Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 906: Despair in the face of a seeminglyimmortal enemy!

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Chapter 906: Despair in the face of a seeminglyimmortal enemy!

"What will you do? Will you kill the dragonkin and help the humans?" Lilith asked as she looked to the front.

The battle was about to resume from where it had left off moments before.

Although the dragonkin had suffered serious wounds earlier thanks to the excellent teamwork of the United States soul evolvers, its regenerative ability seemed to be in a completely different league to anything Bai Zemin had seen before. In fact, it somehow reminded him of the Platinum Ape he faced back in college except that the Platinum Ape was a First Order mutant beast whose combat power plummeted after activating its regeneration skill; it was also thanks to the Platinum Ape that Bai Zemijn gained the Regeneration skill and thus Overlap Regeneration.

The dragonkin seemed to be at its peak again because as it looked at the group of human elites, its body turned into a flash of golden light before disappearing from its position. The ground where the beast had been standing only an instant before exploded and rocks of different sizes burst outward like grenade shrapnel.

Bai Zemin watched indifferently as the big man with the axe from before advanced to restrain the dragonkin again but without much success as each blow from the creature not only forced the man back with heavy steps but also began to inflict bloody gashes on him with its sharp claws.

His eyes moved slightly to the small-bodied but very pretty girl that dressed like a witch as she pointed her magic staff at the man with the axe. A ray of slightly purple light shot out from the tip of the magic staff and when the ray of light touched the body of the axe-wielding man his wounds immediately disappeared, soon being replaced by other slashing wounds temporarily without too much weight.

"This group is composed of pure elites, probably not inferior to Shangguan Bing Xue's union with Chen He and the rest." Bai Zemin commented as he watched the group of ten begin to expose their power, slowly overwhelming the dragonkin.

He added, "Let's watch for now, no need to step forward yet. Let one or two die first, they'll feel more grateful that way."

"You are quite arrogant aren't you my dear little guy? You just pointed out the leader of one of the most powerful factions in the world as equivalent to that silver-haired girl but not your equivalent even though you both occupy the same position." Lilith chuckled before looking straight ahead with glistening eyes. She muttered, "Well, although that man is powerful and talented he really lacks to stand next to you.... Especially your current self."

Bai Zemin said nothing, his expression was indifferent as he watched the handsome man with blue eyes and black hair manage to inflict several wounds on the dragonkin.

He was not an idiot, and although Bai Zemin was willing to admit that his country was not and never would be the only one with outstanding talents, he was also not willing to believe that the United States had soul evolvers of this caliber all over its land. Therefore, Bai Zemin correctly judged that the team in front of him was most likely the most powerful assault team in the American country and the man whose sword seemed to be able to cut through everything was the one who led such a team.

However, just as Lilith had just said, the leader of the American team did not have the qualifications to be put up as an equivalent of Bai Zemin. Even if Angelo had many powerful hidden trump cards, he would not be able to defeat Bai Zemin under the influence of two levels of the skill Blood Berserker's Wrath active along with the second activation God of War's Partial Possession increasing his power to a simply disproportionate scale.

"Of course, my bullet is destined to make the entire universe tremble." Kali nodded very much in agreement with Lilith's words as she rested on Bai Zemin's back.

Bai Zemin had appeared in her life when she had nothing, it was he who valued 'her eyes' valueless and who promised to take her to see the top someday. For Kali who never had anything and who had been deprived of even her memories, that she had someone so powerful as him admiring and praising her meant more than Bai Zemin probably realized.

Lilith smiled slightly in response before her expression turned slightly serious: "Let's hope this dragonkin is a rarity among rarities.... Otherwise, it will be hard for the humans of this country to survive."

Bai Zemin nodded again without saying anything. He could see with his own eyes the reason why Lilith said those words.


The village had been reduced to nothing in a matter of minutes, and its disappearance was not as simple as disappearing since even the smallest of debris had turned into dust so there was no longer any trace at all that there had ever been human life in this part of the world.

The whole area had become a giant hole. The earth had sunk enough to bury a small building without the tip being visible and everything five kilometers around the site of where was once a human village had been destroyed.

The destructive power of each member of the main team of the United States of America was colossal, even the healer named Lucy possessed her own active attack skills capable of turning a ten-story building into a pile of junk.

However, what surprised Bai Zemin the most was that the person who seemed to be leading during the battle was not the handsome blue-eyed man but the blonde woman with the claymore.

"Everyone, jump! This beast will attack in area!" Eleanora shouted as she stomped on the ground and soared hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye.

No one hesitated as Eleanora's voice spread and the first to follow her action and jump was Angelo himself followed by the others.

Not even a second later, the dragonkin opened its mouth wide and a golden laser beam shot out from its throat. The beast moved its head from the left to the right in a fast movement and the beam of golden light spread over 2000 meters long turning everything it touched into ashes without even a fraction of a second's delay.

The group of ten had not yet touched the ground after being pulled back to earth by the planet's gravity when Eleanora shouted again, "Andrea, protect Jack!"

The mage with the most powerful defensive skills in the United States of America didn't hesitate for a moment as she raised both hands in the direction of the group's archer, "Shield of the King!"


The golden barrier shook ferociously and wide cracks began to spread across the surface as the dragonkin's right claw slammed into it. Jack knew that Andrea's skill was not at its peak against the beast they were facing so he quickly took the opportunity to back away while shooting dozens of blazing arrows.


The Dragonkin's body was engulfed in a huge ball of flames as the arrows hit and exploded on its body.

"Anderson, it's not dead yet!" Eleanora shouted as she looked at the Third Order mage. She quickly added, "The beast is aiming for Angelo!"

Anderson waved his magic staff and pointed at the ground meters ahead of Angelo, "Poison Swamp!"


The dragonkin broke at lightning speed from the fireball caused by Jack's arrows and just as Eleanora had just said the beast charged towards Angelo. However, when the dragonkin was about 100 meters away its speed plummeted and the scales on its feet began to slowly corrode as it got buried more than half a meter into the poisonous swamp that had suddenly appeared.

Angelo closed the remaining 100 meters of his own volition.

The dragonkin slashed with both claws in the shape of a cross from top to bottom. Its movements were swift despite its large size, however, Angelo was not for nothing respected and admired by all those present.

His body was suddenly enveloped by a flash of silver light and when the dragonkin's claws touched him surprisingly not only was he not damaged but he was not even forced to take a step back. The sound of metal clashing against metal along with the circle-shaped shockwave spread outward from the point of impact as the center happened at the same time as Angelo raised his sword and slashed at lightning speed towards the monster's head.

The dragonkin raised its right arm and leaned its body back slightly, narrowly avoiding being decapitated but losing its arm from the elbow down in the process.

Angelo slashed again, this time it was an up and down movement and managed to open a large bloody wound in the chest of the beast. It was right at that moment when the silver light that covered him vanished, and Angelo couldn't help but have his eyes widen in shock as his skill had lasted far less than it should have in reality.

"Andrea!" Eleanora shouted in a rush and the barrier mage responded immediately. This chapter is updated by Freeᴡebnᴏvel.cᴏm.

The golden creature roared in fury and pain before slashing with its giant tail towards Angelo.

Just as his body was about to be slammed, a golden barrier once again saved the day as even though it was about to break it managed to buy enough time for Angelo to retreat to safety.

The battle was really fierce, in a matter of five seconds the number of attacks being made from both sides was simply enormous. The sky shook harder and harder and the earth split deeper and deeper as flashes of light flickered everywhere.

Suddenly, Eleanora sneered when she noticed the dragonkin's intentions, and not even a second later the beast charged towards her with bloodshot eyes.

"Stupid monster, finally coming for me?" She gave a seemingly slow seductive 360-degree turn as her claymore burst into flames. When her body faced the dragonkin again, Eleanora released her grip on her weapon and dashed forward as she pulled two small knives from her waist. "Let me hear you howl in pain!"

The air exploded numerous times and the temperature became even more superheated as Eleanora's claymore smashed toward the dragonkin. The creature slammed its fist forward, sending the heavy weapon flying hundreds of meters at the cost of some broken scales and some burnt flesh.

The dragonkin's eyes trembled as Eleanora's small but curvaceous figure slipped under its outstretched arm. She stepped on the monster's slightly bent knee and kicked its chest as she slashed twice with her body twisting in mid-air.

Just as Eleanora wanted, the dragonkin roared in agony as its eyes were cut by her knives. The creature backed out with heavy steps as it used its hand to cover its bloodied face and the others didn't miss the opportunity.

Eleanora laughed like a true sadist as she stepped back.

Her teammates seized the opportunity and each of them activated some of their strongest skills.


A tremendous explosion engulfed the area in flames, temporarily covering everyone's sight.

A few seconds later, the dragonkin's body was revealed. There were practically no healthy scales remaining on its body, its flesh was burned beyond recognition, its remaining arm had been blown off next to its left leg and it was barely standing on its right foot.

However, the beast was not yet dead and its wounds were regenerating at rates visible to the naked eye.

"Angelo, bring it down!" Jack shouted urgently.

They were all panting heavily and although none of them had suffered serious wounds being the worst of them Robinson who faced the dragonkin one on one for most of the time, it didn't mean they were in good condition.

Angelo also knew that his team had not only consumed a lot of Stamina but they were also running out of Mana and therefore it would soon be just him left to fight the monster.

He stepped forward and raised his sword to the sky as he said in a deep voice, "Solemn Sacrifice."

Angelo felt his sense of taste disappear, but he wasn't too worried as it would return in a few days. In return for this sacrifice, his aura suddenly rose to almost double what it was before.

His sword became a blur and several white lights covered the area.

An instant after the attack was executed, Angelo's aura returned to normal and for a few seconds the battlefield was silent and even the wind stopped blowing. Soon, however, several white marks appeared all over the dragonkin's body and moments later its body collapsed as its flesh split into what appeared to be at least several hundred of pieces.

Seeing this, Robinson couldn't help but let go of his axe as he grunted in pain.

"Thank goodness..." Andrea sighed in relief.

Lucy patted her chest as she sighed in relief as well, "That monster was really strong... we probably couldn't have won if one of us was missing."

Anderson nodded and as he looked at his status window he couldn't help but mutter, "Damn, I'll need to rest for a whole day to get all this Mana back."

Angelo lowered his sword and looked at Eleanora as he said with a slight smile, "Well, everyone did a good job but Eleanora was the one who led us to victory. As expected I have to say."

The others looked at Eleanora with complicated expressions. They all thanked her in low voices, but none of them really got too close.

Eleanora wasn't paying attention to them and far from looking relieved she was confused. She frowned slightly and asked perplexed, "Did any of you get the records from that beast? I got nothing."

Her words were like a bomb exploding in everyone's heads since for an instant the brains of every member of the elite team went blank. They all looked at each other with wide eyes trying to find anyone who had absorbed at least one record from the enemy.

Angelo's face went pale as he turned abruptly, and when he looked at the chunks of flesh of the monster he had just cut glowing with golden light his pupils contracted to the size of needles.

"Guys, this monster is not dead yet!!"

The hearts of everyone in the elite team seemed to stop for an instant as slowly something that none of them thought possible to feel since they became this powerful began to grow in their chests.

The feeling of despair.

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