Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 905: Fierce battle against Dragonkin

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Chapter 905: Fierce battle against Dragonkin

Bai Zemin was on his way to where the girl named Alisha had pointed to leave this forest.

While it was impossible for him to know if Alisha was lying to him and maybe she had pointed him in the opposite direction that he would actually have to move to get out of this forest, the truth was that Bai Zemin did not have many options at this point. Even if he jumped hundreds of meters, all he would see would be green and more green.

On the other hand, Lilith assured him that if he moved in this direction something interesting might happen soon and maybe Bai Zemin could get home faster that way. Therefore, he moved forward.

Since this was a huge forest, the number of mutant beasts was not small so the number of times Bai Zemin and Kali were attacked was also not small. However, all those mutant beasts exploded into a lot of hot blood and tiny pieces of flesh flying everywhere without even stepping into the 100 meters around the two of them.

"Kali, about the language."


"How long do you think it will take you to learn one or two languages of this world? You possess the skill Language Mastery, don't you?"

"Language Mastery? I know nothing about such a skill."

"Uh? What do you mean?"

"... What do you mean by what do you mean?"

"No, well... Lilith?"

"Mmm... This is also new to me, not to mention I'm not particularly well-versed in runes or rune-encryptors. Kali, if you don't have the skill Language Mastery then how can you understand the language of runes?"

"I have no idea, I just can do it."



"... For me, understanding the runes is as normal as breathing is for all of us. Honestly, I don't think there is a rune I can't read and understand in the universe. Each rune has a different wavelength as each rune has at least one different stroke even with the most similar one, each wave has a different color and I can 'see' those colors."

"... Runes are souls?"

"Runes are runes.... But, maybe they have something to do with souls. Though the connection is surely not too deep."

"Well... I've long known that every existence in the world, whether it has a soul or not, is a series of records composing that existence. Just like weapons and armor born from forging, runes born from the drawings of encryptors should also have their own records."


The conversation came to an abrupt halt when after moving through the forest like ghosts at great speeds an explosion no more than a few kilometers distance away reverberated.

Bai Zemin stopped for a moment and narrowed his eyes. He barely managed to see a flash of an object engulfed in flames falling from the sky after being destroyed.

"Let's go." He said and quickly lunged forward with Kali on his back.

"Zemin, what happened?" she asked, curious about this world that didn't seem to be peaceful at all.

"I'm not quite sure but it looks like an air vehicle was attacked in mid-flight."

"Air vehicle? What is that?" Kali asked in amazement.

In Eventide World, vehicles usually hovered a few inches off the ground but that was all and only the really rich people could afford them as the consumption of Soul Stones was not something a normal citizen could afford.

What Kali knew of were flying beasts that humans could form a contract with to fly through the skies and move long distances, but as for air vehicles, she knew nothing.

"I'll explain later, Powder." Bai Zemin said as he jumped up to the top of one of the larger trees on the outskirts of the forest. "I'm sure in no time you'll get used to this world, trust me."

Bai Zemin narrowed his eyes as he saw several humans falling from the sky, he noticed at a glance that none of them were weak at all. His eyes scanned the surroundings trying to find whoever had attacked the destroyed plane or helicopter, but although the village wasn't very big it wasn't small either and the houses obstructed his view.

"Oh, I see several powerful souls," Kali said as she pointed to the sky with her small hand while using her other arm to hold onto Bai Zemin. She continued, "That soul over there especially, that soul is even stronger than Seraphina's."

Bai Zemin followed the direction to where Kali was pointing and a strange glint shone in his eyes when he saw a handsome young man with blue eyes. For this guy to have an even stronger soul than Seraphina's.... That meant that this person could become a Higher Existence with his own efforts if he was given time and had a bit of luck.

Bai Zemin was astonished to encounter such powerful soul evolvers repeatedly. He hadn't even been on American soil for two hours but he admitted in his heart that the United States had its own talents.

"Uh?" Bai Zemin suddenly saw a golden flash coming out from one of the alleys and his eyes widened in shock as he muttered under his breath, "What the hell is that...?"


"I'll take the lead, the rest of you move in a circular formation and don't let the enemy catch us by surprise!" Angelo ordered in a deep voice.

He extended his right hand forward and one of his rings glowed, suddenly turning into a perfectly white sword with a blue jewel on the guard that made his aura change completely.

"Remember that the enemy is probably a soul evolver with-"

Angelo's words stuck in his throat as his pupils quivered. He turned to his right just in time to see a flash of golden light coming from one of the nearby alleys.

"Rob, watch out!"

Robinson was a Third Order level 115 soul evolver based on Strength and Stamina. Although his Agility wasn't particularly high, it wasn't low either, so he managed to catch the flash of golden light charging towards him as well.

All the hairs on his body stood on end just like those of a cat sensing fatal danger. Robinson raised his giant axe above his head and as a crimson-colored light enveloped the body of his weapon he struck fiercely downward.



The earth split into countless pieces as Robinson's giant axe met its target to chop. Those closest to the blast were forced to take several steps back as they were pushed away by the shockwave and had it not been for the fact that they were all powerful soul evolvers they would have been torn apart right there and then.

Robinson's eyes widened in shock when he saw the appearance of the enemy who was forced to stop its charge due to his vicious attack but was still pressing him down with terrifying Strength.

"What the hell-"

The pupils of the united state soul evolver trembled fiercely as a flash of golden light shot out from the other party's fist, and after it hit his axe Robinson was unable to do anything as his body was sent flying straight backwards.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!.... The source of this content is


"Damn it!

"This fucking monster!"

It all happened simply too fast, in less than a second Robinson had been sent flying and his body destroyed around ten houses in the process.

Even though it was only a second, however, everyone was certain of one thing and that was that whatever they were facing was definitely not the leader of China's most powerful faction as they had thought.

Angelo turned into a gray shadow as some strange energy surrounded his body, and in a split second, he appeared to the right of the enemy.

The enemy was not slow either as after sending Robinson flying it immediately used its left fist to slash towards Angelo. However, Angelo leaned his body slightly to the right in the middle of his charge and dodged the fist with surprising agility.

When he got right in front of the enemy, Angelo slashed with his sword from the bottom up. His white sword shimmered and a light blue light burst forth from the jewel on the guard, covering the entire body of the weapon in a full upward motion.

The enemy was fast and powerful as well as having great combat skills. Realizing that it would not be able to avoid this attack, the creature made a move that the leader of the United States of America did not expect at all.

Angelo felt the wind howling in his ears and out of the corner of his eye saw the beast's tail swishing like a whip in his direction. Even though he knew that if that attack hit him it would definitely hurt, Angelo remained unmoved and did not change his attacking motion.


Like cutting butter with a hot knife, the elegant white sword sliced the beast's left arm off at the root. Red blood splashed everywhere along with a bestial roar that shook the area.

Just as Angelo was about to be hit, a golden barrier appeared an inch short of his body.


The golden barrier shuddered viciously and although many cracks appeared on the surface it managed to perfectly parry the creature's scaly tail thus giving Angelo time to retreat when he was about to be stabbed by the enemy's sharp claws.

Jack was already holding a bow that sparkled as if it was wrapped in diamonds. He pulled the string that was a mutant beast sinew and the arrow-shaped bone suddenly became engulfed in dark green flames with black edges.

"Arrow of Hades!"


The sound barrier was shattered as Jack released the arrow and the creature didn't even have time to turn around when its back was slammed full on.


The creature was sent flying over 100 meters and its body knocked down a dozen houses in the process.

Anderson raised his magic staff and waved it casually as he chanted under his breath, "Bright Calamity."

Black clouds suddenly covered the sky and the sun seemed to disappear for a brief moment before a flash of white light illuminated the entire village.

A giant lightning strike rained down from the black clouds and as it hit the ground the earth sank dozens of feet in an instant. Hundreds of houses were turned to dust as the sky rumbled furiously, but even then, the roar of pain and fury from the creature in the midst of the giant lightning flash could not be suppressed.

"Ronbinson, are you okay?" a sweet looking girl looked at Robinson, who was slowly returning to the battlefield after being sent flying.

"Ah, I'm fine. Lucy, you don't have to bother healing me." Robinson shook his head. He looked down at his shaking hands as he held on tightly to his axe before looking up at Angelo and saying in a serious voice, "Angelo, what the hell is that monster? It's too strong! Even with my passive skill Golden Bones it felt like my body was splitting into pieces when we clashed before."

Angelo was about to say something when Eleanora interrupted.

"Everyone, look over there quickly!"

Everyone looked to where Eleanora was pointing and when they saw the creature's gurgling scaly arm turn into a pile of ashes out of nowhere before scattering everywhere they gasped.

"W- What the hell is that thing?" Andrea subconsciously took a step back as she said in amazement, "My barriers weaken every time that creature attacks, it's like the mana and magic from my skills is being eaten up by something."

Angelo frowned hard as he looked off into the distance, his blue eyes seemed to be able to see the creature covered by debris and riddled with bloody scars in the middle of the crater whose diameter exceeded 500 meters.

"It didn't die," Anderson said in a serious voice.

Under the disbelieving eyes of the elite team of America's most powerful faction, the beast slowly rose to its feet. Its body was riddled with wounds, but suddenly a golden flash covered it and to the shock of those preparing to attack not only did the shattered scales begin to heal but even the left arm that had been severed by Angelo's sword began to regenerate as flesh and blood moved like tentacles.


"What the hell is that monster?" Bai Zemin was really astonished.

That kind of regeneration was simply insane! The beast had only taken a few seconds to fully recover and its aura didn't seem to have fallen at all!

Lilith frowned as she looked at the monster emerging from the crater. Her voice was no more than a whisper as she said in confusion, "Why is there a dragonkin on Earth...? Not only are there goblins and zombies but now even dragonkin?"


"Dragonkin are relatives of dragons, sort of like distant cousins. Despite not being as powerful as a true dragon, their power is unquestionable." Lilith explained as she looked at the creature over 10 feet tall whose body was encased in shimmering golden scales. "The dragonkin are like dragons but with more humanoid forms, they are very good natural mages and their natural physical strength is overwhelming as you have just seen."

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