Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 969: Bing Xue + Xinyue + Zemin vs ThaoZhi

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Chapter 969: Bing Xue + Xinyue + Zemin vs ThaoZhi

Bai Zemin only had time to move his eyes slightly to the left and turn his head enough to see a flash of bright silver light blinding his line of sight since before he could do any more he saw the flash of silver light and the flash of purple light collide with each other.


As his body was sent flying due to the power of the explosion, Bai Zemin activated Gravity Manipulation on a small area around his body such that the golden swords raining down on him had been greatly weakened after hitting different parts of his armor.

He kept his eyes wide open at all times, and what he saw was how the silver light that covered half of the sky stagnated for a moment before quickly devouring the neon purple light that covered the other half of the sky.


Bai Zemin had no time to stabilize his body as he was quickly forced to move after sensing mortal danger when the silver light continued to fly towards him upon losing approximately 70% of its power during the previous collision with the neon purple light.

This all happened at the same time as he once again used Annihilation of the Falling Sky in its whip form along with Magic Break to shatter the enemy's magic that kept raining out from all directions.

"Electric World."

At the same time as a familiar voice came from the distance, the black clouds in the Emperor Wolf Domain became even darker than before with purple lights flickering inside and before Bai Zemin could say a single word countless flashes of purple light rained out from the clouds.

BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!...

The power of the magical golden swords lay in their numbers capable of causing cumulative wounds quickly by covering a large area without giving the enemy time to escape and practically taking away the 100% of dodge possibilities. However, although the purple lightning flashes were fewer in number, their power was a lot more focused on destruction.

Every time a purple lightning flash rained out of the clouds, it covered thousands of golden swords at the same time with its large size. The golden swords only resisted for a brief moment before being disintegrated by the higher magic power within each lightning flash and the remaining power of each lightning strike was enough to crush at least one magic circle with each explosion.

With the enemy's Bright World skill being shattered by a skill with less extension but more magic concentration, Bai Zemin had time to look towards the source of the voice and when he narrowed his eyes it didn't take long to confirm his earlier suspicion.

Two fierce whirlwinds of black wind with flashes of purple lightning were rapidly approaching from the horizon just like a storm of never-before-seen proportions, and right in the upper eye of each whirlwind moving horizontally to the distant ground was a person.

Bai Zemin couldn't help but sigh in relief when he saw that they were Shangguan Bing Xue and her mother Shangguan Xinyue.

The voice and the skill from before belonged precisely to Shangguan Xinyue.

Before he could say anything, Bai Zemin saw Shangguan Xinyue point her index finger forward and soon the two whirlwinds seemed to pick up speed, devouring both her and Shangguan Bing Xue for an instant before both attacks charged straight towards Thao Zhi.

"Decent magic power." Thao Zhi nodded calmly as he watched the two giant whirlwinds make him look like a miniature and casually raised his magic staff. "But it's still not enough."

"Roaring Flare."

Thao Zhi's voice spread across the sky as a magic circle whose width was comparable to the height of a 10-story building flashed in front of him.

An instant later, a dragon-like roar rumbled in the sky and could be heard from a distance as a flare of fire shot out from the magic circle, covering the sky in an instant and devouring the two giant whirlwinds as if they were toys.


The sight was truly breathtaking and terrifying.

If one were to look from a distance, one could see how most of the sky was filled with flames, and the most terrifying thing was that those flames were shooting out from the front of what from a distance was nothing more than a small black dot in the sky.

Bai Zemin had no time to exchange greetings with the newcomers, talks would have to wait for later: even though the silhouettes of Shangguan Xinyue and Shangguan Bing Xue had disappeared into the flames of the enemy, he was confident that both women were strong enough not to fall so easily.

It wasn't as if he had much of a choice anyway. Not when the enemy possessed skills and stats that even surpassed him despite being at his maximum possible state.

Seizing the opportunity he had been given, Bai Zemin soared high into the sky as he activated Crimson Flame to boost his physical attack power by an extra 20%.

Crimson flames engulfed the blade of Annihilation of the Falling Sky now in its greatsword form and an instant later a flash of blue flames glowed, joining with the bright blood-colored flames to form a new bright purple flame.

Thao Zhi continued to use his overwhelming magic power to push the power of his Roaring Flame skill higher and higher when he suddenly felt something.

He abruptly raised his head just in time to see a flash of purple light falling at dizzying speeds over his head and purely out of instinct rooted deep within him he activated his strongest defensive skill.

Falling from over 1000 meters above the enemy's head while pushing his falling speed even further after activating Gravity Manipulation x30 times the Earth's natural gravity, Bai Zemin raised Annihilation of the Falling Sky high and with a fierce expression on his face activated his second most powerful destructive skill within his arsenal as he slashed without holding back at all downwards.

"Rumbling the Heavens, Shaking the Earth!"

As Annihilation of the Falling Sky engulfed in purple flames struck the top of the enemy's emerald green barrier, all sound seemed to be silenced for a moment just as the black clouds within the Emperor Wolf Domain froze in place.



Followed by a faint rumbling that began to grow louder and louder, an explosion that completely exceeded all others caused black cracks to appear everywhere as the Earth's natural space law barrier began to show signs of collapse.

Mountains more than 2000 meters below the battlefield exploded as the ferocious shockwave hit them. Giant-sized rocks turned to dust and soon not only the sky rumbled but even the ground shook.

Watching as the black cracks grew larger and larger, Thao Zhi's expression changed and he hurriedly broke off a stone fragment with golden-colored magic runes written on the surface.

A strange fluctuation seeped from the small stone fragment at the same time as the power of the gold-colored magic runes spread out in the form of an invisible wave at a speed that exceeded the speed of sound by a large margin.

In a matter of fractions of a second, the terrifying black cracks began to seal once again and although the destructive power was still damaging the world's spatial barrier it was not enough to overcome the speed at which the cracks were being sealed.


Thao Zhi's pupils contracted to the size of needles as the distinct sound of something cracking sounded just above his head.

He didn't have time to rejoice and sigh in relief as he raised his head once again to find two red eyes staring at him with a bloodthirsty expression from beyond the now cracked emerald green barrier.

Impossible! Thao Zhi roared in his mind.

This barrier-like skill was a level 5 Fourth Order skill!

Even powerful enemies Thao Zhi had faced in the past had spent more than a hard time trying to break it without much success!

Although Thao Zhi wasn't underestimating the young human in front of him at all, this was a sight he hadn't expected to see even in his most distant dreams!

Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack....

It had only been an instant, a flicker of time. However, that flicker had been enough for the cracks to spread across half of the magical barrier and from the other side, Thao Zhi could feel the burning heat of the purple flames trying to incinerate him now that his defense had been weakened.

He snorted and with an angry expression on his face pointed his magic staff upwards.

Despite knowing what was coming, Bai Zemin did not back down. This was a great opportunity that he could not miss no matter what.

Making use of the still latent power of the skill 'Rumbling the Heavens, Shaking the Earth' as well as the momentum he had gained after falling from above attracted by a 30 times Earth gravity, Bai Zemin continued to activate Magic Break repeatedly while using his nearly 6000 Strength points to press down.

Magic Break was a skill that in theory allowed Bai Zemin to find the weak points of all magic. However, Magic Break was limited by the power scale of Bai Zemin himself despite being a Sixth Order skill.

Fortunately, the power of Bai Zemin could not be measured by his Order.

Unfortunately, however, the barrier of the enemy was powerful enough to withstand even after receiving such a powerful blow on its weakest point.

"Ruler of all Matter!"

Just as a strange aura surrounded Bai Zemin's body, Thao Zhi activated his skill.

"Undaunted Light!"

All Bai Zemin saw was a flash of white light that forced him to close his eyes before his body was struck.

Half of the power that hit him simply disappeared before it could harm him thanks to the power of Ruler of All Matter, but the other half was enough to cause him considerable damage.

As his body was sent flying upwards like a kite whose string had been cut, Bai Zemin was grateful for the fact that his body's pain sensors were deactivated due to Blood Berserker's Wrath skill.

The front of his armor sank inward squeezing his chest and making him spit out a mouthful of blood. The enemy's magic power was so horrifying that only 50% had managed to cause him so much damage.

However, when Thao Zhi saw the smile on Bai Zemin's face he realized that something was not right.

"I'll give it back to you!" roared Bai Zemin as he pointed downwards while his body continued to fly upwards.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A flash of white light shot out from Bai Zemin's body, and before Thao Zhi could do anything he watched with eyes filled with disbelief as some of the power of his Undaunted Light skill flew towards him and fiercely struck the weakened defensive barrier.


The breaking of the magical barrier pushed Thao Zhi back so hard that even with his body protected by a sphere of wind his face distorted into a grimace of pain.

It was just then that Thao Zhi realized a problem... the fact that he was now fighting more than one enemy.

"Bing Xue!!"

Bai Zemin's voice thundered through the clouds just an instant before a beautiful but cold voice was heard from within the flames thrown earlier by Thao Zhi.


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