Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 474 - The Arrival Of The Dragons

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After seeing the army of billions of undead...

Joelson followed the Dark Knight and Godfrey into the majestic palace.

The palace was extremely tall, looking like a huge mountain range from the outside.

Only such a tall palace could accommodate Hades's huge body.

But even so, Hades still struggled to squeeze in through the door.

The palace had been built before he became an ancient dragon.

So he didn't think that one day, he would be so big..

In the palace.

A statue of Joelson stood at the front.

It was higher than the seat of the Dark Knight.

And behind the seat of the Dark Knight, the most honorable place in the whole hall...

There was an empty throne.

Obviously, this was reserved for Joelson.

Although Joelson had only been to the Underworld once, Hades and the Dark Knight still reserved his seat.

Of course, Joelson had nothing to hesitate about.

He directly sat on the throne above.

"Dark Knight, do you know where there are death artifacts in the Underworld?"

Joelson asked directly.

This was also one of the biggest reasons why he came to the Underworld.

The Dark Knight answered him with an obscure wave of his mind.

Hearing the Dark Knight's words, Joelson was pleasantly surprised and understood what he meant.

What the Dark Knight meant was that he had heard of death artifacts, but had never seen them with his own eyes.

He had thought that the death artifact would be very precious.

Perhaps even the Dark Knight had never heard of it.

After all, the death artifact was an extremely precious item in the supreme plane.

But he had not expected the Dark Knight to directly answer that he had heard of it.

Another wave of consciousness was transmitted over.

The Dark Knight continued, "The death artifact is in the Underworld. As long as they are intelligent undead, they have heard of it."

"But in the Underworld, the death god equipment is also very precious. Only a few people have seen it."

Joelson was not discouraged by this.

This was also within his expectations.

If the death god equipment was very common in the Underworld, then this mission would be too easy.

"However, if Master needs it, I can send an army to look for it. It should be found very soon."

"But we might not be able to find it in the near future."

The Dark Knight said with some difficulty.

The connection between him and Joelson was not a master-servant contract.

However, in the Underworld, strength determined everything.

Right now, Joelson's strength had far surpassed his, so he naturally regarded Joelson as his master.

However, this did not mean that anyone who was powerful could make him yield.

The prerequisite was that the two of them had a connection.

Just like him and Joelson.

Hearing his words...

Joelson frowned slightly. Puzzled, he asked, "Why can't we do it now?"

"Currently, Hades and I are about to engage in a decisive battle with the nearby god-level suzerains."

"We don't have enough forces to send out to search for the deathgod artifact."

The Dark Knight said.

Joelson came to his senses and nodded.

He had always been traveling alone. Even if he had a dragon, he would always stay in the space of the ranch.

He subconsciously treated Hades, the Dark Knight, and the undead army as if they were in the same situation as him.

But in reality...

The Underworld was not peaceful.

In any region, only the existence of other factions would inevitably lead to disputes.

The undead army was constantly in the midst of war.

There were many times when they did not have the time to do other things.

"How long will it take?" Joelson asked.

The Dark Knight thought for a moment and said, "If it's fast, it'll only take a few years. If it's slow, it'll take decades."

Hearing this, Joelson was stunned.

Even if it's fast, it'll take years?

How many decades would it take to be slower?

However, Joelson came back to his senses and thought about it again.

He felt that this was normal.

After all, it wasn't as simple as killing the enemy.

There were trillions of soldiers on both sides, so it was normal for them to fight for decades.

After all, this was trillions of soldiers!

It could be compared to the country wars in the endless planes.

And the country wars in the endless planes would take thousands or even tens of thousands of years!

In comparison, the speed of the undead army was already considered fast in a few decades.

Thinking of this...

Joelson began to think.

Although a few decades was considered fast, he did not have so much time to waste.

He could either help the Dark Knight solve the battle as soon as possible, or he could only think of other ways to find the deathgod equipment.

Joelson hesitated for a moment.

In the end, he decided to help the Dark Knight finish the battle as soon as possible!

This was also a really feasible method.

He had not stayed in the Underworld for more than a day.

It could be said that he did not know anything about the Underworld.

It was basically impossible for him to think of other ways to find the death artifacts.

After making the decision.

Joelson did not hesitate at all.

He flew out of the palace and went outside.

At this moment, the undead army was still standing where they were.

They stood there like long spears.

The undead army looked at Joelson with confusion.

They didn't understand why this person, who had a higher status than their master, would come out?

Then, they heard a loud sound.


As the sound echoed in the Underworld.

A huge crack appeared in the void.

The area occupied by hundreds of millions of undead was extremely vast.

However, compared to this crack in the void, it was nothing.

This crack in the void seemed to pierce through the Underworld!

One couldn't see the end of it!

The undead army might still be able to remain calm.

But, at that moment, the undead warhorses under them could not help but be terrified.

The undead army spent a lot of effort to calm them down.

But it did not last long.

A dragon's roar came from the crack in the void.


The undead warhorses panicked again.

This time, no matter how the undead army tried to calm them down, it was useless.

This was a suppression from their bloodline!

Hades did not make them feel fear, because the undead dragons were born with an affinity for undead creatures, and they had spent a lot of time with them.

The undead army continued to pacify the warhorses.

But before the dragon's roar could die down...


Another dragon's roar was heard!

And then!





One dragon roar after another came out of the great rift in the void.

Each was more terrifying than the last!

The soul waves contained in the dragon's roar assailed the army of the dead.

This time the army of the dead looked in horror at the great rift in the void.

What happened next.

It really shook them up.

They only saw that in the void rift...

A giant blood-red dragon slowly swam out, its entire body filled with the aura of slaughter.

This made the undead army—who had experienced countless wars—unable to resist trembling.


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