Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy - Chapter 644 - To Rescue Him and Herself

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Chapter 644 To Rescue Him and Herself

More than 20 years, Gu Manman had never thought that one day she would become so humble. However, she was already attracted by this man. Thus, she needed to rescue Jiang Jingcheng from the love whirlpool of Gu Yan, and rescue herself from Jiang Jingcheng’s love whirlpool.

To rescue him and herself.

Gu Manman couldn’t stand Jiang Jingcheng’s obsession with Gu Yan at all. She had to do something. Gu Yan was only a dream for him. Not only for him, but her cousin was also another passenger in Gu Yan’s life. The instinct as a woman had told her so.

Jiang Jingcheng stood quietly, watching Gu Manman’s mouth open and close and not knowing what her intent was. Maybe she got some bad ideas?

Jiang Jingcheng was not afraid of her. He was much more sophisticated than this little girl. No matter what tricks she had, he could cope with them well.

Before, Gu Manman had done some rude things, but Jiang Jingcheng only regarded them as a child’s provocations. Although he was very angry at that time, he was a little bit sorry for losing his temper on Gu Manman. After all, she had just entered society, thinking that she was the center of the world.

As a result, he got more curious about what Gu Manman wanted to do. Then, he controlled his impatience and only looked at her sincerely.

Gu Manman could feel Jiang Jingcheng’s eyes. She felt his eyes were like torches to see through her head. Gu Manman was very nervous, but she knew clearly that she couldn’t delay it any longer.

Anyway, it was meaningless to delay much time. She had better speak it out directly.

“I like you!”

Like having a clap of thunder in the ear, Jiang Jingcheng felt that a century had passed. Gu Manman’s words had broken the silence and shocked him. The remaining sleepiness had now completely disappeared.

Jiang Jingcheng was speechless. Was this her new trick? That was not a smart one. Besides, did he look like a pervert? He looked like a man who would bow to her confession?

Jiang Jingcheng did not believe her sincerity at all. Gu Manman was never a good girl. Last time, she behaved like a social butterfly who had demonstrated all her charms as a woman.

Now, she said that she liked him? Ridiculous! Jiang Jingcheng thought Gu Manman was more compatible with shyness and pureness at such a young age.

As for Gu Manman’s words, Jiang Jingcheng didn’t care about them at all. That was only a naughty little girl’s retaliation because she had been scolded by him in the public before.

Gu Manman had expressed her mind and let out a long sigh of relief. The hesitation and timidity just now had all gone away. Gu Manman was now fearless. She boldly raised her head, waiting for an answer.

“Done? Let’s go, I’ll see you off.”

Gu Manman felt very puzzled. What did he mean? He thought that was a joke? His expression had shown no trust at all.

God damn it!


Jiang Jingcheng was about to go out, but Gu Manman didn’t move at all. Therefore, Jiang Jingcheng was a little annoyed now. What did this kid want? Apology? Fine, he didn’t want to waste more time on this matter.

Anyway, it was just a compromise that this kid didn’t bother him any longer.

“Okay, I am sorry for scolding you. I shouldn’t have yelled at you in front of everyone. I apologize to you. Was it Okay?”

Gu Manman’s grievances magnified instantly. How much courage did she pluck up to tell Jiang Jingcheng that! But he took that as a joke? Or he was still angry?

Gu Manman’s eyes were red. But she tried her best not to cry. She needed to tell Jiang Jingcheng clearly about her thoughts. She really liked him! She wanted him to know it was not a joke at all and she was serious about the love for him.

For the first time, Gu Manman wanted to explain something so seriously and wanted to use her sincerity to touch a man.

Jiang Jingcheng felt Gu Manman’s sudden emotional fluctuation as well as her red eyes. The invincible look had moved Jiang Jingcheng a little bit.

Maybe, she was serious?

Jiang Jingcheng immediately refuted himself. How could it be possible! Gu Manman and he were two totally different people. She couldn’t like him! That was her trick! However, as a gentleman, he didn’t want to see a girl crying because of him.

But, what the hell did she want?

Seeing that Gu Manman, who had always been indifferent to everything, suddenly became so serious and fragile, Jiang Jingcheng was panicked. He had never met this situation.

Jiang Jingcheng didn’t know what to do at this moment, though he didn’t show any panic on his face.

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