Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy - Chapter 645 - I Want to Be Your Girlfriend

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Chapter 645 I Want to Be Your Girlfriend

Why was Gu Manman so grieved? He didn’t bully her! Fortunately, nobody else was in the studio. Otherwise, they may misunderstand what happened here.

Jiang Jingcheng had always been regarding himself as a gentleman, he would never bully a girl.

Should he now go to comfort her? But, how? Jiang Jingcheng had never done this before. He had always found girls troublesome.

He didn’t want to associate with girls if possible.

In other words, he had no experience in dealing with girls?

Besides, she was not crying yet. Even if he wanted to do it, he got no proper reason, right?

Besides, he had no responsibility to do so. Why should he blame himself? Thinking about it this way, Jiang Jingcheng decided that he would just see her performance.

However, he still felt uncomfortable. There was an inexplicable sentiment in his mind. He just didn’t want to see Gu Manman upset.

Jiang Jingcheng was taken aback by this thought. What happened to him? Why would he feel this way? Did he had already transferred his affections to another one because Gu Yan was absent?

For a long time, Jiang Jingcheng only had a crush on Gu Yan. He was frightened by his careful thought for others. No Way! His heart only belonged to Gu Yan!

The only reason must be the sharp contrast. Usually, Gu Manman was a self-centered girl with poor behaviour. But now, she suddenly became so soft and gentle like a china doll. That made Jiang Jingcheng at a loss.

“I know I am a spoiled rich girl. I am nothing without my family, and I have a bad temper.”

After a long period of silence, Gu Manman finally broke the silence and interrupted Jiang Jingcheng’s cranky thoughts.

After saying that, Gu Manman was also stunned for a moment because she said the truth. For a long time, her family had arranged everything for her. She only needed to decide whether she liked it or not. If she did, everything would be prepared for her.

If she didn’t, she would not see it anymore.

Gu Manman did not dare to say that her attitude towards life was serious. She spent most of her time in gaming and enjoying. She had never thought of being a better person.

In Gu Manman’s opinion, a rich family was enough for her to enjoy the rest of her life. This alone allows Gu Manman’s life to see the end. She had already had the things that most people couldn’t have forever.

Gu Manman didn’t think what she possessed were bad for her before. If these conditions could make her life easier, why not?

But now, she didn’t feel that way anymore. She felt that she didn’t match Jiang Jingcheng. She couldn’t blame Jiang Jingcheng for scolding her, because she did get the job because of her family.

But Gu Manman did not cherish this job. For her, work was just a pastime. She only needed it to kill time.

Now, she felt she was inferior to Jiang Jingcheng, because she had done so many bad things.

However, Gu Manman was willing to change for Jiang Jingcheng. She wanted to be a more valuable person for him. Gu Manman needed Jiang Jingcheng to listen to her so that she could gain his trust.

Gu Manman wanted to convince him that she was willing to change for him.

Hearing Gu Manman’s words, Jiang Jingcheng breathed a sigh of relief, and then began to think it.

She was right about herself. Naturally, Jiang Jingcheng wanted to agree with her. However, he suddenly thought that if he did so, wouldn’t she cry even more sadly?

Although Jiang Jingcheng was reluctant, he had to say something to comfort her. His silence would be regarded as an assent. In this case, this girl would be extremely angry.

However, Gu Manman did not give Jiang Jingcheng a chance to speak. She wanted to pour out everything. She wanted to let Jiang Jingcheng know that her words were not a joke.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Yes, you are right about me. I am childish and self-oriented. I don’t know what it feels like to strive for something by myself, because my family helped me every time before.”

“I want you to know that I am not kidding you. I like you seriously! It’s fine you are biased against me. I know what I have done before, but now I regret it.”

“I regret that I didn’t perform well and didn’t give you a good impression. But, if it weren’t my family, I wouldn’t have met you. I don’t want to bury my feeling. I like you!”

“Jiang Jingcheng, I like you! I want to be your girlfriend!”

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