Breeding Dragons From Today - Chapter 575 - Mr. Joelson, Did You Really Go Commit a Robbery?

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Chapter 575: Mr. Joelson, Did You Really Go Commit a Robbery?

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“Sir, I’m really sorry!”

“You have a purple-gold bank card. According to the rules of the underground city, I have no right to see your card.”

“You can enter the auction directly!”

Joelson looked at the man in a suit in front of him, who had been gentle and elegant at the beginning, but now he was full of fear and trepidation. He was not used to it.

If you were a pretty girl, you could just be my lap dog. But a middle-aged man who was his lap dog was really unbearable.

The man in the suit took out a poker mask from the side.

“Sir, guests who provide more than 500,000 snow crystals at one time are all qualified to enter the VIP room of the auction. This is your pass, and you can also bring it to prevent your privacy from being leaked.”

Joelson looked at the poker mask handed over by the middle-aged man in the suit. The mask was pure white, but in the middle, there was a king of spades printed on it.

King of Spades?

This card was quite good.

Joelson didn’t intend to stand on ceremony. He directly took the mask from the middle-aged man in the suit.

“Sir, due to your identity as a purple-gold card, we don’t know the exact amount in your card.”

“But you have a limit of one million snow crystal coins. Even if you don’t have that many snow crystal coins now, you can still take the rest of the auction items away when you come to pay the rest in the future.”

The middle-aged man in a suit said respectfully.

Joelson raised his eyebrows and looked at the purple-gold card in his hand.

It seemed that the purple-gold card given to him by the pawn shop mustache was indeed quite useful.

Under the enthusiastic guidance of the man in the suit, Joelson officially entered the area of the auction house.

This was the underground floor of the building.

It was different from what he had imagined. The underground floor was ridiculously wide.

Even if it could accommodate two to three hundred people, it would still be very easy. It did not seem crowded at all.

The lights suddenly dimmed. At this moment, there were already many people sitting around, waiting for the auction to begin.

Joelson released his magic power. In the blink of an eye, his magic power filled the entire underground auction hall.

In an instant, Elena’s figure was discovered by Joelson.

At this moment, there were many people who could use magic in the auction hall.

However, to be able to use magic without being discovered by anyone like Joelson, only Joelson alone could do it.

There was no other way. In this place, he was definitely an ancestor of magic.

Elena was sitting in her seat. Her eyes were filled with anticipation for the auction.

She put her hands together uneasily. After a while, she would look around for something.

“What are you looking at?”

Beside Elena, he suddenly asked.


Elena was shocked by the sudden appearance of Joelson. She was about to scream, but she immediately covered her small mouth to prevent her scream from attracting the people around her.

It had to be said that Elena’s quality was very good.

The other girls would definitely scream when they were scared by Joelson.

“Mr. Joelson, don’t scare me…”

Elena patted her small chest and couldn’t help but blame him.

“But Mr. Joelson, you are really amazing. You managed to gather 10,000 snow crystal coins in such a short period of time.”

Elena looked at Joelson in surprise.

After all, it had only been an hour since they separated from each other.

And within that short hour, Joelson had actually managed to obtain 10,000 snow crystal coins. This really surprised Elena.

Even if they were to rob someone, it wouldn’t be that fast.

“I feel that I’m quite slow.”

Joelson laughed and directly sat beside Elena.

At this moment, the light in the auction venue was set to be very dim. Even those with good eyesight wouldn’t be able to see very far in this place.

However, for the powerful magic and spiritual power of Joelson, this place was no different from turning on the lights.

Joelson sat down, took out a small money bag and handed it to Elena.

This was what Joelson had collected from the three hooligans.

He did not know how many innocent people these hooligans had harmed.

“This is the hotel fee you paid for me and the snow crystal coins you used to buy medicine for me. I’ll return it to you.”

“Mr. Joelson, I’m not that desperate for money. You don’t have to be so desperate to give it to me…”

Elena wanted to return the money bag in her hand to Joelson, but she accidentally touched his big hand.

The wonderful touch made Elena’s hand shrink back as if she had been electrocuted.

“Just take it. It’s not a lot of money anyway.”

“Besides, we still have to go to the seller to settle the score. When the time comes, the money from his hand will be mine.”

Elena didn’t understand what Joelson meant.

She had already bought the medicine, so why did she go back to the seller?

Elena was a little confused.

However, Elena finally took the money bag from Joelson.

When she opened it, Elena couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

There were 8,000 snow crystal coins in this money bag!

Elena subconsciously looked at Joelson, her beautiful big eyes full of shock.

“Mr. Joelson, where did you get so much money!”

“You got 18,000 snow crystal coins in an hour. Mr. Joelson, you didn’t really rob someone, did you?”

Elena thought that Joelson had also put 10,000 snow crystal coins in the verification hall like her.

Therefore, she was so surprised when Joelson took out 8,000 snow crystal coins.

If the few hooligans who robbed Joelson had more than 10,000 snow crystal coins, then Joelson would have directly mortgaged the snow crystal coins to the front desk instead of using the purple-gold card.

However, it was a pity that only 2,000 snow crystal coins were missing. Even if Joelson wanted to keep a low profile, he couldn’t.

In any case, Joelson couldn’t take a piece of Hades’s dragon scale as collateral, right?

If that was the case, the entire Kardas family would be shocked by the piece of dragon scale that he had taken out.

In fact, many large families in the underground cities would fight over the Hades’s dragon scale that Joelson had taken out.

This was a treasure among treasures!

After all, other than Joelson, who else could possess a dragon scale with such a powerful aura from Hades?

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