Building The Ultimate Fantasy - Chapter 627 - I don’t want to work hard again

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Chapter 627: Chapter 627, I don’t want to work hard again

This was the first time Lu fan had encountered such a situation.

He originally planned to use the opportunity of possessing Lu Jiulian to reason with this black-and-white woman.

Normally, he, Lu Ping An, wouldn’t reason with others. However, this time, Lu fan chose to talk.

It wasn’t because of the black-and-white woman’s saint level strength. It was mainly because he, Lu Ping An, simply liked to reason. He felt that reason was the necessary expression for us cultivators to establish correct values.

However, Lu Pan didn’t expect that this black-and-white woman wouldn’t reason with him at all.

The moment they met… she was flirting.

This completely disrupted Lu Pan’s plans and plans.

“Miss… You must have mistaken me for someone else.”

Lu Pan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and said seriously.

This woman was so passionate that he, Lu Ping An, was too embarrassed to make a move.

The woman smiled. The evil aura on her body had dissipated a lot. Previously, she was a little anxious because she had sensed Zhu Long’s aura.

But now, compared to Lu Fan’s aura, Zhu Long’s aura could be slightly relaxed.

Her hand was still on Lu Fan’s shoulder.

“There’s no mistake. The essential things… will not change.”

“For example… you’re narrow-minded.”

The woman said.

Lu fan was stunned. The next moment, his expression suddenly became serious.

He suddenly wanted to hit someone. What should he do?

Was He, Lu Ping An, bad-tempered?

Who had seen him with a bad temper?

Which living person could come out and say something to him, Lu Ping An..

“Miss, you can’t speak carelessly…”

Lu fan said.

The woman waved her hand..

“You know very well whether I’m speaking carelessly or not.”

“You can call me black and white. You can also call me empress black and white.”

“I can sense the aura of my son on you. Can you bring me to her?”The black and white empress asked

“Yes.”The black and white empress said.

Compared to the aggressive and ruthless manner when she spoke to the Azure Dragon, she was cold and ruthless.

At this moment, the black and white empress spoke much gentler.

Lu fan could not help but be stunned and fell into deep thought. This woman… seemed to be much easier to talk to than he had imagined.

Could it be a conspiracy?

For example, Zhu Long had some special things on her. This woman wanted to use the special things on Zhu Long to recover her own strength? That was why she could not wait to find Zhu long.

It was very likely that this woman was injured.

However, Lu fan fell into deep thought. Zhu Long was actually created by Lu fan through the system through the preaching platform..

But this woman also said that Zhu Long was her son. Could the system have something to do with this woman?

Vaguely, Lu fan seemed to have caught some clues. The Secret of the system’s existence was gradually coming to the surface.

What exactly was the system, and who created it, had always been a question in Lu Fan’s heart.

However, the system had always been helping Lu fan, helping the five phoenixes. It had allowed the five phoenixes to rise from a low-level martial world all the way to the current Immortal Martial World.

Of course, although the system was helpful, Lu fan had also contributed a lot to the five phoenixes being able to rise to their current level.

“Can I?”

Looking at Lu fan who was lost in his thoughts, the black and white empress couldn’t help but ask.

Lu fan raised his head and looked at the black and White Empress expressionlessly.


Lu fan said.

He rejected her very directly.

Nonsense, Zhu Long was the little cotton-padded jacket that Lu Ping An favored the most. No one could hurt her!

The black and white empress was stunned. She didn’t expect Lu fan to be so stubborn.

“You said you knew me and met me somewhere… Then tell me, who am I?”

Lu fan asked curiously.

However, when the black and white empress heard this question, her delicate face suddenly changed.

“You can’t say it! You Can’t say it either…”

“You’ll suffer a terrible disaster and bring about a crisis of destruction to this world!”

The empress shook her head.

Lu fan could not help but frown. Was it that exaggerated?

It was just a name, and he did not even dare to mention it?

This made Lu fan even more curious. Lu fan felt that the black and white empress might have mistaken the aura of the system. Perhaps the system contained the aura of the existence that the black and white empress had seen before.

However, since the black and white empress didn’t say anything, Lu fan didn’t ask anymore.

The atmosphere became awkward.

Buzz Buzz..

The profound ripples released by the wood origin beast ancestor statue started to tremble, as if it couldn’t hold on any longer.

The black and white empress frowned and cursed, “This useless piece of wood!”

Then, she looked at Lu fan and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really not giving me a chance?”

“If I don’t see her this time, I will see her sooner or later. As her strength continues to increase, the connection between the bloodlines will become more and more close. I will see her eventually.”

The black and white empress said.

“Forget it. If you don’t want to see her, I won’t force you…”

The black and white empress shook her head and didn’t insist anymore.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and raised his eyebrows.

The atmosphere seemed to be somewhat awkward. Lu fan and the black and white empress had nothing to say.

However, the awkward atmosphere did not last long.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and lifted the Green Lotus Sword.

Then, under the curious gaze of the black and white empress, he quickly shuttled through space and appeared around the gods and demons who were immersed in comprehension.

They raised their swords and stabbed down, one sword after another.

From Lu Fan’s point of view, dealing with this woman was tiring. Since they didn’t know what to say, they could kill some gods for fun.

Before the Great Dao level gods died, they all let out furious roars.

When the black and white empress saw this scene, she couldn’t help but purse her lips. So… Sinister!

So, this was how the name of the human race’s Demon God came about..

At this moment, the black and white empress could not help but feel a little sad for the gods and demons that were assassinated by Lu fan. It was too unfair to have met such a devious person.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body to kill one great dao-level God after another.

As if he did not feel satisfied, a bold idea could not help but arise in his heart.

He shifted his gaze to the elemental god that was comparable to a quasi-saint.

The Gold Elemental God and the Fire Elemental God were two outstanding deity-level gods. If one of them was killed by Lu fan, it might be enough to change the situation in the ancient starry sky.

The black and white empress hugged her black and white arms as she watched the scene from afar.

When she saw Lu fan carrying the Green Lotus Sword and tiptoeing towards the fire elemental god who was immersed in comprehension, she could not help but be a little stunned.

“How dare you… that is a peak deity-level god-level demon, an existence that is half a step into the chaos-level…”

“You actually put your thoughts on this kind of god-level demon.”

After the black and white empress was stunned, she actually had a few playful thoughts.

The corner of her mouth lifted as she quietly watched Lu Fan’s performance.

An immortal-level demon could be killed silently, and a great dao-level demon would let out a miserable howl before dying..

Even if the god-level gods were in the midst of meditation, they would instantly wake up if they were in danger. Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian, so he did not have the ability to fight against god-level gods.

Therefore, in the eyes of the black and white empress, Lu Fan’s move was too bold.

However, this was a good thing for the black and white empress.

If Lu fan suffered the Elemental God’s lightning attack later, the black and white empress could invite him to help. It could also be considered as owing her a favor.

This existence’s favor..

When the black and white empress thought of this, her black and white eyes couldn’t help but shine with a bright light.

Lu fan naturally didn’t know that the black and white Empress’s calculations were cracking.

Lu fan was only trying. He naturally knew that elemental god level gods and demons were very difficult to kill. After all, such an existence was already a group of experts that stood at the peak of the immemorial starry sky.

This elemental god may be even more powerful than the XUANCANG quasi-sage who drew the five Phoenix bow and shot before Lufan.

But look at the elemental god, surrounded by waves of Epiphany.

Lufan felt that this was a great opportunity. After all, Fortune is in danger.

After all, the five phoenixes are human forces.

As for the gods and demons, they had always been at odds with the human forces and wanted to exterminate the human race. The five phoenixes were now in a remote location and had never been exposed. Those gods and demons who came to mess with the five phoenixes were all dead, they were turned into strategic reserves.

No gods and devils could spread the news to the elemental world, so… the five phoenixes could temporarily enjoy the rapid development brought about by peace.

In short.

Once the Elemental God learned of the existence of the five phoenixes, once he learned of the existence of the two beast ancestor statues in the five phoenixes, he would definitely spare no effort to destroy the five Phoenixes and kill all the living beings in the five phoenixes!

He would slaughter them all!

Therefore, there was nothing wrong with Lu fan killing the Elemental God.

It was for the good of the five phoenixes.

Lu fan had been worried sick about the five phoenixes.

The fire elemental god was very powerful. Even when he was meditating, the powerful aura around him was still sweeping around, as if it wanted to burn the void.

This was an extremely terrifying god.

To the black and white empress, the god of fire element was not very powerful. However, to the current Lu fan, the god of fire element… was the strongest opponent he had ever faced!

Of course, the Elemental Empress did not count.

He raised the Green Lotus Sword.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body, raised his hand, and touched the blade of the sword.

Metal Source, fire source, and wood source..

The three profound meanings flooded into the green lotus sword.

Without the five Phoenix Bow, Lu fan could not combine the five powers into one.

However, Lu fan also understood the principles of the five Phoenix Bow. After all, he had controlled the five Phoenix bow for so long, and Lu fan had used the Green Lotus Sword as the foundation to simulate the principles of the five Phoenix Bow.

Buzz Buzz Buzz..

The Green Lotus sword was an innate spiritual treasure created by Lu Jiulian after he became a gold immortal. The material used was not bad.

However, at this moment, after Lu Fan’s torment, it seemed like it was going to explode.

When the energy of the three profound meanings poured into the sword, it was actually full of cracks.

The innate purple qi could not be used.

Lu fan added the power of his primordial spirit!

The three-colored sword light seemed to be able to split the entire place of comprehension.

The black-and-white Empress’black-and-white eyes revealed a look of surprise.

The combination of these four types of energy was something that even she did not expect.

“The golden origin profound and the fire origin profound are powers that are controlled by beast ancestors. The five beast ancestors counter each other. How can their profound powers merge?”


The black and white empress was really surprised by Lu fan.


The cracks on the green lotus sword started to spread like a small snake.

Lu fan knew that the Green Lotus Sword wouldn’t be able to withstand it for long.

So, he held the sword and suddenly stabbed at the god of fire element, wanting to pierce through the heart of the god of fire element.


At the same time.

The profound ripples released by the statue of the wood origin beast ancestor began to tremble slightly.

Soon, it was like a river with its source cut off. It gradually calmed down and no longer fluctuated.

The black and white empress glanced at it and the corners of her mouth became more and more playful.

The profound ripples stopped.

The atmosphere suddenly changed.

The earth-shaking fluctuations released by the Green Lotus Sword woke up the target, the fire elemental god.

“You’re courting death! ! !”

The Fire Elemental God was furious!

However, he was too slow to wake up. The Green Lotus Sword had already pierced his chest.


Sparks flew in all directions and a clear sound exploded in the air.

However, the sword that contained the power of three profound meanings did not pierce through the physical defense of the Fire Elemental God!

After all, he was a half-step chaos-level God!

The strength of his physical body was terrifying!

The God and demon race valued physical defense. Immortal-level and great dao-level gods and demons could be easily penetrated by Lu fan’s control over Lu Jiulian’s body. However, it would not work on the Elemental God’s body.

“Roar!”The Fire Elemental God roared.

It formed a terrifying Firestorm and swept out.

All of a sudden, everyone who was comprehending the wood profound meaning ripple woke up.

The Gold Elemental God suddenly opened his eyes and looked in disbelief at Lu Jiulian, who had stabbed the fire elemental god in the chest.

He naturally recognized Lu Jiulian, the human demon god… Now, his name was widely spread among the gods and demons!

He was almost on the list of the gods and demons to be killed.


Even the gold elemental God had never thought that Lu Jiulian could be so insane!

He actually planned to use the power of the Celestial Emperor to assassinate the Elemental God? !

Around them, the human geniuses woke up.

All of them were stunned and took in deep breaths.

Brother Jiulian… was so terrifying!

Overlord, Tang Yimo, and Sima Qingshan also opened their eyes in shock.

Daoist Tonggu took in a Deep Breath and woke up from his meditation. He was drenched in cold sweat. After all, the black and white empress had given him too much pressure.

He was very worried. He did not know how to resolve this crisis.

The azure dragon seemed to have angered the black-and-white empress, and it was very likely that the black-and-white empress would go on a killing spree.

This existence really had the possibility of doing so. After all, when the black-and-white Empress obtained the wood origin beast ancestor statue, she had slaughtered her way into the wood element world and killed many gods and devils, she had forcefully snatched the wood origin beast ancestor statue from the hands of the god-devil Emperor!

Therefore, when Daoist Tonggu opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the location of the black-and-white Empress.

He discovered that the black-and-white empress had her arms crossed in front of her chest and was quietly floating, watching a show..

Watching what show?

Daoist Tonggu’s gaze followed the gaze of the black-and-white Empress.

“F * ck!”

Daoist Tonggu’s scalp felt like it was going to explode!

Was he crazy? !

How could Lu Jiulian Dare to kill the Elemental God? !

This was simply the same as him assassinating the black and white empress… how could he succeed? !

The difference in strength was too great!

“He didn’t break through the defense?”

Lu Fan was stunned?

The next moment, he controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and focused his gaze.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

With a shake of his hand, the Green Lotus Sword started to spin at a high speed.

Lu fan controlled Lu Jiulian’s body and suddenly clenched his fist. He swung his fist and smashed it onto the hilt of the sword!

A huge force exploded!


The body of the Green Lotus Sword suddenly exploded.

Countless pieces of sword light scattered in all directions. The dazzling light was extremely dazzling.


With the help of the energy from the explosion of the three Power Upanishads, this sword stabbed into the body of the god of fire elements.

Blood splattered everywhere.

The sword light condensed by the energy actually penetrated through the body of the fire elemental God and came out.

This scene once again caused an uproar.

The surrounding gods couldn’t care less about the Great Dao rank gods that were killed by Lu Jiulian. All that was left in their eyes was the battle at this moment.

The human demon god Lu Jiulian was really fierce!

His demonic claws reached out to the Elemental God.

The wood spirit looked at him in disbelief. He felt like he was looking at a madman.

What kind of existence was the Elemental God? What kind of existence was Lu Jiulian?

If it wasn’t for Lu Jiulian’s uniqueness, the wood spirit would have thought that he could forcefully suppress Lu Jiulian in a one-on-one fight.

However, at this moment, Lu Jiulian actually wanted to kill the Elemental God!

This was outrageous. He actually wanted to kill the god? !

However, the most important thing was… Lu Jiulian had actually pierced through the chest of the Elemental God!

This scene was still quite shocking.

The Fire Elemental God was cold and furious. He felt that he had been insulted. A puny human who had just entered the heavenly emperor realm actually wanted to kill him?

Although he had been pierced through the chest, with his physical body, he could be reborn even if he dropped a drop of blood. Naturally, he was fearless.

However, after Lu Fan’s sword pierced through the god of fire element’s chest, he retreated in satisfaction.

That was because Lu fan’s primordial spirit, which was attached to the Green Lotus Sword, was about to explode in the body of the god of fire element!

Lu fan did not control Lu Jiulian’s body anymore and directly released his authority.

He was ready to deal with the god of fire element with all his strength.

Lu Jiulian became blurry for a while. Soon, he woke up and his consciousness returned.

The spreading of the profound ripples made him understand that he was going to do something big again.

His small universe was exploding, and he would do something shocking every time.

He wondered how many great dao level gods he could kill this time?

However, when Lu Jiulian woke up..

He saw the god of fire with his chest pierced through by a sword and the hilt of the green lotus sword still stuck on it.

The God of fire was burning with rage.

He was injured!

He had actually been pierced through by a human brat who had just entered the heavenly monarch realm!

“You’re courting death! !”

The God of fire had a terrifying and violent aura burst forth from his body. A terrifying aura swept out in a vast and mighty manner. At this moment, countless green leaves in the entire land of Enlightenment seemed to be completely incinerated. It was as if a sea of fire had swept out.

On the other side, the Gold Elemental God was also furious.

However, Daoist Tonggu also reacted at this moment. He raised his hand and grabbed at the void. Layers of space were shattered. Space was cut apart and the gold elemental god was enveloped within it.

“It is one thing for the fire elemental God to bully a junior of the human race, but you, old gold, are still acting shamelessly? Is it glorious for the two elemental gods to bully a junior of the human race? !”

“Don’t you have any shame at all? !”

Daoist Tonggu roared as he attacked with lightning speed.

As soon as he spoke.

The God of fire elements almost suffered internal injuries from anger.

F * ck… It was Lu Jiulian who made the first move!

How could he, the god of fire elements, bully a junior who had just entered the Heavenly Emperor Realm?

When the god of metal elements and Daoist Tonggu collided, there seemed to be an invisible energy fluctuation that vaguely canceled it out..

Lu Jiulian was stunned.

What did he do?

What did he… Do when he exploded his small universe? !

Looking at the fire elemental god that seemed like it was going to tear him apart, Lu Jiulian felt that he was a little thin.

He did not do anything, but he was the scapegoat.

In the distance, the black and white empress’eyes suddenly lit up. With her strength, she could naturally sense that Lu fan’s primordial spirit was about to destroy the fire elemental God’s primordial spirit.

“Do you want me to help you? I can help you…”

The black and white empress smiled and said.

Her voice was not loud, but when it resounded, it caused the experts present to be stunned.

The black and white Empress’s strength was naturally terrifying and powerful.

She was an existence that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the human saints. Even Daoist Tonggu was beaten up by her with a casual move.

Therefore, when the black-and-white Empress spoke, everyone was stunned.

“This existence actually wants to help Lu Jiulian?”

“What face does the human demon god Lu Jiulian have to make this chaos creature attack?”


The surrounding gods all sucked in a breath of cold air.

After waking up, the Azure Dragon that was pulled apart by Lu fan and the black-and-white Empress also woke up. It hugged the beast ancestor statue and watched this scene in astonishment.

It immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Ninelotus is indeed worthy of being taught by my Azure Dragon Sect!”

As expected, this woman was living on the back of the pack. Each wave was stronger than the last!

His azure dragon was far from enough!

Daoist Tonggu and the god of metal elements, who were fighting each other, also had their pupils shrink.

Daoist Tonggu was stunned, but then he was ecstatic!

The god of metal elements had goosebumps!

What kind of deal did the human demon god Lu Jiulian make with the black and white empress? !


Five Phoenixes, Lake Heart Island.

Lu Fan’s surroundings turned into a sea of fire.

Lu fan frowned.

On the spiritual pressure chessboard, every chess piece was emitting hot steam, and there were flames surging on the chessboard.

The fire elemental god was very strong, very strong!

Even the current Lu fan felt that it was extremely troublesome.

“Do you want me to help? I can help you…”

The voice of the black and white empress drifted over and lingered on the island in the center of the lake.

Lu Fan’s gaze instantly froze.

This black and White Empress’origin was unknown, so Lu fan was actually very afraid.

However, at this time… if he could get the help of the elemental empress, Lu fan would be able to relax a lot.

After thinking for a while, Lu fan muttered solemnly and seriously.

“It’s not me who wants to help, it’s Lu Jiulian who asked for it…”

Then, he picked up a chess piece and suddenly placed it down!


When Lu Jiulian heard the words of the black and white empress, he was slightly stunned.

What a familiar scene, it felt like he had seen it before..

Was this woman talking to him?

Lu Jiulian turned his head and saw that the black and white eyes of the black and white empress seemed to be smiling. The corners of her mouth curled up, revealing two mature and charming dimples as she looked at him.

This scene was so familiar.

He turned his head and looked at the Sea of fire rolling around, wanting to devour the God of fire elements.

He could clearly feel the gap between him and the god of fire elements. There was an insurmountable gap between them.

If he had not opened the small universe, Lu Jiulian felt that it was impossible for him to penetrate the chest of the god of fire elements.

Therefore, Lu Jiulian understood what he should do.

So, he looked at the black and white empress in the distance.

He shook his head and sighed.

In the end, he had returned to his original appearance.

“Miss, I don’t want to work hard again.”

Lu Jiulian said.

The black and white empress smiled.

Her black and white eyes flashed with brilliance.

Of course, it wasn’t because of Lu Jiulian’s words, but because of Lu Fan’s agreement.

In her eyes, Lu Jiulian was nothing but dust. However, Lu fan was different.

This move of hers could make Lu fan owe him a favor.

It was a win.

In the next moment, the black and white empress made her move and flicked her finger.

The God of fire element who was pierced through his chest instantly felt the world turn dark. Black and white light filled his eyes as if they had turned into a cage. His body was suppressed until he knelt on one knee on the ground..

A powerful force suddenly pulled his mind.

It pulled him into a muddle-headed primordial spirit battlefield!

In the primordial spirit battlefield, a white-clothed youth sat upright on the eight trigrams array platform. His clothes fluttered as immortal qi surged and Purple Qi filled the air.

He was looking at him calmly.

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