world gets a firm foothold in their lands in this new world."

"Resource wars are meant to happen. It may not be now or twenty years from now, but they will definitely happen a century from now." Anderson reasoned. "Everyone here can live more than 500 years unless we get killed. Killing a future problem in the cradle doesn't sound so bad."

"Even in the past, the government of our country was never particularly in league with the Chinese government," Sam muttered as she looked at Angelo out of the corner of her eye.

Angelo seemed deep in his thoughts, his expression wavering throughout the ride.

The group of ten were currently traveling in one of the helicopters that were found in ancient ruins left behind by what seemed to be the ancestors of mankind. The name of this type of helicopter was Artemis and not only was it five times larger than an Apache with several luxury amenities but it even had really powerful weapons and magic shields.

Eleanora was looking out the window with an indifferent expression when her eyes were suddenly attracted to a small village. She didn't see anyone so she assumed everyone had died, but she was suddenly surprised when she saw a beam of white light shattering the roof of a house and flying straight towards them.

The others noticed it too, and Andrea who was a powerful defensive mage couldn't help but sneer as she reached out her hand and effortlessly activated an energy barrier.

A golden-colored barrier appeared about 100 meters below the helicopter, but to everyone's shock, the beam of white light shattered it and continued its ascent.


"Fuck, that sucker destroyed Andrea's barrier!"

Two of the group members closest to the window were the only ones who had time to be surprised before the beam of white light hit them.


The Artemis-type helicopter shook fiercely as a pale blue shield covered it. The beam of white light was blocked, but under the shocked and disbelieving eyes of everyone including Angelo, the shield didn't even hold for a second as huge cracks began to appear on the surface.

Eleanora kicked open the door and shouted loudly, "Jump!!!"

No one hesitated to follow her, they all left their seats and jumped away from the Artemis helicopter plummeting towards the ground.

Angelo turned as he fell and under his wide eyes, the protective barrier of the Artemis was crushed into thousands of pieces before the beam of white light continued its upward movement.


The beam of light soared skyward and the Artemis helicopter turned into a fiery fireball after exploding, falling uncontrollably to the ground and exploding again a second time after the impact.

"Holy shit, that thing really destroyed the Artemis!" Robinson, a six-foot-tall black man shouted as his body caused an explosion after falling to the ground unharmed.

Angelo frowned as he looked at the village in front of them with a slightly serious expression on his face. He looked at his teammates and hesitated as to what action to take as his Danger Sense skill was warning him about someone or something capable of putting his life at risk.

Elanora was standing on the roof of a house, and while she held a sword that seemed too big for her short body she gritted her teeth as she perceived the hesitation of the one who was leading them.

"Angelo, this is our territory!" Eleanora shouted as she glared at him.

Angelo's thoughts seemed to clear as he heard the young woman's shout, his blue eyes turned sharp as daggers as he commanded in a cold voice, "Get ready to fight."

* * * * * * *

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