Building The Ultimate Fantasy - Chapter 626 - I seem to have seen you somewhere before

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Chapter 626: Chapter 626, I seem to have seen you somewhere before

The sudden turn of events shocked everyone.

A black and white woman suddenly appeared in the land of Enlightenment. Her black and white long dress fluttered in the wind as if it contained a unique mystery.

The woman’s hair was extremely long and fell to her waist. It was half white and half black, making her seem somewhat demonic.

The appearance of such a demonic woman caused the atmosphere to freeze.

That was the terrifying aura that the woman emitted, freezing the surrounding environment. Even a powerful quasi-saint black-and-white beast could only cover its mouth and weep.

The black-and-white beast really felt wronged.

It was clearly its master who had asked it to bite, but just as it was about to bite down, its master appeared and slapped it away.

How could she not feel wronged?

You were the one who wanted to bite her, and you were the one who wanted to hit her instead..

Women were really hard to please!

Why would a female make things difficult for a female!

As expected, the big fish ate the small fish, and the small fish ate the shrimps.

The black-and-white beast sent the Great Dao level wood spirit flying with a slap, and the appearance of the woman also sent the black-and-white beast flying with a slap..

The wood spirit’s body cracked, but he was not dead yet.

The black-and-white beast had just casually sent him flying. Although his body was on the verge of exploding and was filled with cracks, with the recovery abilities of a Great Dao level god, he was still not dead yet.

However, when the wood spirit looked at the woman floating in the air, his body could not help but tremble.

That was the fear that came from the depths of his soul..

“It’s her… the terrifying chaos creature that snatched away the wood essence ancestor statue!”

The wood spirit’s face was filled with fear.

He did not expect that this chaos creature would actually appear here. That was an existence comparable to the godfiend emperor. Once it went berserk, everyone in the entire land of enlightenment would die.

No one could escape.

Even with the protection of the Elemental God, the wood spirit felt that death was inevitable.

What was the purpose of this woman’s appearance?

Didn’t the Elemental God say that the beast ancestor statue would compete with us and that the chaos creatures would not interfere?

The wood spirit watched with difficulty and fear.

In the distance, Lu Jiulian had single-handedly combined with the name of the human demon God to prevent these great dao level gods from fighting Lu Jiulian to the death.

However, Lu Jiulian was also implicated.

The woman’s appearance attracted Lu Jiulian’s attention.

“Who is she?”

“Could she be here to snatch the beast ancestor statue as well?”

Lu Jiulian narrowed his eyes.

The Aura that this woman emitted was too terrifying. Most importantly, she was able to send a quasi-saint level black-and-white beast flying with a single slap. Even the black-and-white Beast didn’t dare to be fierce.

This Woman’s strength was definitely above that of the black-and-white beast.

This wood origin beast ancestor statue… was it so difficult to obtain?

It was actually able to attract the attention of such an expert.

Lu Jiulian hesitated. This woman… if he were to unleash his small universe, would he be able to win? !

Would he be beaten to death?

The Eight Great Dao level gods that were fighting with Lu Jiulian also stopped attacking. The main reason was that the pressure of the black and white woman’s appearance had terrified them.

Sima Qingshan and the human geniuses joined forces and finally blocked a great dao level god. As the other party stopped attacking, the pressure also relaxed.

As for the Overlord, he was already covered in blood. In front of a great dao level God, the Overlord was unable to retaliate. However, he was still considered powerful as he blocked the attacks again and again.

Tang Yimo opened seven meridians with the strength of a nine transformation golden immortal. It could be said that he was using all his strength.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would not open eight meridians so easily.

Although he knew that with his current strength, if he opened eight meridians of the eight meridians armor-piercing demon art, he would definitely be able to unleash extremely powerful strength, but that was at the cost of burning his life and expending his life.

Tang Yimo would not have made such a choice so easily.

Below the seven meridians, he blocked the Great Dao level god-devil.

The appearance of the woman caused both sides to stop fighting. Tang Yimo panted like a dragon and dispersed his devil technique. His entire body was covered in blood, and he looked miserable.

Everyone’s gazes were attracted to the woman.

However, the woman did not seem to mind these gazes at all.

Her eyes were filled with indifference. It was an indifference to life.

The Azure Dragon held the beast ancestor statue as his body trembled slightly.

After swatting away the black and white beast, an even more ruthless one seemed to have arrived.

The Azure Dragon believed that this woman definitely did not come to covet his body. After all, with his many years of experience, this woman’s eyes did not have the slightest interest in him.

This was a cold woman.

The atmosphere was somewhat cold.

The woman looked at the Azure Dragon with an incomparably cold gaze.

The azure dragon was also very conscious. He did not speak, nor did he make any movements.

He could flirt when he should, but when he shouldn’t… It was better to keep a low profile.

The azure dragon very consciously dispersed the Dragon Gate..


He did not want to cause big sister’s death.

This woman was able to send a quasi-saint level black and white beast flying with a single slap and shout his big sister out. wasn’t she sending him off together?

Azure dragon wasn’t capable of scamming his teammates.

At this moment, the black and white woman also frowned slightly.

Her aura had disappeared.

Previously, a familiar aura had faintly erupted from Azure Dragon’s body. That was the aura of the girl she was looking for.

However, when she rushed over, that aura disappeared.

What was going on?

The black-and-white woman frowned, feeling that something was strange.

Could the problem be with this Azure Dragon?

The black-and-white eyes landed on the Azure Dragon, causing the Azure Dragon’s heart to tighten.

However, the Azure Dragon was also somewhat curious..

Because he realized that the eyes of this woman in front of him were actually somewhat similar to big sister’s.

The only difference was that big sister’s eyes were too lethal, while this woman’s eyes could be controlled at will.

So when he thought of this, the Azure Dragon could not help but reveal a smile that he thought was elegant and handsome.



The pressure emitted from the black and white woman’s body pressed the Azure Dragon’s face to the ground, smashing him to the ground.

A terrifying aura leaked out, as if it could destroy everything.

“The aura that leaked out from your body just now… Where did it come from? Who Did it come from?”

The woman spoke coldly.

Her voice lingered in the land of Enlightenment, but it made everyone feel extremely heavy.

Lu Jiulian frowned.

At this moment, he also wanted to make a move, but he knew that even if he made a move, he would be instantly killed.

This woman was too strong!

Azure Dragon really wanted to cry. He felt that entering this place of enlightenment was really too miserable.

First, a mysterious existence kicked his butt.

Then, he was chased by a black and white beast, and now, he was targeted by an incomparably terrifying female devil.

The Handsome Long Sheng was always accompanied by suffering that he shouldn’t have endured.

“The aura that leaked out from my body just now?”

“I condensed the Dragon Gate, and the aura that leaked out of the Dragon Gate was big sister’s aura… in other words, this woman wasn’t attracted by my Azure Dragon’s handsomeness, but was attracted by big sister’s aura.”

“Therefore, this woman’s target is big sister… damn it, could this woman be big sister’s Enemy?”

“Cold as ice, full of murderous intent… this woman may have a grudge with big sister, she wants to kill Big Sister!”

“Opposites attract, same sex repel each other. This woman… definitely has a grudge with big sister!”

Azure Dragon’s thoughts spun continuously in his mind, and he quickly sorted out his thoughts.

He was different from the Little Red Dragon. The little red dragon was straightforward and one-track-minded.

If the Little Red Dragon was here right now, he would probably roar and ask this woman to beat him to death. Even if he was beaten to death, he would not say anything.

However, the Azure Dragon would not. The azure dragon would think.

However, the Azure Dragon felt very sorrowful. He could not summon big sister at all.

Perhaps what he could do was no different from Little Red Dragon. He could only roar and fight this woman to the death.

However, it was impossible to fight to the death. In any case, the Azure Dragon would not say anything.

If this woman wanted to kill him, then kill her.

If he killed an Azure Dragon, father and big sister would one day avenge their beloved azure dragon..

With his father’s bad temper, this woman would definitely be in big trouble.

The Azure Dragon had never thought that his father’s little wish was so cute.

The azure dragon was pressed to the ground by the terrifying pressure, but he didn’t say a word.

He didn’t say anything!

Although he, the Azure Dragon, was a scum, he still had the perseverance he needed!

The black and white woman looked at the Azure Dragon without saying a word. She gritted her teeth, and her breathing became more and more rough. Her expression suddenly became even colder.



The woman slowly raised a hand.


The void around the azure dragon actually collapsed inch by inch, and the world seemed to have darkened.

It was as if death had enveloped his heart.

The Azure Dragon’s heart jumped. This Woman’s terror made him despair.

In the distance, Lu Jiulian and the others also revealed ugly expressions.

What could they do?

They had also sensed the terror of a woman. If they stood out now, they would probably be crushed by this woman.

“What should we do?”

Lu Jiulian clenched his teeth.

It was unknown where Senior Tong Gu had gone..

At this moment, they could only place their hopes on Senior Tong Gu.

Lu fan, who had seen everything clearly through Lu Jiulian’s point of view, had a grave expression on his face.

On the island in the center of the lake, a gentle breeze blew.

However, the atmosphere was like a battlefield filled with murderous intent. It was extremely somber.

Lu fan leaned against the railing and listened to the wind. There was a chess game in front of him.

The changes in his surroundings made it seem as if he had personally appeared in the land of origin of wood.

Looking at the black-and-white woman from afar, the aura that seemed to shatter the void was extremely grave.

“A very familiar aura. It must be the owner of the pair of eyes that appeared in the bamboo will space…”

Lu Pan took a deep breath.

Lu Pan thought that a chaos creature that could be compared to a saint was some kind of monster.

He did not expect it to be a woman.

Although she looked strange, her aura… was really strong!

Fortunately, the Azure Dragon closed the Dragon Gate in time. Otherwise, once Zhu long walked out, Lu fan could have predicted that things would be bad.

This woman seemed to have a unique connection with Zhu long.

This was a woman who wanted to snatch his cotton-padded jacket!

Lu fan became serious.

He felt that he should do something.



The Azure Dragon felt that he was really going to be crushed. The terrifying pressure almost made him lose consciousness.

In the palace.

Daoist Tong Gu saw the scene in the land of enlightenment through the water droplet, and his expression immediately changed.

The expressions of the gold and fire elemental gods became strange.

They looked at each other, as though they didn’t expect that this terrifying woman would actually leave the palace.

Because of a human.

Could it be that there was some secret hidden within that human? After all, for a woman to be able to move a saint and a divine devil emperor, there had to be some great secret.

Otherwise, such an existence that stood at the peak of the supreme ancient starry skies wouldn’t be so easily moved.

Even if the immortal martial world was destroyed, it would still be very difficult for such an existence to be moved.

For a moment, the hearts of the gold and fire elemental gods couldn’t help but to heat up. If there really was some great secret, if it was in the hands of the God and Devil Race, it would definitely increase their strength by a lot.

Or, if they reported this news to the God and Devil Emperor, it might be able to offset their crime of losing the beast ancestor statue!

Thus, the god of metal and the god of fire elements moved.

Leaving the palace, they hurried to the place of enlightenment.

On the other side, Daoist Tonggu’s face changed greatly. After thinking for a while, he still left the palace.

Although he couldn’t beat that woman, but..

They had agreed to let the human race and the god-devil race compete for the beast ancestor statue, but the woman actually took action. This was a bit unreasonable.

“Senior… If you have something to say, we can talk it out.”

Daoist Tonggu specialized in space intent.

Taking a step forward, space exploded inch by inch, and his figure appeared directly in the meditation area. He said with a smile on his face.

Being pressed to the ground, Azure Dragon’s face was almost deformed, and he was about to cry..

Senior… You’re finally here!

“Senior, save me!”

The azure dragon shouted with great difficulty.

Lu Jiulian, Overlord, Tang Yimo, and the others all appeared behind Daoist Tonggu. Currently, Daoist Tonggu was the strongest person present.

After all, he was a quasi-sage expert.

On the other side, the god of metal and God of fire also appeared in the air. Many gods and demons hid beside them in fear as if they had found their backbone.

The two elemental gods did not intervene. They just watched this scene as if they were watching a good show.

They were naturally happy to see the human race suffer.

If Daoist Tonggu, that dog, would be beaten to death by this black and white woman, that would definitely be the best.

The loss of a quasi-saint of the human race, especially a powerful and troublesome quasi-saint like Daoist Tonggu, would be a great blow to the human race.

Moreover, if the human ancestral land didn’t have Daoist Tonggu’s defense, the Elemental World would have a great chance to attack the human ancestral land.

In this era where saints and Emperors didn’t appear.

Quasi-saints were very important strategic weapons to the various forces.

The loss of a quasi-saint was equivalent to a great loss of deterrence.

They might even face a catastrophe.

Daoist Tonggu naturally knew this, so his scalp went numb.

However, the Azure Dragon was given to him by Lu fan, so Daoist Tonggu felt that it was his duty to bring him back.

Therefore, Daoist Tonggu wanted to give it a try. It would be best if he could save the Azure Dragon, but if he couldn’t, he could only go back and have a good talk with Lu fan.

Daoist Tonggu wasn’t stupid. To trade the life of a quasi-saint for the life of the Azure Dragon… it was too disadvantageous for the human race.

If he, Daoist Tonggu, was alone, he could naturally choose to save the Azure Dragon.

However, as a human quasi-saint, his existence was too important.

The woman stared at the Azure Dragon and slowly pressed her palm down.

The earth cracked, and the entire place of Enlightenment seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure and fall apart.

It was as if the woman hadn’t heard what Daoist Tonggu had said.

The azure dragon coughed up blood, and his mouth and nose were bleeding.

His heart grew more and more desolate.

At this moment, he thought of many things. He thought of his beloved father, his big sister, the honest little red dragon, the salted fish little Ying Dragon, the cloud dragon, the clam dragon, and so on..

Besides that, he also thought of the beautiful wives in the dragon palace that flashed past his eyes.

From today onwards, he, the Azure Dragon, would say goodbye to them forever.

The immense pressure made the azure dragon feel that his aura of life was disappearing along with him.

The Azure Dragon felt that he was going to die.

In the distance, Daoist Tong Gu gritted his teeth.

He raised his hand, and silver-gray space power Upanishad surged, cutting the void. The space that was constantly being cut began to distort and shrink, pressing down on the black-and-white woman.

The Azure Dragon, who wanted to be suppressed by the woman, was saved through the space cut.

“Did I ask you to intervene?”


The black-and-white woman’s black and white hair fluttered in the wind. Her long dress was fluttering under the influence of a strong aura, revealing her long and slender legs.

However, her long legs suddenly arced and slashed toward Daoist Tong Gu’s position.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Daoist Tungu’s face immediately turned red. He felt as if a piece of the universe was pressing down on him.


The void exploded inch by inch, and the spatial fluctuations were also shattering.

Daoist Tungu’s face was deathly pale. He flew out from his body and crashed onto the ground. His two legs plowed out two earth mounds that were as tall as mountains.

Daoist Tungu’s eyes widened, and he was drenched in sweat.

This woman… was too strong!

Was this the battle strength of a Saint?

She was not on the same level as him. If this woman wanted to kill him, one move was enough.

Blood oozed out of Tong Gu’s mouth and nose. He shook his head with a bitter smile.

He raised his head and looked at the Azure Dragon..

“Old Daoist, I can’t Save You.”

Daoist Tong Gu’s eyes were apologetic. After all, the Azure Dragon was given to him by Lu fan. Now that he had died here, Daoist Tong Gu felt very worried.

The most important thing was that the Azure Dragon’s talent in wood power Upanishad was very high.

If he was given enough time, he might be able to have great achievements in wood power Upanishad in the future.

There weren’t many heaven’s favorites in wood power Upanishad in the human race.

He sighed. This was his fate. Even if he was a quasi-saint, he couldn’t change anything. He could only blame the Azure Dragon for his bad luck.

In the distance, the gold and fire elemental gods, even though they were just watching the show, were scared out of their wits.

“This woman… seems to have become stronger again!”

“Her injuries have recovered, and she’s even stronger than when she fought with the Wood Emperor.”

“Back then, she was able to suppress the wood emperor, and now… She’s probably able to fight against five Fiendgod Emperors!”

The two of them conversed with a solemn expression.

However, through the woman’s casual attacks, they had obtained quite a bit of information. For them to be able to bring this information back, it could be considered a great achievement in front of the Emperor.

Lu Jiulian, the Overlord, Sima Qingshan, Tang Yimo, and the others had extremely unsightly expressions.

Too… too powerful!

If even Daoist Tonggu couldn’t save the Azure Dragon, it was even more impossible for them to save the Azure Dragon.

The woman’s black and white eyes moved and landed on the Azure Dragon’s body once again.

The black and white beast crawled to the woman’s side in a plump and round manner, as if trying to curry favor with her.

The woman glanced at him and nodded slightly.

The black and white beast was instantly delighted.

Its enormous mountain-like body instantly shrunk and returned to the appearance of the black and white plush ball that everyone had seen before, landing on the woman’s shoulder.

His big, watery eyes rolled around, and he looked incredibly cute.

Because Daoist Tonggu had made his move, Azure Dragon felt a little bit more relaxed.

However, he was still holding the statue of the Wood Essence Beast ancestor, and he looked extremely miserable. However, even though he looked miserable, Azure Dragon looked at the black-and-white beast on the woman’s shoulder and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“I’m so envious…”

“It’s good that you know how to act cute.”

The azure dragon was still in the mood to be envious of the black and white beast.

If Lu Jiulian found out, she would not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Are you going to tell me?”

The black and white woman’s long dress fluttered in the wind. Her slender legs were faintly discernible between the hem of her dress. However, her legs were able to send the archaic priest flying in a flash. This was enough to show how terrifying she was.

The Azure Dragon shut his mouth and shook his head. However, he was somewhat stubborn.

Although he was a scum, he had his own principles.

The woman’s black-and-white eyes flickered with a bright light. The black-and-white beast on her shoulder also stared at the azure dragon with its large watery eyes. It was somewhat curious.

The woman raised her hand.

“If you don’t say it, then you’ll die.”

“If you say it, you can still live.”

The woman said.

The azure dragon was somewhat convinced.

With the woman’s strength, if she said she could live, then she could live. At her level, she would not go back on her words.

However, the Azure Dragon shook his head.

He closed his eyes, hugged the statue of the wood origin beast ancestor, and opened his hands. He looked like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water.

The woman raised a finger and aimed at the Azure Dragon from afar.

She was about to kill him.


The azure dragon’s body trembled with his eyes closed. A faint sigh seemed to ring out in his mind.


The Azure Dragon was instantly agitated. Tears and tears flowed down his face.

He was too touched. At this critical moment, only his father still remembered him.

“This woman covets your big sister. Therefore, you did the right thing not to expose your big sister’s existence.”

“Use all your strength to attack the beast ancestor statue…”

“Daddy will bring you home.”

Lu Fan’s faint voice drifted out and resounded in the Azure Dragon’s ears.

The words ‘bring you home’made the Azure Dragon’s heart tremble.

The Azure Dragon’s eyes narrowed.

If it was someone else asking him to attack the beast ancestor statue, he would definitely not do it.

After all, the Beast ancestor statue had a spirit. The Azure Dragon was afraid that he would not die in the hands of a woman and would instead be killed by the rebound force of the beast ancestor statue.

However, since Lu fan had said it, there was naturally a reason.

Therefore, the Azure Dragon did not hesitate too much.

He, who was originally like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water, suddenly opened his eyes.

He stared at the black and white woman and revealed an evil smile.


This smile made the black and white woman startled. The black and white beast on her shoulder shot out its small claws from its furry body and covered its big, watery eyes with disgust.

Following that, the Azure Dragon’s body erupted with a heaven-shaking aura.

It took out the wood essence beast ancestor statue and struck it with its palm.


The Azure Dragon’s action stunned everyone around.

The Gold Elemental God and the Fire Elemental God were stunned. Was this fellow going to be destroyed if he couldn’t obtain it?

Was he going to make the godfiend race lose the Wood Essence Beast ancestor statue?

Humans… were indeed a bunch of lunatics.

However, they didn’t think that the Azure Dragon’s strike could shatter the beast ancestor statue.


The Azure Dragon’s strike struck the beast ancestor statue.


The Beast ancestor statue suddenly burst out with a dazzling green light.

It was blinding green!

In the next moment, energy ripples started to spread out, accompanied by rumbling sounds.

The Wood Upanishad rippled crazily.

In an instant, it engulfed the entire place of comprehension.

Everyone was enveloped by this Upanishad.

Lu Jiulian was stunned. This was a familiar feeling. However, he didn’t have time to think before he was struck by the Upanishad ripples and was immersed in comprehension.

Overlord, Tang Yimo, Sima Qingshan, and the others were the same.

The azure dragon that was closest to the beast ancestor statue was also the same.

Even the quasi-saint level archaic priest, the two elemental gods, and many deity level gods were all immersed in comprehension.

Quasi-saints were also very difficult to resist the ripples that spread from the ancestor beast statue.

The profound ripples surged crazily and also swept over the black and white woman’s body.

The black and white beast on the woman’s shoulder lowered its large watery eyes and couldn’t help but close them.

Lu Jiulian opened her eyes.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and exhaled slowly.

“Who… is this woman?”

Lu fan shook his head. This trip to comprehend the wood origin power Upanishad was out of Lu Fan’s expectation.

Controlling Lu Jiulian’s body, his Green Lotus costume fluttered.

In the next moment, he flew across the sky.

It planned to take the Green Dragon and the human experts away from this place.

As for the statue of the Wood origin beast ancestor, it would be taken away if it could be taken away..

Lu fan landed beside the Green Dragon. The Green Dragon was smiling evilly as it pressed its palm on the statue of the wood origin beast ancestor.

The statue of the Beast ancestor released violent power Upanishad ripples.

Lu fan took a deep breath. He could feel the magnificent wood origin power upanishad surging into his wood element indestructible demon body through Lu Jiulian’s feedback.

Although the effect was not bad, Lu fan felt that it would be better if he directly sucked on the wood source beast ancestor statue.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and lifted the Azure Dragon. He grabbed the wood source beast ancestor statue with one hand and planned to leave.

“It’s a pity that time is limited this time. Otherwise, I could have stabbed a few great dao rank gods to death. I think there are also heavenly God rank and Elemental God. Otherwise, I would have tried to kill the Elemental God.”

Lu fan was very ambitious.

However, after thinking about it, he decided not to.

The main thing was that the woman might wake up at some point in time.


Lu Fan, who was controlling Lu Jiulian’s body, trembled slightly.

That was because, at some point in time, a Black Hand had placed itself on Lu Jiulian’s shoulder.

“I seem to have… seen you somewhere before.”

Lu Fan’s cold voice rang in Lu Jiulian’s ears.

There seemed to be a refreshing fragrance that stirred up his temples.

Lu Fan’s pupils shrank.

This woman..

Was not in the midst of comprehension!

Lu Fan’s heart froze in an instant.

However, he quickly suppressed the uneasiness in his heart and maintained his composure. He turned around and looked at the woman who had her hand on his shoulder.

Although the black and white woman looked strange, her facial features were exquisite and unprecedented. She was like a masterpiece of the heavens, the most perfect woman.

Lu fan looked at her from such a close distance and was somewhat amazed.

However, after being amazed, he became calm.

No matter how beautiful you are, if you want to mess with me, you will be beaten to death!

“Miss, you have the wrong person.”

Lu fan said.

“The wrong person?”

A strange light was circulating in the woman’s black-and-white eyes.

It was as if she had seen through Lu Jiulian and saw Lu fan who possessed Lu Jiulian.

The woman’s eyes shone brightly as her body slowly approached Lu fan.

Her delicate face was getting closer and closer to Lu fan, who was controlling Lu Jiulian’s body.

“I seem to have seen you somewhere before!”

“I wasn’t sure before, but now… I’m sure.”

“Whether it was the last universe epoch or the last universe epoch, even if it was the end of time or the collapse of Chaos… I Won’t be mistaken about your aura.”

The Aura that the woman spat out made Lu Fan’s gaze freeze.

This woman… Her flirtatious words were so professional!

She was so good!

It made his heart shrink!

He, Lu Ping An..

Was flirted with? !

Wait, what should he do if he was flirted with?

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